I ve seen things you people wouldn't believe...

Discussion in 'Mortal Online Media' started by Rasaki, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Rasaki

    Rasaki Junior Member

    This wont be up long but i think it should be the mortal online trailer.
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  2. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    yeah some things can sometimes be annoying, but its still the best game if oyu compare it with every other game out there, even with bugs it has more to offer than any triple a shit and it has more content than any other mmo, and new players need to explore this massive content, its just sad that not even 1/5 finish the tutorial, steam statistic.

    And as always party hard :)
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  3. BobgevLa

    BobgevLa Senior Member

    Uhh I wouldn't call it the best, good maybe but definitely not the best
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  4. VaddaPriest

    VaddaPriest Junior Member

    gj if we make this game look junk enough maybe they'll fix something
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  5. Rasaki

    Rasaki Junior Member

    Even after all this i still sub 2 accounts so there must be something good about the game.
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  6. Aemone

    Aemone Senior Member

    spears still broken
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  7. Nemosheart

    Nemosheart Senior Member

    they need to increase the minimum stamina usage when swinging weapon with a shield in general especially with the new tower shield patch so that its balance because shield is not OP and its easily parried. The OP part is equipment hit from sheilds. Also increase the dura degrade when receive equipment hit on a shield. Equipment hit for days.
  8. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    Shields are just fine, one hand weapons need to much stamina thats shit.
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  9. Nemosheart

    Nemosheart Senior Member

    thats the penalty of the benefit of equipment hit for shield. you dont have to parry using shield. you get equipemnt hit and enemy do only 4-5 damage. thats overpowered. people with shield need more stamina usageas penalty for shields.
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  10. vermintide

    vermintide Member

    So you haven't been here at game release.
  11. aguimaraes

    aguimaraes Member

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  12. faxil

    faxil New Member

    noooooooooooooooo dont touch my shields, i only know how to use spears and shields, i have secrets recipes for shields and spear.
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  13. Nemosheart

    Nemosheart Senior Member

    lol...sorry papa faxil..it need to be fix
  14. LGrayFoxL

    LGrayFoxL Well-Known Member

    keep rewinding the video at 1 min and 1 seccound, thank me laiter.
  15. PandahSykes

    PandahSykes Member

    The open world set in a medieval setting . And the pvp . That's literally all this game has to offer besides endless farming and house building , which I guess is now the only concern of the entire server . Goddamn this game used to be fun , but with hardly even 200 players on at peak times it's hard to have fun in this game unless you have your sights set on endless farming :/ . Bring the population back starvault , stop sucking the bad priorities dick and get on some of that good good .
  16. Nemosheart

    Nemosheart Senior Member

    what is good? people dont sit on their computer and play games anymore. This EID mubarak holiday, most of my gaming friends who used to play dota r now playing some moba games in their phone. which can be play everywhere while on a bus, plane and work. This is why the gaming community is dying. Most people dont want to stay on their comp and farm for armour/weapon for PVP nemore. they just want to jump into action just like all the PVP vultures in this game.
  17. Rasaki

    Rasaki Junior Member

    Bump WTB more bugs
  18. Sebastian Persson

    Sebastian Persson Lead Programmer Staff Member Developer

    How many?
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  19. Dalacor

    Dalacor Well-Known Member

    One that makes me good would be nice.
  20. Apsalar

    Apsalar Senior Member

    Impossible. Try again.
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