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Discussion in 'Players Looking for Guilds' started by Nicademus, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Nicademus

    Nicademus Trial Member

    I suggest you look up the word experienced in the dictionary. That will hopefully help you understand the meaning of experienced. Please let me know if you have trouble finding the word. I'd be more than happy to help you.
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  2. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    I have trouble finding the word
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  3. Nicademus

    Nicademus Trial Member

    Jewdan get in touch with me. I've decided to join your guild
  4. Jewdan

    Jewdan Trial Member

    Cool I will get in touch. I had a few hiccups on the weekend and was unable to play. I'll add you today
  5. vermintide

    vermintide Member

    he probably meant he was a themepark trash player
  6. Zirus Altruist

    Zirus Altruist Well-Known Member

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  7. Jewdan

    Jewdan Trial Member

    hey Vilkas you got discord? would you be able to PM me your Discord name and # my MO friends list just says pending.
  8. Nicademus

    Nicademus Trial Member

    Nicademus #4950
  9. Nicademus

    Nicademus Trial Member

    Any chance of having another guildie get in touch with me in the game? I'm in Tindrem.
  10. Jewdan

    Jewdan Trial Member

    Yeah I'll see if I can get you added in today, my dog got trampled by a cow so I have been taking care of her lately
  11. Nicademus

    Nicademus Trial Member

    How's the dog doing?
  12. Nicademus

    Nicademus Trial Member

    I've had three guilds ask me to join their guild in the past two days online. I've turned them all down cause I want to join yours. I like what you've said about your guild and am anxious to join. Is there any way you can have one of your guildies come to Tindrem or put me on their friends list so I can join the guild and start learning how the play the game w/o getting killed. lol I have you on my friends list. Hope all is well with your dog. NIck
  13. Jewdan

    Jewdan Trial Member

    Alright I sent you a discord invit
  14. Nicademus

    Nicademus Trial Member

  15. Plutus

    Plutus Member

    Look no further for a guild.
    Who Are We?
    [REQ] REQuiem. We're a small guild that with a PvP objective. We're into asset destruction, war-decs, or anything of the sort. We focus mostly on getting better at fighting through practice, building a kingdom, and gaining wealth, materials for Naori so he can make stuff and we can leech. Organization, teamwork, training, and group cohesion are some of our goals.

    What Do We Expect From You?
    • 13 And older.
    • Active player.
    • TeamSpeak user.
    • Strategic mindset.

    I'm Interested! What's Next!?
    (Officers: Anyone in REQ (PM Plutus on Fourms))

    If you think you're a good candidate, PM Plutus on the forums or ask any REQ member in bakti and they'll point you in the right direction, probably towards Plutus.

    If you wish not to join but to be hired, contact Naori for payment.

    Take care,
    - Head Diplomat, Plutus
  16. art vandaleigh

    art vandaleigh Senior Member

    run down on axis, you're welcome ^^

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