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Discussion in 'Bug Discussion' started by Hertix, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. blackbird24 Member

    I saw it happen to a new player. A thief had planted a stolen item on him, and he was killed by guards. He resurrected and got most of his stuff back, and was then suddenly killed by guards even though he was blue, the lootbag was blue as well. :(
  2. Zeeraha Senior Member

    In these situation I would PM a GM, since they should have the tools to reset your flag or agroo on guards. Counsellors have very limited power and maybe even have customer care skills to give you the right answer. I am sure SV understands this is big issue and will help you out as soon as possible.
  3. Xhodan, can you look into your inventory and look for illegal items, this have been a case for a few people.
    We are looking into this if we can reproduce a bug like this, but we cant get aggro from guards when we testing it, which be been doing for a long time now. Only time guards hit us is when we have either illegal items, aggro d by hitting something or someone, or being listed. If this happens to you always, we need to investigate your char in game when it happens so we can understand the case here. Thanks!
  4. Yes you are blue when you have illegal items, thats why I wanted to ask him if that could be a reason for this to happen to him. As I said we want to understand his situation so we can look into it and see if there is a bug that we can reproduce.
  5. Mind Trial Member

    hapenned to me after awakening, we killed nobles, banked their heads, after that random guards atacked me, even one in another city... that were random guards, not all
  6. Yes just after awakening we had some issues with the guards, so we added a large amount of safety lines to make them secured since that was a terrible bug. Since then we have not been able to reproduce it or got a case to work with.
  7. Xhodan Xeus Well-Known Member

    Henrik im in the train on the way to work to much to type using a cellphone once im at work i will tell you exactly what happened on the first time. I defently didnt have any illegal items on me tho. I did fraps the last 4 deaths. But dont think it helps at all since all it shows is me being blue and getting attacked while always having a blue flag. I mainly did it so i have proof and people cant say im bullshitting. But like i said a counslor even saw it with his own eyes!
  8. Xhodan Xeus Well-Known Member

    i did ask for a GM, but always the same counslor appeared, told me he talked to a GM and there is nothing they can do. after the 4th time or so i put in the petition i want to talk to a GM not a counslor that this issue is serious. iv noticed that ON PURPOSE all the petition after that have been ignored and cancled! how do i know because now you can check how long a petition has been up and if someone is on it. i noticed that the same counslor was on it but didnt get a resbond back and the petition got canceled, when i did another petition same thing and didnt get a resbond back anymore. not sure if this is how SV wants to work but ok

    ok this is what happend!

    i walked into meduli the path where the fountain/butcher tables are.
    i saw a pig acting all strange, not sure if you play but like a pig that just got attacked, when you attack a pig they tend to kinda like walk around crazy back and forth.
    the pig did that around the fountain area as if someone attacked it going all crazy. being the mayor of meduli and not wanting my citiziens to get any disease from him (yes a little rpg must be) i decided to kill it. i was blue pick was grey ( i think i play the game long enough to know if a pet has been tamed and has a owner or if its a wild pig) but i did check the pig couple of times moving my cursor away than back to it to make 100% sure this pig i can attack and is grey. there was only 1 person around me who is not a thief (i know my meduli citizens) i think he is the one who confirmed above that he saw what happend.
    anyways i killed the pig and right after i killed the crazy pig ( i didnt hit anyone else or a npc always stayed blue) the guards came after me killing me!
    first i thought it was funny, lame but funny, since i didnt loose anything. i did ask the guy if he saw what happend, i asked him to check my bag if he sees it as blue. all confirmed with yes.
    thats when i first posted here.
    from that point on, i randomly got attacked by guards. after that i didnt really do much activity mostly stayed half afk or talking to people. guards would move by me with no problem when than suddenly they attacked me.
    the first 2 or 3 times when i got attacked i noticed or atleast i heard from the sound that another person properly killed a pet inside town properly grey thats the same time when the guards started to come after me. the last 2x tho i was totaly alone intown and got attacked.

    yea thats the best i can do. there was no illegal item nothing like that it all started when i attacked that grey pig!

    now a bit more info maybe it helps.
    now i dnt know if this is intended if it is IT SHOULDNT BE but
    bout hmm 2 weeks ago me and my friend saw a red in nice cronite armor outside meduli. he is a thief and was hidden criminal. the plan was me talking to the red guy and lure him close enough to town and than call guards on him. so i lured him close to town, my friend was kinda hidding and called guards on him. but INSTEAD that the guards attack the red guy they attacked my hidden criminal friend! (SV you owe me an cronite suit :p)

    also if your a hidden criminal it seems that you never turn back to normal blue status unless your dead and have to wait at priest to turn back blue. but being alive it doesnt seem to go back, once your relog tho it shows that your blue again. however even if you just turned hidden criminal and you relog it will show you as blue again but it seems that if you do get pushed you turn grey even tho your flag says your blue and not a hidden criminal.

    also i noticed it happend at a time where the server was acting strangly, example couldnt realy duel due to lag person would get hit but the hits would register after 5 seconds and yea prediction was way off.
    i couldnt buy any bags from the npcs would keep on telling me trade complete but no exchange happend.

    ok this is all the info i can give you thats all i got, no clue if this helps!

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