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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by beauhindman, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. beauhindman

    beauhindman Trial Member

    Howdy all. I'll be covering the game for this week's Rise and Shiny, a column I do on about first impressions of games. It's a long story but it's not a review. Anyway, I wanted to share this the other day but the forum never approved me. Anyway, I livestreamed the game on our livestream page on Monday:

    Anyway, just got our of the really really rough tutorial and am venturing out into the world. Any advice?

  2. beauhindman

    beauhindman Trial Member

    PS: I play the game for the week and write up my first impression on the end of the of the week. As I said, it's not a review ...but I know someone will say "You can't do a review based on a week of play!" So, uhm... it's not. We don't do reviews on MMOs.

    Anyway, see ya in game!

  3. Shinzon

    Shinzon Honored Member

    Well... Good luck, since you are here on the forums are you going to follow a more "Hardcore" approach? Like reading guides and the like off the forums? Because if you just isolate yourself the game there is potential that you will tear your hair out unless you bump into a friendly veteran who could show you the ropes.

    Otherwise you really, really have to be into the whole solo play; there aren't many of them here, but they are present and it's possible.
  4. Rankor

    Rankor Senior Member

    Yes, as a reader of massively and a Long Term Member (almost as long as Shinzon) I wish you luck and and offer a few words of advice: walk softly and carry a big stick. ;)
  5. beauhindman

    beauhindman Trial Member

    I have no idea what I'm going to do. lol Generally the idea is to jump into a game and write it up. I've covered so many now that there are only a few I haven't. I played this back in beta, actually. :)

    I just try to get on the forums for most indies in case there's any way to help me see some things I might not normally. Indies often need the help.


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  6. Shinzon

    Shinzon Honored Member

    I always liked Massively, your attitude just confirms it ;)

    If you got any questions or the like, feel free to ask them in here; I'm sure people would be more than wiling to help.

    Unless you are a carebear; then we do mean, mean things to you. :p
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  7. Rankor

    Rankor Senior Member

    Ha! Don't listen to Shinny, not all of us are bad...o_O
  8. Landor

    Landor Well-Known Member

    I think most usually turn bad after the first week
  9. ltankhsd

    ltankhsd Senior Member

    I actually posted your video to the video section of these forums and I did respond to your video on youtube.
  10. MermanMaymo

    MermanMaymo Senior Member

    Come to the town called Kranesh for a special experience.
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  11. zormouz

    zormouz Junior Member

    The community is a pretty vital tool in mo, so if you're going to give the game a legitimate shot, make sure you utilize it. All the people that always do these silly first impressions will go in-game, completely miss the concept, and complain about how there isn't a quest and how they should be able to kill belbus's with a starting weapon, and other crap like that. Never going on IRC to ask a question, never joining a guild, and never reading a single damn thing about the game.

    Oh and join a guild. Tell koto or another large guild what you're doing, and see if they'll let you along. At least that way you can play the game. Trying to play the game solo will get you no where in a week's time. It's not meant for solo play.
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  12. RhodriTaliesin

    RhodriTaliesin Cronite Supporter

    Don't listen to this guy, he's a mad man!

    No I'm serious, don't listen to him, he's just baiting you to that town so he can chain kill you at the priest...People like Hemeth have their own special places in Hell.

    My own personal warning, the community is often venomous and vicious, they will often piss on you without the decency of calling it rain.

    There are 'some' exceptions of course...but they are few and far between, stick with Zormouz's suggestion, look for guilds like [FOR]Forsaken, or the Oath Keepers [KotO] They will often steer you in the right direction. Though if mass murder is more your style, I would suggest sticking around Fabernum, or going straight to Gaul Kor or Kranesh.. as guilds who participate in RPK normally hang around these places.
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  13. thalakos315

    thalakos315 Trial Member

    a lot of the enjoyment of mortal online seems to actually be from doing nothing.. the rewards from mortal are rarely if ever immediate. there is very little instant gratification, be prepared for that. And i agree with zormouz, the community is everything. On a daily basis you will find yourself either asking your guildmates for assistance in some way, or responding in kind to their pleas for aid.
    My advice would be to do some research and set yourself a goal for your week of play time. Maybe a set number of murder counts if you want to go red. Or maybe a set number of reds killed if you want to go blue.. or maybe set a list of mobs you absolutely have to kill at least once during your week. If you can get assistance, hit up the risar dungeon, the spider queen, the jungle ziggurat.. any of the group oriented content.
  14. Kha-Ri

    Kha-Ri Honored Member

    Use that help chat.
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  15. Diemauer

    Diemauer Senior Member

    That was painful to watch. That feeling of frustration/ edge of something awesome, never really stops in this game, and I could tell OP wasn't into it.
  16. arfus1

    arfus1 Senior Member

    All of the above .. or simply just wander off on your own exploring .There is a lot of world to see and you will gain or raise some skills just by running around the place .You may run into freindly ppl that will help you on your way or you may run into some nasty ppl that will help you on your way to the ethers .
    Once you are in the ethers i recommend using the teleport to nearest shrine button as it can take you to places that you havent been and start the exploration all over again .

    The benifit of doing this early is you havent accumulated possesions that may upset you if lost .
  17. Kuroi

    Kuroi Well-Known Member

    just watched for a few mins your streaming, that's nice :D btw the noob tutorial it's not a task, that's why it wasn't listed, moreover you do got an indicator about extraction/butchering but you didn't notice it i guess, check the right down corner when you start the process :D and don't move! eheh
  18. Sekkrah

    Sekkrah Trial Member

    Towards the end you ran into problems. You'll notice if you replay the video now, when you got the quest you even read aloud, "torso and leggings". You need to make a full robe, not just the top half. :)

    That and like Kuroi said above me, there's an extraction indicator in the bottom right corner. That clearly needs to be made more visible, for sure.

    It's nice to see someone take a level headed approach to trying it!

    Edit: Just to clarify, like Kuroi mentioned, tasks aren't these newbie quests. Those quests are ONLY in Tindrem for new players (if you made your character anywhere else you wouldn't have it). Tasks are actually player-made quests for transporting goods.
  19. MeduliMadness

    MeduliMadness New Member

    Because your from Massively that just makes me want to kill you even more.

    I would suggest getting on ventrilo or teamspeak with a guild and play that way. At least then you'll have a fighting chance.
  20. RhodriTaliesin

    RhodriTaliesin Cronite Supporter

    Says the guys marked as a Trial Member, but hell, I've seen worse reasons for people to hate each other.

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