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pls read the text befor voting. yay or ney?

  1. yes on all.

  2. yes on cooperation and teaching skill

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  3. yes on cooperation and mentor skill

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  4. yes on teaching skill and mentor skill

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  5. yes on cooperation skill

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  6. yes on teaching skill

  7. yes on mentor skill

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  8. i will rewrite some parts but the idea is nice.

  9. no and other (post)

  10. I am a troll.

  11. I am a pineapple.

  1. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    short posts by Dsn.

    1)i suggest a cooperation(working together) skill under study's(you knew the place where reading is).(secondary)

    2)also suggest a teaching skill (under cooperation(primary))

    3)mentor skill (under cooperation(secondary))

    it is a skill that will when activated at 100 skill on a target transfer 50% of your skills points to a targeted person for as long as you are near that person and as long as you hold the skill on. (during that time you also raise mentor skill if you have it)
    it works better if you have more skill then the one you are helping.
    it works like this:
    you have 100 in cooperation and you have 100 in the skill you are helping him with lets say he has 50 skill in that skill the moment he is ready and in position near his workplace when you activate the skill on him he will have (temporarily) 100 skill in that skill so when he uses the skill it is like he is a master at that. also the skill that he is using while you are helping him as long as you have more skill then him is raising 2x normal and 1x if you have less skill then him(you also get 1x skill of that skill)
    (the cooperation skill is not limited to just one skill at a time but all the skills you have)
    (the person you are helping needs to be in your friends list)
    having mentor skill upgrades the effect.

    simple skill it is used to help others get specific skills also skills that need books to learn.
    the time needed to teach someone a new skill depends on your teaching skill and how much the skill book costs you are teaching him for free.
    10s is 1 min.(0 skill needed)
    50s is 2 min.(10 skill needed)
    100s is 3min(30 skill needed)
    250s is 5 min(50 skill needed)
    1000s is 10 min(70 skill needed)
    5000s is 30 min(90 skill needed)
    master books are 2 hours.(100 skill)
    (the time needed sad above is only if you have 100 skill.)
    after you thought a person the new skill(or he already has it) you can teach him that skill to 90% of your own skill at 5 times the max speed(max reading and skipping skill) of a book also is affected by your own and the targeted persons int(more from the int of target).
    you can teach more then one person at a time but only one skill at a time(is a bit slower if you teach more then one).
    you can also use a skill book to teach people the skill you yourself dont knew up to 70 skill.

    mentor skill is not teaching skill mentor skill cant teach you skills that need a book to teach it you need to be a close to target(s) and as you use a skill yourself the skill of your pupil's will rise.(can work even if your skill is less then the one that you are teaching but it is less effective)
    this skill can be used for any skill including combat skills.
    it gives
    3x skill speed to your pupil's if you yourself have 100 skill in the skill you are teaching
    2x skill speed if you have more then your pupil's
    1x if you have the same.
    0.5x if you have less then your pupil's.
    (you need to have 100skill to have the numbers above)

    just to make it more clear teaching skill is a sit to passive skill learning and mentor skill is active skill learning.

    pls read the OP
    think about it
    i knew this goes against some peoples nature but don't be a troll or a hater
    and make a reasonable comment.

    thx for reading and sorry for any errors in writing if you have any question's about stuff a missed in text just ask away.
  2. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

  3. Sebastion

    Sebastion Focus Group

    I like the idea of being able to teach and have even contemplated the idea a little myself.

    On the poll I choose the option "i will rewrite some parts but the idea is nice."

    What I really wanted to say is that while I like the idea of teaching, I am not so sure about the specifics you are suggesting.

    But hopefully this thread will generated some discussion and get the ideas flowing a bit.
  4. ronnzx

    ronnzx Member

    same what sebastion said.

    the idea of teaching players is nice.
    didnt read all the numbers stuff though.

    imo, first good suggestion I've read from DNS ^^ +1
  5. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    i had lots of good ideas this being 33% more original then others...
    the magic staff idea got me lots of rep also boats idea...

    also you wrote my name wrong.

    thx for the rep.

    i thought by now people will see that i added a small part in the idea that probably not all people will agree with and what is it is for me to knew and you to find out.

    hope for some feedback on this one.
  6. ronnzx

    ronnzx Member

    excuse me count dracula
  7. Allastar

    Allastar Well-Known Member

    I like being a pineapple.
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  8. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

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