How to get flake stone?

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  1. Ramy Silver Supporter

    the title says it all
  2. superflypony Member

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  3. Rimamok Junior Member

    Flakestone is a minor byproduct of processing calx or granum, at least if you use a crusher.

    The best site for determining metal extraction (excluding refining) is

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  4. Ifantis New Member

    Do a google search for mining to metal guide thats what i used
  5. Ramy Silver Supporter

    well when i did that all wat i found is that i just have to grind granum or clax, but when i did that i only get powders, but now with Rimamok's help, i found out that i need to grind high quantities to get wat i want, when i was using google and experimenting, i experimented with low quantities to not wat materials, but now i know wat to do, thanx Rimamok.
  6. superflypony Member

    Learn crusher book, learn flakestone book, learn granum book and going there.
    Just put your granum in crusher
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  7. Ramy Silver Supporter

    ok cool i will do that, thanx
  8. Rimamok Junior Member

    I'd recommend reading all the lores of the outputs, personally. Blood ore and amarantum are the main value you get from granum.
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  9. Rubinstein Trial Member

    Can someone roughly tell at what skill/quantities the first minor ore can be expected?
    Edit: thx Rimamok, that's kinda answered my question already (wasn't there while I was editing)
  10. superflypony Member
    You can find all there
    Press L and watch all skills what you need for result ores. You will need books for some others like blood ore or jadeite
  11. Rubinstein Trial Member

    Is this tool assuming a skill of 100 in all of the gain's lore?
  12. superflypony Member


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