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  1. Otonashi

    Otonashi Senior Member

    Anyone else playing this?, sat down for a few hours in my free time to play a little bit, i must say i'am impressed they do there persistent warfare sandbox really really well.

    I was pretty sure i saw a thread here and that's what made me give it a whirl, can't seem to find it again.

    I was so impressed that i recorded a few snippets of game play, ignore the shit intro was just messing around testing expression encoder''s functionality and slapped it on there.

  2. Beastlyman

    Beastlyman Member

    the game is fantastic, i loved it in alpha and still love it to this day lol.
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  3. Otonashi

    Otonashi Senior Member

    Yeah it's a pretty good take on the sandbox genre, very unique and intuitive.
  4. CodexAstartes

    CodexAstartes New Member

    insane good game, a true mix of mmo and rts , a must try
  5. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    I like the game. It is good for teamwork building but frustrating for those who don't understand or have patience for people's personality and poor strategy.

    They used to have Reprimand option that allows you to reprimand someone. They took it away for obvious reason.

    Banning player is difficult but taking away their weapon for limited time is better than nothing.

    If I were to choose between different map, I would choose without bridge and ocean. The war can drags on over day on those map type. If a team want a tank, they have to work hard for it. But, in some case, people wanting tank doesn't match up to the current situation in the war as all they need to do is push forward.

    Building is everything. As one game review pointed out, it is like a backward version of RTS. To enforce or conquer, you must build tunnel network and foxhole for obvious reason - auto fight your opponent until they give up their ground. In certain situation, they can build foxhole out of frustration because their resource spot is vulnerable. It is possible to kill 8 players with a rifle but take 1-3 to kill you. But, realistically, it isn't always strategically feasible to solo fight. This is not saying it isn't impossible for someone doing a solo mission to take down a Townhall but the odd is slim.

    This game supports microphone and some case hyper-transmit from outer countries.

    The latest development added more things to the game so they have lot of progress.

    My dislike is that they may have perm remove player own server. This is a bad call but can understand that it is their way of controlling the player population.

    You should buy and own the game because it is a unique gaming experience.

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