Escaped death this morning IRL

Discussion in 'Off Topic & Other Games' started by Exocetop, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Exocetop

    Exocetop Trial Member

    This morning I got a glimpse at death first hand my wife and I crashed on the express way doing 70 rolled the car and then was hit by an 18 wheeler pics of the accident .. I am very lucky to be alive today to tell the story


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  2. jhackman

    jhackman Member

    Jesus christ hope yall are ok.
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  3. Sarkhan

    Sarkhan Well-Known Member

    Holy shit that looks like a serious wreck. Very happy you and your wife are ok. The picture paints a different story.
  4. Bordelli

    Bordelli Well-Known Member

    Happy you all are okay. Best wishes.
  5. Exocetop

    Exocetop Trial Member

    the wife is still in the trauma unity at the hospital, I am going to spend the night with her up there. thanks for the wishes guys it means a lot... we might murder one another in game but outside its another story.
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  6. Sebastion

    Sebastion Focus Group

    That looks like it was scary.

    Hopefully everything goes well.
  7. Arinn@

    [email protected] Junior Member

    Sorry to hear about your accident, hope all is well and your wife's recovery is quick!
  8. SGTAwesome

    SGTAwesome Member

    Can I have your stuff?
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  9. KBear

    KBear Member

    Great to know you both were not seriously injured
  10. Exocetop

    Exocetop Trial Member

    sure its all over the highway,
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  11. Sparrowhawk

    Sparrowhawk Senior Member

    Glad to hear both of you are ok.
  12. Exocetop

    Exocetop Trial Member

    yep yall cant get rid of me that easy!
  13. Najwalaylah

    Najwalaylah Goodwill Embassador

    My sympathies! Gracious, you were lucky.
  14. Herius

    Herius Quality Assurance Lead Staff Member Developer

    That looks like a terrible accident!
    Glad you are all OK! <3
  15. LGrayFoxL

    LGrayFoxL Well-Known Member

    how r u alive lol, i love how he flips hes car got hit by a truck and then he leaves the car and hes like damn i have to get to hospital... but frst let me me take a selfy
  16. Daringar

    Daringar Trial Member

    It's your duty ti take a picture of the scene to send to your insurance provider
  17. LGrayFoxL

    LGrayFoxL Well-Known Member

    what if u r missing a leg or arm
  18. Bambalec

    Bambalec Trial Member

    you have 2 of each
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  19. Bearmans

    Bearmans Senior Member

    Missed opportunities, better luck next time.
  20. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    Missed out on having your own Tombstone in MO tho
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