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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Phaytal, May 2, 2018.

  1. Phaytal

    Phaytal Senior Member

    I've been walking around Fab lately trollin on a f2p. Don't feel like rummaging through the last year or so of forum posts so perhaps some of you can answer my questions or concerns.

    Mounteds - are bulls still 500 hp go-carts? And can they still run up mountains just as steep as people can run? If they are, has this problem been addressed or continued to be ignored by SV?
    It still takes a large amount of time to walk around the world. The game feels empty unless there is a siege or a spotted group about. Riding as a secondary really needs to be changed. Any mention of this by SV?

    Can NPC guards still shoot through objects while being untargetable/spawning inside of walls? This is probably one of the worst things about the game if it's still a thing.
    Npcs still have terrible pathing and stuff? I was in Fab sewers for like 5 minutes and after it had been "revamped" it was still a buggy mess of mobs running through the ceiling

    Last time I played, I saw a nerf to heavy armor. Everyone was complaining about mitigation. Seems they only did a good job nerfing the "weight" i.e. steel and messing armor. Still see vids of everyone wearing tung/cron/ogh and even a new scale that is more effective than steel? Basically how is the gear balance these days?

    Player GMs still a thing? Lol if they are...

    TC - any news about it? Saw a post that caught my eye a while ago that it was being "reviewed" and "looked at" but I've only seen stuff like new magic schools and new mechanics being introduced.

    Faction system looks cool. TC update sounds good, waiting for more info on it.
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  2. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    Bull hp was technically lowered once with no pre patch mounts. Idk what hp is at 125 tho, is still op. They need to make it so bulls arnt viable and people need to desert, those are actually kinda balanced. If we are really lucky they will nerf mounted with faction patch cuz we havnt got any pvp balance in forever. not really going to hold my breath tho.

    idk about guards. I prefer to just not be around them :p

    I think gear balance is ok overall. Theres a lot of gear crutch but that also just means u get good loot. And less op stuff is definitely still viable. Cron is still a stam penalty unless they have that crap 5 piece cron 5 piece cultist. but in my book thats a waste of cron. Blunt mitigation is horrible on those sets. If you dont gear crutch you get no stam penalty. And if you dont roll op gear hybrid is extra good cuz you need lighter gear anyway.

    Weapon balance is ok. Theres lots of spear crutch but that doesnt exactly make them op. Its pretty easy to block middle and parry all 3 guys on you. Poles are good as always. Clubs are really good v gear crutch. Axes are good v armor.

    no player gm's.

    I think Seb said tc work is njext. They just decided to do alliance and factions first cuz they were quick and could give us stuff to do. I think.

    I'd say game is good right now minus mounted is still a joke, and tc sieging and tc guards in general are cancer. And death knights are op pet, but at least the dk meta is dying down a bit and they did get nerfed. And pop is low but theres def still pvp.
  3. LordJan

    LordJan Senior Member

    To put it simply .. I'm a hardcore advocate for the game, and getting people to play. But lately.. I log in less and less.. Too much fluff, not enough ground breaking mechanics.

    Mounteds is still OP ...

    Guards are needed but too strong. Make LOS a thing and they'd be in a solid place.

    Gear... Mmm I ONLY use Pansar / Blood silk . Pretty much the meta. Heavy armors only good in zergs.

    Tc... OOO TC..... I have a keep.. Lots of walls.. I hate it.. Like.. Jesus.. fucking... Christ...

    That aside, people seem to be needing their fix. Pop is rising.

    I do enjoy the game, don't get me wrong. But too many mechanics are just... dumb.. No tc > Tc .
  4. Teknique

    Teknique Well-Known Member

    nerf guards and I think we're good.

    Rorry said it the other day, conflicts aren't decided by fights, just guards and firearrows
    Mounts go up hills pretty slow they did nerf it and noticeably

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