Elementalism Patch Notes

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    • Added nine new elementalism spells and scroll seals.
    • Added some new Ai to fight.
    • Added elementalist titles.
    • Added support for weather detail in the in game options menu.
    • Added support for items that add buffs/de-buffs.
    • Added a Disguise Kit item. This item will add a buff and while the buff is active all messages sent to a thievery target will have the buff owners name changed to "Someone in disguise" making it more difficult for him/her to know who is stealing or snooping.
    • Added a Shady Supplier NPC that sells Disguise kits to thieves, he can be found in any city in some shady place.
    • Added support for structure spawners that do not move, which gives us the option to add structures such as small camps spawning where humanoid Ai spawns to make the world seem more alive.
    • Thieves that are hidden criminal can now bribe local guards for a cost of 1G.
      If they have the money to bribe the guard their hidden criminal flag will get removed after 5 minutes. Any new thievery actions during this time will cancel the bribe effect.
    • Made a new much cheaper rain and snow effect that gets turned on when players set weather detail to the lowest amount.


    • You can now steal trinkets.
    • Made icons for spells a bit cleaner.
    • Crushing Rock spell now knocks down mounted players from their mount.
    • Animated undeads in the arena will now be killed by arena guards.
    • Wild AI in the arena will now get killed by the arena guards if they are attacking something.
    • Players with the option "Allow attacks against blue characters" set to OFF can no longer damage and reveal hidden criminals. Note that you can still use push to reveal a hidden criminal even with this option off.
    • Increased the drop rate on Elementalism scrolls.
    • Improved the collision in the Gaul Kor Spider Cave.
    • Tweaked some attacks on the Sarducaa Fighting Pit Bosses.


    • Fixed rare crash in vendors.
    • Fixed rare crash in shader connected to time of day.
    • Made code for player banish stat more safe.
    • Fixed issue where players with illegal items would get approached by guards while logging in and not give them enough time to reply to the guards requests.
    • Fixed issue with thief detection where thieves could be detected even if no one was looking directly at them.
    • Improved loading of levels to avoid players falling through the world when loading in on slower computers. This will hopefully fix all fall through issues in dungeons and other locations.
    • Fixed issue where you could only get hit by elementalist spells once, even if you should have been hit more times.
    • Fixed issue with bags UI not closing as they should when moving around.
    • Fixed issue with items that had weight less than 0.
    • Fixed typos in Spiritism spell description.
    • Fixed issue with life on projectiles not always being correctly calculated.
    • Fixed weather not instantly switching when you first login.
    • Fixed a light glitch at the Sheevra Elementalist location.
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