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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Picollo, Sep 13, 2013.

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  1. joykillah Member

    100% agreed. with closing it down but not banning from forums his play account is more than enough already..
  2. Picollo Trial Member

    I've asked Discord to rename it. No reply.
    He has allowed this thread to say open therefore it's authorized to be displayed.

    Should I close it personally?

  3. joykillah Member

    I think an official response is going to help people, SV and your reputation more so than the trash in this thread.
  4. Picollo Trial Member

    Oh I'm not the average "hoy moit, how's ya missus" type of Australian.

    Equal rights suggests I can label you as a fornicator of the Ovine.
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  5. Picollo Trial Member

    Oh my reputation is a joke already.
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  6. GoodHead New Member

    Hi Important Programmer Dude!
    The fact that you actually wrote this makes me think you're the genius who made this anti cheat system and implemented it in MO.
    Those games you mentioned and their companies actually hired proper programmers, and a program like CE wouldn't work with these. I was surprised when I got banned instantly for having this program running when logging in on MO. Anyone familiar with this program knows it takes a lot more effort to actually cheat with it, having it running in the background does NADA. To edit game files with it you need to inject CE into Mortal by doing it manually within the program interface.

    Right now it seems like you get banned just for having it on your computer, if you have any ambitions of advancing into the Steam platform, I'd get to work asap, as many innocent players will be banned in the future.

    You're also implying that companies like Blizzard and EA doesnt have proper support on their forums, I've played most of their games, they have GREAT support and communicaton with their customers. These are admirable companies(even for important programmer dude ), not because of their excellent programming skills that avoids these situations in the first place, but mostly because they don't appear like ignorant douche bags towards their customers.

    Sorry if you found this offensive, but perhaps you shouldn't stick your head out like a clueless amateur, at the same time representing SV.

    What you should worry about right now, is that you're losing subscribers and future donations from loyal customers, because of poor programming. (the silly attitude and support in general is something I question aswell)

    This is YOUR problem after all. But no doubt it will affect all the players and people investing time in the game aswell, and thats what making me pissed here.

    I did not bother coming into this forum yelling at your short comings as a programmer, until I noticed you've been billing my VISA for the banned account months later, It was just a coincidence I noticed it at my bank, who knows how long you would steal money from me If i didn't investigate the strange withdrawals? And I am still waiting for you to pay up, god knows if this is poor programming or malicious crime, I'm waiting to find out. Either way MO owned by Star Vault ended up to be a big disappointment for me.

    And yes I edited and added the last part to this reply since you deleted my original thread about your little fraud. You honestly leave me no choice when you're not answering my e-mails, you guys don't even have a phone number(!). Who knows how much money you've been stealing from people.
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  7. humble01 Senior Member

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  8. GoodHead New Member

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  9. Osarion Cronite Supporter

    Valve Anti Cheat. SV won't even have to be the ones to ban you. Steam will.
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  10. ponyKnight Well-Known Member

    Do you know, what in EA work monkey-code programers from China or India? My friend was have problem with EA game with his new CPU, but they was can't find any way to resolve it and send him a program.

    He de-assembling their code to C# back, fix bugs and send back with comment in code "learn to write code, newbs".

    With indi-games all more worst, just think about all bugs of dayz for example....It is look like they pay to Chicna of India coders to write their code...
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  11. GoodHead New Member

    Woah, I can see Godwins law slowly entering this thread! xD

    Anyway, I dont see how this is related to topic.
  12. GoodHead New Member

    Yeah, and if we are lucky, Valve will buy the entire game? :)
    (not sure what you are saying is correct, there is abit to it)
    But I guess Steam would strongly suggest/require that the game is unaffected by such simple programs. Banning people for having them sounds like a violation to me, and im pretty certain Steam will agree on that.
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  13. ponyKnight Well-Known Member

    You write in China "i need some anti cheat system".

    China coder write code for you, where stupid hardcoded all names of process of cheat programs. He check computer for this, if found one of them-ban user.

    Array ShouldBeBanned = {"cheat engine name 1", "cheat engine name 2", "art money", etc...};

    After that some simply code, who check process name, check regedit, check installed program list, etc.

    If it work like this-it is bad, you really can be banned random. Just my theory, like modern developers do their games.
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  14. Avargol Well-Known Member

    Cheaters suck period, if you are going to cheat in one game you will cheat in another, 1 less cheater in the game is fine by me.
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  15. ponyKnight Well-Known Member

    They ban only your account? You can run another trial account in your MO?
  16. GoodHead New Member

    I have more faith in the average chinese programmer, than the dude programming the stuff mentioned further up :)
  17. Avargol Well-Known Member

    I know, but I hope they stick to their word and leave.
  18. ponyKnight Well-Known Member

    If they ban only account-i see hole there, you can check game system guard with trial accounts and found cheat engine, what they can't detect.
  19. GoodHead New Member

    I agree with you to a certain degree, but the ignorance in the statement makes it impossible for me to take it serious, most people I know have used some sort of cheats in singleplayer games. Having everyone who has cheated in a single-player game banned from online games is just too harsh.

    I almost certain that if you're a person with a passion for games, at one point used a cheat code.

    I knew somebody would be ignorant enough to start hating in this thread, im very aware of the hate some of you guys must feel towards me! :)

    I have not cheated in any competetive online games in my career. I have no good way to prove it(other than my steam account from 2004 which is in good VAC-condition&ofcourse all the times ive fought you MO-players and died like a baws :) )
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  20. Avargol Well-Known Member

    Never have, whats the point of playing a game if I need to cheat to win, maybe it because I'm older than most (43) and grew up when you would you get your head kicked in if you cheated at cards or some such, cheating just comes to easy for you kids now a days, it aint worth winning if you have to cheat to do it, its a hollow victory.
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