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Discussion in 'Nobleman's Wisdom' started by Zergi, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. JohnnyOmm55

    JohnnyOmm55 Junior Member

  2. Kokiri_Glade

    Kokiri_Glade Well-Known Member

    the sliders look good for the non poison parts
  3. Apsalar

    Apsalar Senior Member

    After butchering it will gain some more sliders and loose some toxicity
  4. Kokiri_Glade

    Kokiri_Glade Well-Known Member

    i was kinda thinking that would be the case. the sarduccan fish seem alot better about butchering for sliders than the myrland ones in my opinion
  5. EpicTimes

    EpicTimes Trial Member

    Does Line strength switch what kind of fish you can catch or just the strength at which it breaks?
  6. barcode

    barcode Member

    i often wondered about that... but upon testing it, didnt see any difference in the fish i caught (nor, incidentally, the chances of my line breaking, tho i wasnt keeping count to be certain).

  7. Kokiri_Glade

    Kokiri_Glade Well-Known Member

    doesnt effect fish caught.
  8. Orzokhan

    Orzokhan New Member

    upload_2017-2-7_2-35-30.png upload_2017-2-7_2-37-47.png upload_2017-2-7_2-38-7.png

    Some new fish. They vendor at 30, 30 and 45
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  9. KBear

    KBear Member

    Nice find. Have you tried butchering these?
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  10. yurilai

    yurilai Member

    anyone can share good money making fishing spot ?
  11. Apsalar

    Apsalar Senior Member

    Heard some rumours about Belrim pier and fishing for giant crab but never caught any (didnt tried for too long).
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  12. Martes

    Martes Trial Member

    Belrim is a good place if you can tolerate the boringness and the horrible sarducaan sound track themes.
  13. yurilai

    yurilai Member

    where tho ? idc boring i just need money and i close the sound and open my lit tape
    what bait should i use ? and what depth tho
  14. Arinn@

    Arinn@ Junior Member

    177 carb as bait you'll get decent catches
  15. yurilai

    yurilai Member

    where do i get carb
  16. Arinn@

    Arinn@ Junior Member

    177 depth cuprum coin Belrim works I'm sure there's better bait for it but this works
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  17. yurilai

    yurilai Member

    thanks man
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  18. yurilai

    yurilai Member

    how many min per catch man ,what hook should i sue for chatching bait and for the main fish
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  19. arissarpl

    arissarpl Member

    look like 'how to setup macro' question.
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  20. yurilai

    yurilai Member

    sounds like you are retarded
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