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    • Added the last 11 elementalism spells.
    • Added a new type of weather. (chaotic)
    • Added a new type of Rare Minotaur that roams the Huergar Caves.
    • Added a new unique item that drops from the new Rare Minotaur.
    • Added a new type of Ai humanoid race.
    • Added a new weapon that drops from the new humanoid Ai.
    • Added a new armor crafting material.
    • Added some chicken spawners around the world!
    • Added a new texture variation to the chickens.
    • Added Eggs, chickens at certain levels can now lay eggs that can be gathered.
    • Added new attacks to chickens, some only accessible to beast masters, so tame and train your chicken and arrange some cockfights!
    • Added a new TC Training Ground structure with the option to add a training dummy to skill up on, or just test your damage, or skip the dummy and just use it as a battle ground.
    • Added Karoton crop seeds that can be extracted from Karoton and used in TC farms.
    • Added an extra way point in the new player tutorial that will guide new players to the combat tutorial area.
    • Added the combat tutorial to the Morin Khur new player starting area.
    • AI can now use server-projectile attacks.
    • You can now use the combine skill to move scribed spells from one spell book to another. Spells will move from the book on the RIGHT to the book on the LEFT.


    • Moved some spawners from last patch that were interfering with player TC. (Ice Golems)
    • Increased the range on projectile spells such as Air Burst, Water Rift and Hail Missile.
    • High end enemies now have some better attacks to counter pets.
    • Updated pickaxe mesh.
    • Updated shovel mesh.
    • Improved NavMesh and Collision in Minotaur Cave.
    • When a fish gets hooked it will now always eat the bait destroying the item.
    • Increased minimum stamina drain when holding a bow drawn.
    • The broker databases will now init in reverser meaning it will first add the items the were recently added to the broker and add items that have been on it for a very long time lastly.
    • The broker now initiates earlier in the server boot sequence hopefully reducing the time it takes for the brokers to update.
    • Slightly reduced piercing mitigation on Excubitor Plate Armor.
    • Training dummies in the world can now be used to train your skills on.
    • Damage Assessment is now learn by doing when anatomy is at 50.
    • Reduced the range on Death Knight's bow attack a bit.
    • Removed the weak spot chance on Death Knight's bow attack.
    • Weak spot chance on ai attacks are no longer just a chance based of the AI's level instead it's a chance set per attack type.
    • Increased the no build zone around Tindrem. Houses and TC currently standing will still remain but cannot be rebuilt in the same location. House owners in the area can petition to get their houses moved if they wish to. Houses with TC can get their TC refunded if they don't wish to keep it.


    • Fixed an issue where you could take out pets from the equerry while mounted or mounting.
    • Fixed some lights in Fabernum Tower that did not light up the environment correctly.
    • Fixed a spot in the upper Minotaur room where you could fall through the dungeon.
    • Fixed an issue where loot bags could not be targeted in the Tindrem tutorial area.
    • Fixed collision on the Kiln in Aur.
    • Fixed some length values on Spear heads that were too short, resulting in too low strength requirements and speed.
    • Fixed an old issue where Molarium had higher stats than Incisium by switching the stats on the two materials so that the Tier order is correct again.
    • Fixed amazingly odd issue that made raw strength rings decrease your attribute pool.
    • Fixed typo in butchery stats.
    • AI now makes better checks to make sure it doesn't hold on to targets that are dead.
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