Discussion in 'Services' started by ruben ibarruri, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Lark

    Lark Junior Member

    OMG Calm down. At the end of the day this is still a GAME. Don't like his service, don't use it. Don't like ICH, don't trade with them. You get angry that he did use full disclosure in the past (loan default) and now you are angry he didn't specify he would this time, YET you demand privacy!! YOU CANNOT HAVE IT ALL WAYS. FFS Stop the drama shit!

    Ruben, great idea, hope it works out well.
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  2. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    Thanks Sir
  3. Mhu

    Mhu Guest

    At the end you are the one that seems to need a calm down pill
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  4. Lark

    Lark Junior Member

    LOL nope. I am quite calm actually. I just think Ruben has a cool idea. The accusations being thrown at him are pretty ridiculous. I saw Bop drag the other convo about the guy who owed Ruben money through hell and back, when it was stupidly unnecessary. Now he is at it again. I feel bad for Ruben and decided, unlike most of the rest of you, to stand up for him against Bop. Believe me, I am neither pro nor anti ICH, I just think Ruben is a decent guy.
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  5. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    Agree +1

    No, I didn't?


    I believe everyone is a nice person not just Ruben. I just simply verify before trusting.
  6. Gedeon

    Gedeon Junior Member

    Well guys, stop this and start testing the service, kill some razorback and make just 500g and try this! Is not hard to do that. Ruben is just starting this new idea,and is like all services, to know if is trustable someome need to try it. Im doing that now, and the other guy too. Maybe in the future will be more % :D and if you dont like the service and dont want to try it, just shut up and continue your life. Dont ruin other ppl playstyle and business. Its easy (y)
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  7. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    It isn't new. This was more than 6 months ago.

    But, the whole thing of telling everyone to make 500g to try his service then telling everyone to shutup seems fishy as if you are trying to coax people to over-look sounds financial advice. 0_0

    500g, easy for giving it away for free? In that case, you can kindly hand me the 500g.
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  8. Gedeon

    Gedeon Junior Member

    haha see? You doing it again. Sorry im not going to waste too much time on this, you are free to think what you want to think. And just the time will answer all the questions.. Peace (y)
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  9. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    Peace, bro. Stay in school and don't do drug!
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  10. Yeonan

    Yeonan Senior Member

    Ruben is a good dude, it's that simple.

    If you don't want to invest because you feel it's not profitable enough or secure enough then so be it, that's your choice.

    No need to sow dissent unnecessarily.
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  11. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    Did you not read that everyone a nice guy? Ruben is a good dude. Yes, simple, and I agree.

    But, I question the timeliness of Gideon coming on to says his sale pitch for Ruben whether he even knows how lending service work or not?
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  12. Lark

    Lark Junior Member

    LOL Lost ability to attack on the original grounds, so now attacks Gedeon .... Typical. And no I never read that everyone was a nice guy. I read watch your back, everyone carries a knife.
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  13. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    ¿why not
    He will not give you 500g because he not know and has no reason to trust you.
    ¿So that's your problem? ¿Do you also want people to give you something?
    Using the same logic.
    Gedeon has entrusted me with their capital (10,000g) because he know me and trust me and ICH. Gedeon too, is my friend and he and ICH make much business together ¿why?

    Maybe in a game like this trust and reputation they are hard to get and easy to lose.
    I recommend that you meditate about it before continue speaking.
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  14. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    Gedeon know much more about me and my activities than you. He does not speak with ignorance. He knows ICH and knows me.
    I repeat that it is my old friend and we have worked many times in different and important business.

    It is you who do not know what you're talking.
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  15. Azidano

    Azidano Senior Member

    Guys, it is clear that none of us are going to get through to Bopkasen.

    There is nothing that he says that tells me he does not feed off of forum conflict. I mean the guy proposes that there can be no "formal agreement" in an online game. He chats on about absolute Bovine Excrement and needs to imagine fantastic situations such as getting involved in car accidents and being brain dead to suggest this is why one shouldn't invest in THIS guy's service.

    He claims other people run Ponzi schemes, then asks people for 500 gold...???

    These inconsistencies don't indicate a well curated thought.

    How do you convince somebody the world is round, when they have presupposed that it is flat?

    It goes back to the fundamental principle that the Market decides... not Bopkasen, as strange as that may seem to him...
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  16. grizzlyjam

    grizzlyjam Well-Known Member

    bop is just looking for something to burn time on. From what i can tell from reading all your guyses response, he seems like someone behind a keyboard drinking a cup of coffee( or alchoholic beverage as some might prefer) and just chatting up throughout the forums. I honestly believe he doesnt give a lick of care if people lose money or not, finance or what-have-you. It is necessary to criticize a service , not to be a dick, but to point out flaws and have them be remedied to better the service. bop has done the criticism, but continues on and on and on without the benefit of saying anything that truly constructive ^__^ instead seems like he is slowling becoming a paranoid wreck (just his logic and argument as the thread progresses) spouting groundless (pointing out non-related events doesnt count because it is a subjective comparison and not an objective one, truly, your intention to slander is quite clear) assumptions.

    in the end of the day bop, you have made it quite clear that you are against their service, that is your view and you have your right to it.

    however everyone is entitled to their own decisions. if they decide to invest, they should understand it is a risk. anything they do in mortal is a risk, even bringing gold to the vererdi to pay for a trade is a risk. let the people decide if they want to risk leaving their money to ruben.

    anything you have said i have seen answered by the ICH members. other than the nonsensical arguments you have provided. there is enough material here to let others have a informed decision. if anything, a disclaimer for the risk could be brought up in the OP, thats about it, peace, going to unfollow this thread now.
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  17. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    Gedeon was very eager to have everybody in Mortal Online to send 500g to Ruben, stating that it was easy. How easy? I do not know. I felt that I wanted to test Gedeon. After Rubin made clear who he was, I kind of called it a conflict of interest and this case Gedeon isn't a credible person to looks to.

    We have to ask ourselves. Why is this person suddenly sponsoring a service? Is he getting a commission from it? Conflict of interest can be a breach of ethic. This is something that people need to think about.

    Market decide. Yes, the people decide but they don't decide without a financial agent or financial sounds advice. It is never strange that one person's offering service get ignore for a higher price service. People will be people.

    But before the market, comes the sale. Sales always come before the market. People can't be brought to the market without sale. People needs to know who you are and what you represent. And, when comes to sale, people want information, etc. In this case, we are talking about financial service. There are things exist. There are what called dues diligence (everything, the risk, profit, etc.), buyer's guide information (public distributed information that help buyer make a decision and know what they are getting into), and license (which excluded in Mortal Online).

    This is why people need to think things through before investing or participating in a service that take their money. You think it bullcrap for people to think things through but that's your life.

    There is already one person in this thread that have the right idea about how money and life work. I would encourage people to grow personal wealth by learning from mistakes, people's mistakes, history, etc.
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  18. Lark

    Lark Junior Member

    Ok Bop, so which is it - Gedeon doesn't know squat about the contracts, thus has no right to speak and isn't credible, OR he has a conflict of interest and isn't credible? Banking and investing in the real world is a risk, ask those who have lost money in either. It can also offer great rewards. Everything in MO is a risk, ask anyone. Everything in life is a risk. You are acting like a whiney child who is mad he isn't getting everyone to hate Ruben and Azidano.

    tldr: Bop we don't care what you say at this point.
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  19. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    Gedeon is what I would refer as a conflict of Interest. But, I don't need to repeat myself of why that is the case.

    How would I know that everyone hate Ruben and Azidano? I don't see this as a benefit for me. I don't know who hate Rubin and Azidano. Do you know someone who is mad because I wrote something?

    Everyone have risk. Yes, but all risk doesn't equal to 1. Risk compared to other risks isn't the same risk.

    Deep inside your heart, you do care. And, I am very happy that you chime in the thread. Thank you.
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  20. Dreadlust

    Dreadlust Well-Known Member

    I think if anyone has a risk with this business that would be the people offering this service, who will need to pay back the peoples gold with interest. If they can not make gold on that gold then they would be loosing money in the long run, thus making this business unprofitable to them.
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