How do download the client as F2P??

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by tangental, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. tangental

    tangental Trial Member

    I didn't find any link anywhere other than the one that wants me to sub to the game. :(
  2. sunshiner

    sunshiner Well-Known Member
    there you go =)

    btw when you hate the game with all your guts and feel lost, join a guild =p, the beginning is hard as shit, but once you get past the learning cliff its a ton of fun

    feel free to pm me any questions, and read the guides section here on the forum for help too, theres also 2 videos in the launcher located under the tab to the right named guides, those are great to watch before you start playing
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  3. Mortem86

    Mortem86 Trial Member

    So i am trying to download this game. Started the launcher it downloaded maybe 2mb and then it stops. If i restart it same problem. At this rate i will never get the game downloaded not worth the hassle to restart the launcher every 2minutes for 2 mb until i get to 9gb? :p

    Any suggestions on how to download the game in a realistic timescale?

    the seeds seeme missing...
  4. tangental

    tangental Trial Member

    Having the same problem. The first quest of trying to actually download the client seems almost insurmountable.........:oops:
  5. kaahane

    kaahane Trial Member

  6. Mortem86

    Mortem86 Trial Member

    I dont have the problem with the MOsetup.exe that i managed after several atempts. I am talking about the patcher when you start the game. It doesent download anything. At this rate i dont even bother anymore with this game if i dont even get it to run, because seeders are missing....
  7. kaahane

    kaahane Trial Member

    Yeah I am stuck at "Downloading new launcher..." too... :(

    Edit finally downloaded the launcher, but the launcher does not start to download the game files...
  8. xalyy10

    xalyy10 Trial Member

    Omg download the patch game is really slow...
  9. delvhar

    delvhar Junior Member

    Yeah, mine was running at 30KB/s, is now at 0KB/s

    I've tried both peer 2 peer, and single thread, with no luck.

    I *really* want to get back in game, but need to be able to download first, is there anything wrong with it or just overloaded atm?
  10. cerveau

    cerveau Trial Member

  11. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

  12. Hawk

    Hawk Junior Member

    Yeah i seem to get the 404 error aswell when i try to download. Guess i could just use the dvd i have instead.
  13. Aloh

    Aloh New Member

    Just for those who need the Installer, i found it here Clic me just wait 10 sec and download it.

    After that we need to wait for some new download servers, can't download Patch by now
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  14. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    you cant, we have new patch bundles now.
  15. Sebastian Persson

    Sebastian Persson Lead Programmer Staff Member Developer

    404's been fixed now.
  16. delvhar

    delvhar Junior Member

    I restarted the launcher, am patching at 700+ KB/s now, thanks for fixing it!

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