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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Sandweaver, Apr 27, 2018.

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    Is there a market for dye kegs?

    I have 100 dyeing on one of my characters and it always seems that people want their things dyed when I do it for free in tindrem. I always intend to dye for free for 20-30 minutes but it always lasts 1-2 hours haha. If I started making full kegs what do you think are fair prices for dyes?

    I can do black, red, and yellow easy. I can do blue but its quite a bit more expensive to get. I can do green, purple, and pink with some more effort than the easy dyes. I can do most any color if I am able to obtain the required materials if I do not have them. I think I would least the prices in greatest to least per full small keg as follows...

    Blue>purple>green>pink>red>yellow>black (other color questions I can find just ask).

    Keep in mind - a dye tub will STAY INFINITELY open as long as you don't accidentally close it or cross a nodeline. So a full keg can last you quite a while.

    If you have a color you wish and I do not have the materials for it, if you send me the materials required I would create the dye keg for you for free, even dye as much as you want using the keg before I trade it to you because my max dyeing requires less "dragging" to the tub because it is max, saving you materials in the long run.

    Feedback welcomed and appreciated!
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    Yeaaaaaah see how sexy i look ;)[​IMG]
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