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Discussion in 'Mortal Online Media' started by Iconoclasm, May 17, 2018.

  1. Iconoclasm

    Iconoclasm Senior Member

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  2. featherz

    featherz Senior Member

    Miss all the fun, nice vid.
  3. Terrabyte

    Terrabyte Junior Member

    This is just 2 cheezy for me to handle
  4. Speznat

    Speznat Honored Member

    well that is a nice pvp fight, more we need battles with hundreds of people xD
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  5. Kaue

    Kaue Junior Member

    The long and fun fights only happens when I'm not home :( , nice video tho.
  6. Rhias

    Rhias Senior Member

    What happened with that deathhand at 7:04? When looking at the life bar it looks like it did 0 damage but the chat says it hitted.
  7. Classfied

    Classfied Trial Member

    maybe hit and pot at the same time
  8. Teknique

    Teknique Well-Known Member

    I tried
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  9. SneezeNuts

    SneezeNuts Junior Member

    would you say this fight mattered?
  10. Teknique

    Teknique Well-Known Member

    Did it take place on a roof in Kranesh?
  11. SneezeNuts

    SneezeNuts Junior Member

    im not sure i missed the second fight
  12. Tigon

    Tigon New Member

    Modest mouse is pretty dank
  13. Malathion

    Malathion Oghmium Supporter

    Another Gf good vid.

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