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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Picollo, Sep 13, 2013.

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  1. joykillah Member

    I do not see how my suggestion makes any changes on Star Vaults current stance with no bullshit. It's actually supporting it with hardcoded functionality in the launcher, How is stopping the client to run when said "Memory Sniffing" application is running making it easier for cheaters? Not to mention it has nothing to do with changing of policy MO has adopted.

    Dislike it all you want, But just shows how ignorant you are.
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  2. Strilan Exalted Member

    What, now you're insulting my age?

    Try 25 and up.

  3. AidanKyros Well-Known Member

    I do not get why you assume the 5 meant 5x instead of 5%.

    if we go by context of what you said which was very clear it seems obvious to me that he was talking about 5% over 5x.

    I do not see any reason that you could assume he was speaking about 5x....
  4. Ascendance Senior Member

    How can you criticise me for insulting your age, when you said "some peoples kids man" in reference to my posts, you hypocrite.
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  5. Ascendance Senior Member

    Yes, 5 percent. 1.05 speed. Enough to change the outcome of the battle in stickyback situations and its an all round advantage.
  6. AidanKyros Well-Known Member

    you didnt get what i was pointing at refer to:
  7. Ascendance Senior Member

    Thought I already replied to you. As I can not place quotes in quotes in a quote, just read that original post.
  8. Strilan Exalted Member

    If you weren't such a sad individual you'd know: people's children

    I wasn't insulting your age. I was insulting your upbringing, as it has a direct effect on how you treat people.

    Some people's kids, as in... Your parents failed you.

    You done yet?
  9. Ascendance Senior Member

    Yes, being condescending while arguing and only throwing out minimal insults obviously means I am absolutely screaming at my computer right now /s.
  10. joykillah Member

    Ignorance is bliss.

    Oh you're an Aussie, Go figure D:

    Take that!
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  11. lionlol Junior Member

    14) You may not publish private communications from Star Vault, their agents or representatives or Mortal Online volunteers without authorization. This includes posting such communications in the Mortal Online Forums.

    Ban this guy from the forums also.
  12. Bopkasen Senior Member

    Are we done talking? I got to go back to playing Mortal Online. I haven't play for couple of days. Jk
  13. Picollo Trial Member

    I got authorization.
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  14. Picollo Trial Member

    I'm Australian.
    Whats wrong with that?
    Are you stereotyping?
  15. joykillah Member

    Sure, Most aussies i know complain a lot. You and a few others have proven it.

    Yes I'm a New Zealander, I can trash Aussies as much as I want about aussies as you do about us Kiwi's.
  16. joykillah Member

    100% agreed. with closing it down but not banning from forums his play account is more than enough already..
  17. Picollo Trial Member

    I've asked Discord to rename it. No reply.
    He has allowed this thread to say open therefore it's authorized to be displayed.

    Should I close it personally?

  18. joykillah Member

    I think an official response is going to help people, SV and your reputation more so than the trash in this thread.
  19. Picollo Trial Member

    Oh I'm not the average "hoy moit, how's ya missus" type of Australian.

    Equal rights suggests I can label you as a fornicator of the Ovine.
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  20. Picollo Trial Member

    Oh my reputation is a joke already.
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