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    • You can now join factions. Read more about it here.
    • Added Weapon Repair Kits that can be crafted at tinkering tables. These kits can be used by Weaponsmiths by combining the kit with a weapon and it will set the max durability to the items current durability making it 100%


    • Dye Tubes now weight 5kg so they cant be stolen as easy as a cuprum coin.
    • Ecumenical Spells no longer requires 20 in magic school to be unlocked.
    • You can no longer force guild wars on a guild that are at war with one of your allies when they are trying to cancel the war. (This could cause loops of wars where the guild who wanted to give up never could.)
    • Alliance chat now goes out to everyone that is rank 6 or up.
    • Removed decals from the spurt spell as they were way too costly.
    • Guild Guards and Mercenaries no longer attack allies.
    • AI ranged attacks now use the size of the target in a better way to calculate a hit or a miss.


    • Fixed some keep hit boxes that did not have the correct collision.
    • Fixed some upgrade issues on a few TC structures.
    • Fixed issue with naming crafted items "training" that made them be used as if you had the "Discard Item" box checked.
    • AOE attacks from Pets can no longer "damage" dead players turning it's owner grey.
    • Fixed glitch where you could loot houses if you instantly opened it's storage when it was destroyed.
    • Improved the owner check on destroyed houses.
    • Fixed a rare login crash.
    • Rebuilt large parts of the flagging code for alliance, war and factions to make it safer.
    • Optimized server code for loot bags a bit.
    • Fixed description in allied loot window saying looting from it would turn you criminal.
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