Elementalism Patch Notes

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    • Added support for server-sided projectiles.
    • Added support for pickable objects that require an item that gets destroyed once used.
    • Added more death FX.
    • Added a new pickable resource.
    • Added Elementalism Magic School.
      • These spells can not be cast when moving or mounted.
      • All Elementalism spells are targeted using a new targeting system.
      • Elementalism projectiles are server-projectiles meaning you will need to lead your target if you want to hit.


    • Tweaked the Fabernum Sewer ladder that sometimes pushed players off.
    • Mouse sensitivity in the settings menu now use steps of 1 instead of 2.
    • Dark Orders no longer make animated pets attack fledglings.
    • Made custom icons for spell seals for Necromancy and Elementalism.
    • All attributes that are lower than 10 (without buffs) will now clamp to 10 as they should.


    • Fixed an issue where guards could be called inside the Tindrem Graveyard crypts.
    • Fixed the spell book not updating page when showing spiritism spells.
    • Fixed a crash when you used a summoning circle that was being removed.
    • Fixed issue where miners and lumberjacks would give buff to dead players.
    • Stolen flagged pet receipts can no longer be used in stables.
    • Attribute rings can no longer lower stats below 10.
    • Mental Projectile and Death Hand now correctly gives prominence and stats.
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