Discussion in 'Services' started by ruben ibarruri, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    Yes, it would be unprofitable, not just for banker but the people that gave the money.
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  2. Dreadlust

    Dreadlust Well-Known Member

    How so for the people who gave the money?
  3. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    Yes, because if it come late, it still well be the same percentage, just late. It means that the banks get free interest from the player's money for the 2 extra months but 1%. But, in worst case scenario, it may be 100% loss for the player and none for the bank until the bank pay it back to the player plus 1%.
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  4. Dreadlust

    Dreadlust Well-Known Member

    Hmm both sides make an interesting argument.
  5. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    Yes, both side can create an argument.
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  6. Lacdanon

    Lacdanon Honored Member

    Ruben is a good bloke and I believe he can be trusted (if my word means anything to the community)
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  7. princereaper

    princereaper Exalted Member

    5% interest rate please
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  8. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    The point is the profit interes is cover for my gold. When i begin a bussiness i put in table a personal capital. I take deposit but when all profit rate find my gold limit i stop take deposits.
    The profit is ready first and later i try invest the gold for win some money for me. As you read i have much bussineas for invedt my gold with security.
    I take a risk when people put deposit in my bank i agree.
    The posibiliti of default is 0% becouse i ready now for cover with my gold the profit rate in 100.000g in deposits.
    This is a sustentable bussiness with capital, not especulative bussiness
    Sorry for my bad englis i hope you understand i try said.
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  9. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    Maybe in some time i increase interes rate sir.
    But first give me some time for see the bussiness posibility, interes of people and what amount deposit i can cover 100% with my gold ok?
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  10. Mhu

    Mhu Guest

    So in the end this service is like an inverse loan you are taking from ppl? You take big amounts of gold from ppl to invest and win money while you give back a tiny 1% of the amount handed to you?
    Sorry mate but thats a rotten practice IRL and i will be the same IG.
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  11. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    You must be understand the market logic. I can have 59.000g but the market never generate market posibility for 59,000 g in MO.
    Maybe some days I can invest 2000 g in a good bussines i would can make a good operation, of course.
    My idea born becouse would like increase financial activity in MO. I have big gold amount in reserve? Of ourse.
    I have insurance bussiness and bank bussiness, need reserves.
    And lisen, ¿would have sense if i promise you a 4% profit rate, if i not sure about market posibility give me option generate 4% rate?
    I will begin with 1% and in future if business increase will offer better conditions but it depend of free market posibilitys not me.
  12. BongRips

    BongRips Senior Member

    I just hope the money doesn't get loaned to individuals. Seems to be a lot of loan defaulters around here...
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  13. Yeonan

    Yeonan Senior Member

    That is exactly what banks all across the world do. So i don't see how it is so rotten.

    If I put $10,000 dollars into a savings account do you think the bank just let's it sit there and give me interest on it because they are just that nice?

    They take it and invest it along with the hundreds or thousands of other deposits they get in order to make a profit.
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  14. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    Honestly man...the 99% guys returned gold.
    The normal loan system with collaterall is enogh for cover loans to 95%-100% (inclusive 110%)
    If you speak saneone default...was a high risk experience i make wiht my own gold. (loan without collateral)
    I never make it after and never more make. Only give loans with collateral. But really loan activity in MO is low you know. Is more a service to a big bussiness. Of course can be reliable but one day you gain 500 g and the next month only 100 g xd
    You can win gold of course but in long term really.
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  15. Bomexx

    Bomexx Senior Member

    i want deposit 1 silver
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  16. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    Tendras un beneficio de 1 cuprum mensual catalan del orto xddddd:p
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  17. Mhu

    Mhu Guest

    Oh no global finantial system is in such a good shape.
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  18. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    I understand your determnation in try make negative publicity to my service.
    I supose you havent nothing better to do in your life. Never see you make same similar with other guys. Only in ICH posts.
    I repeat you can continue speak your opinion not is important for me.

    About you interes rate you are wrong. (again) The 1% rate based in inicial amount, never in progresive acumulate. I never said it was progresive. Never. The guys usually put gold in deposit 5 moths, 3 months, 8 months, all put diferent month cantity, is simply.

    You have much interes in deposits. ¿Like it? Ok.
    ¿Why not open your own service?
    You try all time show all i try scam or find black hole in deposit service. You continue and not understand nothing. If you not know my work, ¿why continue speak?
    In my opinion you have any hate to ICH. ¿Lovely banker? ¿Are you retarded bro?
    I know you do not like banks, bankers, financial work etc. But if you want to show the community that ICH is a group of scammers. Create you a post about this, not spam my post with your trash.

    ¿Why I create this service?


    Before anyone I am the first interested in offering a quality service because it would make it my game and my reputation would be damaged. My intention is to do many more things in the future, so please do not waste my time with her resentful criticism, envy and hatred towards ICH.

    Invite again to make something for youself in MO. Really i am tired read you and your hostility. ¿Financial education? jajajaja
    You cant give people financial education, becouse you not work in MO financial circuit. You simply atack and atack becouse you are frustred a bout ICH, nothing more.
    Really looks like as hateful guy. Is really patetic.

    You look as if you envy ICH activity. If people trust in one guy the reason is the work, not the words. Some this guy speak in this post work with me or use my services in some moment. ¿You have problems with it?

    ¿What services you are provided in comunity? ¿You are wellknow for your work? no.
    The only thing you do is criticize the work of others. I guess it's your way of trying to gain popularity because you are not known for having worked for the community or provide some service.I am very calm at his criticism and resentment, because I'm going to keep doing things right as I have always done.
    This system of deposits will be a success, because I'll take care of it is. I have the tools and adequate network of contacts to make it a success. I will continue working in the business tepra, insurance and more. Continue making friends and more customers and my work will make me earn more reputation. You will continue attacking me in the forum, tried to show how smart you and others is stupid and you will not get anything just empower people against you.
    I have no need to answer, I do it simply out of respect and because we do not want you to believe that you can no more spamming my post for free .If you have questions about my work and my reputation, or whether i have done something illegal, you can initiate a post in the forum against me. We'll see what they think the community. It would not be the first to try ...
    In ausence central economic office in myrland, the personal experience wirt one trader is the best garanty about one service.

    You can continue spam my post. You not will can damage my activity. I invite you again, to work in any market activity in MO. As i make. If you try show all you are big expert in economic life open you own post, this is my service post and honestly i am tired you.
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  19. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    Ruben is trustworthy guy. You can simply give everyone of us ICH memebrs 5 stacks gold and say lets hold it for one min, i must bind my shoe. And you will reveive it 100% back. We wouldn't have high recrutement conditins, if we would shit on community. We have high standarts and a huge Codex were every ICH member take it 100% seriously. We are strikt to the rules, no exuses. We are here as traders and merchant for all. We are Loyal to our Codex and we have high reputation because of that. We are a 100% Reliable Service.

    If you dont trust us, then dont trade with us. if you dont like the service then dont use it.

    I personally would burn my hands in the fire for ruben and any other ich member.
    lets discuss worst case. Ruben dies today, and azidano dies today. what hopefully dont happen.
    Then even i and, hopefully the others members too will fully charge the loss of every deposit taker.

    because im proud of the tag, because im proud to be a reliable trusted and hornorable trader. Thats why this is a 100% guaranted service. I personally guarantee safetyness too.

    and here a gif for the german saying (I will burn my hands in the fire for him)
    we are proffesionals :)
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  20. Molomolón

    Molomolón Trial Member

    Agree 100%. These guys have never shown anything not to be trusted, and that includes Ruben. Life is simple: you don't like a service you don't use it. End of story :)
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