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  1. Mhu

    Mhu Guest

    If you sugest we simplify things to that point, then, this is no other thing than a clever scam. Why? Because he calls it a service. That 1% is a joke, while victim is getting 100g tops over a month he is capitalizing him self 100x times faster with the victim gold.
    Ruben if you want to use other ppl gold to invest, ask for a loan or share the winings generated by the investment acordingly.
    You guys are trying to look like pro banker and instead you look like scammers.
    Ofc it is my choise, but if you are so determined on scuming ppl with this and trying to look like a good guy for me there is no other way to lookit. Sorry for the ones that are allready using this "service".
    Life is simple, as the dude said, as simple as Npc banks and 20 min to make that 1% fishing.
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  2. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    Ok you not agree with my idea ok. No problem man. I try said you in other comment this service is specifical for players than take break in game or havent much game activity and i offer posibility make some extra profit you know? Nothing more. Is a idea for circulate gold in other case stop. ¿Victims? victims here. I was a victim when saneone refuse me pay my the loan jeje. ¿Capitalizing myself fast? Man trust me, not is easy. The bussiness oportunitys in MO are small and really my profit posibility not is 100% sure. Of course i would can some good bussiness but it not is sure. I take risk becouse is my gold as garanty the clients profit and deposit.
    If my system bad, i would lost gold and reputation. You know?
    I respect you and your opinion but please, you cant said "is a scamm" it not is a constructive critical man, is a opinion. Is only other free market posibility.
    I invite you use my service ok you will see how i work ok? ¿Pro banker? Jaja.
    I try make my work, f people said positive comments about me i thank of course, my friends dont try help me in my opinion. They simply give one opinion based in experience work with me.
    But i understand, not all people can agree with my. No problem.
  3. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    Mhu, i dont see a problem?

    1% seems nothing for you. I with a playtime of max 3hours a day. I like it and for me its profitable in long term. more then investing my time in active farming. its perfect because its safe gold. If ruben cant pay back then azidano can log into this account. and pay back. and even if he cant login then the other member will maybe cover the losses. SO were is the problem you have higher risk when you go outsite and walk and fall down be instand dead. -.-

    And yes it is a service, or do you know how to make from 1000 gold passive 1200? in one year -.-

    Mortal have no passive gold gain mechanic were you cna make gold to more gold, so he is making a service. I personally think if he would give out 3 or more % then he have to be very active farmer to cover the interest and one other thing. Real life bank every bank in germany pays you 0.04% interest and on the high storage agreements 0.5% per year so yeah 1% month is pretty good if you wanan compare to it.
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  4. Mhu

    Mhu Guest

    Its ok, sorry i did it on this thread, that was wrong from me, it is your atempt. I will not chage my opinion tho. If you want feel free to ask and i will delete all my opinions. I will use other methods to warn ppl about the use of this.
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  5. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    Not problem with you man. I open to constructibe critic. It is good for my becouse help me to can better my service, but i only said: ok you not agree, perfect but...¡I never involved in scam for obvious reason and will never do! ¿You know if i scam you or other player? Please related it. But...if not, ¡give me a oportunity man!
    Use my services and will can have a personal experience about my system.
    Is the better option for know me.
  6. Mhu

    Mhu Guest

    its ok man, as i said i traded with you and others in ICH and i dont have any complains. It is an ideological disagree, i think RL banks are scamers also. But i now realice this is not the place to discuss it. GL on your plans.
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  7. Dreadlust

    Dreadlust Well-Known Member

    I feel like the word "scam" is used too freely in MO. Someone buys something and sells it for a higher price they are called scammers, someone does a business which it points out all the details of the business they get called a scammer. Kinda odd in my opinion.
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  8. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    Ok i understand your point and not have problems man. Not all people agree with financial activity.
    I understand. Honestly man i not make it for the gold. I win in MO big gold mountain you know. I not need farming or other work, becouse i am rich but...The point this bussiness, as my tepra bussiness, my insurance and deposit business, is that these businesses are my motivation to play in this point.
    I will do the best to improve my idea and my clients to ensure absolute reliability.
    Thanks. Remember my door open for you.
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  9. Cappello

    Cappello New Member

    Hi there,
    I'm not sure if you've actually ever used a bank before, but this is EXACTLY what they do. Essentially all bankers use the money to invest in something else to make a profit. Now, without going on a rank, because I am actually in the merchant service/banking industry you should consider these few things. Consider ruben's service like a savings account, you will incur interest EACH MONTH at 1%. That is ALOT considering you literally do not have to do anything but wait to receive a return on your gold. Another thing about Ruben's service is you can receive your gold at anytime!! Most banks IRL force you to store your money away for prearranged timeframes, known as COD's or Certificates of Deposit. Sure you could always open a savings account where you may freely withdraw and deposit gold as you like, but the interest on that account is literally 0.004%
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  10. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    PLEASE CHECK POINTS 7,10,11,12.With this update of the conditions I want to add more transparency (10,11,12) and a little more benefit to my clients (7)
    The new conditions will be apply also the deposits I currently own.
  11. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    Well, upon completion of the agreed time you receive your 10000g and also accumulated interest (1200g) Total: 11.200 g.

    This is still not correct. Please calculate your interest properly by multiplying the .01 each month and adding to the principal (money). Repeat until month 12. The answer is 11,268g few silver and cuprum. My post with math with works shown was deleted by someone who reported my post. The post have a 1 Winner rating.

    10) Every month i will send a report to my clients to update the information of your deposit, the report willknow all the information about the status of your investment.
    11) I will send a copy of all reports to the BTMA (best trade market asociation)
    BTMA will can oversee my work, read all the details of my deposits and the BTMA as a independient

    This is not an independent review.

    Please consider reading the definition of the word, independent.

    The service is a ICH extension and openly advertise for ICH in the signature with credential as Human Resource Officer in ICH. Those companies listed are all ICH related service with an easy A+ added to the review. Coincidentally, all the "review" are ICH related and was created at Thursday during this thread debate.

    Secondly, the review service is a "Better Business Bureau" (whether anybody have a complaint of the business practice and related action) rating not a credit rating. If the service have no complaint and doing well, it can be an A+. The credit rating is a financial rating fo the company and would determine if it have the risk of defaulting.

    In the event of mistakenly adverse risk, if the service collapse, it will not be consider the fault of the person who provide you this service, but the party members that give the money to him or her. Make no mistake, you will be responsible.

    Note to Moderator:

    This isn't a reply to Rubin, but a helpful financial guide information for Rubin's perspective investors. Any information provided are cited and may be accessible to anyone for unbiased research.

    An incorrect information disputed can be disputed by any one so long as they we don't purposely insult the member of the Mortal Online forum.

    Any "Report" post abused will be enforce according to the Mortal Online forum ToS.
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  12. Gedeon

    Gedeon Junior Member

    Bump! Great service!, if you have any doubt, please contact with Ruben Ibarruri via PM, don't ask other ppl that doesn't know how the service work, some post of here are really inaccurate, so better ask to the owner of the service :=)
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  13. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    Again, you are wrong. Capello service is 100% independent. You not know ICH rules.
    All ICH member are free. All guys have diferent service. We not have a same politic and objetives. I have my area, azi your own business and now Capello create a good service. Capello create the service same day i put my post. Well. And ¿what? ¿what is the problem?
    You know other guy with rating calification work? ¿No rigth? Ok.
    ¿You try said you are rigth person for supervise my work? ¿Why not create any service? You only know you for spam my post with badintencions words, personal ofenses or lies. About 1%...well. NOT IS PROGRESIVE DEPOSIT is a fix deposit based in inicial amount. ¿You agree? well. ¿You not agree? Not is my problem.
    I not need answer more you. I not know you. If you continue harrasing me and try spam and exploit my service i speak with moderators. And about your pretentious comment, saying you're offering information, you're wrong again. I am who I offer information about my service Not you.I will have to continue improving my services, of course there are things I can improve, but I will do according to my goals and the needs of my clients. If you want to discuss about economy or ICH or My open your own post.
    You have spammed and exploit my service Post with 15 more message full of false accusations, malicious comments, personal insults and taunts. ¿And now suddenly you care what the moderators think?
    I recommend that if you want to be respected treat others with the same respect.

    You have problems man. I understand you try said the last word but your obsesion with ICH is strange. And now give me make my work in peace and you can try make anything in game by yourself.
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  14. Azidano

    Azidano Senior Member

    Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

    What Bopkasen should do, since he feels he knows so much about how a financial body should work is that he should start his own Regulatory Board with a clear set of rules and criteria.

    And if he perceives any person offering financial services as somebody who qualifies against his own criteria he can make them "Bopkasen certified" or something.

    The day that being certified as being "Bopkasen Compliant" will get me more customers, I'll be the first in line to seek your accreditation.

    The Market will decide. Not you, despite the drivel you post. You do not even appear to understand the difference between interest being compounded every period, and at maturity... so good luck finding people who want to be accredited by you.
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  15. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    do you ever heard from, deposit agreements, her ein germany you can give your money away and get the % but only form the given money not the interest + the money. so what ruben are doing is just normal i dont know, why you are still trying to make his service bad.

    Wtf ist wrong.?
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  16. Husdent

    Husdent Senior Member

    Are you doing any gold transfer between continents ? ex : my 11000g from Sarducaa for your 10000g in Tind ?
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  17. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    Yes, of course Sir.
  18. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member


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  19. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member


    Thank Lo-Taren for using my service.
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  20. Lo-Taren

    Lo-Taren Cronite Supporter

    Ruben provides great service, I recommend him to anyone that is interested.
    Ruben does these monthly updates that put your mind to rest, he's great at what he does.
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