How game be +link me music

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Rulant, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Rulant

    Rulant Well-Known Member

    How is this game the past year? I've played many time.

    Also link me your favorite song if you reply. Thanks
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  2. Speznat

    Speznat Honored Member

    Game is goin actually pretty good, now they starting tc patches and shit so xD i guess its going up in pop soon again. Housing is fantastic, timesinks like ghosting still present, sarducca is still mounted archer land only other build dont worth it. and heavy armors are useless because of stam regain nerf. weapon dura is a joke 3 duels and you can throw your steel weapon into the garbage bin.

    but party hard, we had before much more worse times.
    very good song:
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  3. HornyFurry

    HornyFurry Well-Known Member

  4. LordJan

    LordJan Senior Member

  5. Rulant

    Rulant Well-Known Member

    you didnt link me a song shit boy
  6. MasterVito

    MasterVito Trial Member

  7. mrroony

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  8. bolletog

    bolletog Senior Member

    U suck at comeback posts Rulant...the fuck name is Rulant anyway, ur dad is a ruler and ur mom is a giant...dysfunctional family indeed

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  9. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    Game surprisingly still has pvp even tho pop is complete garbage. Is still fun. Hopefully pop gets better with some new stuff.

    Ele is the dopest thing ever for big zerg fights. and chaos weather is super sexy.

    At least DK got nerfed and u dont have a ton of DK's every fight. Mounted is still retarded tho. But thats nothing new.

    I dont have a fav song its all based on my mood. but if I'm in a metal zone this is op

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