I will be reviewing Mortal Online on behalf of OnRPG.com

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by ApocaRUFF, Oct 13, 2012.


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  1. ApocaRUFF

    ApocaRUFF Senior Member

    Hello! I doubt anyone knows or remembers me, but I played Mortal Online with Kingdom of Wessex. I have quite a bit of experience with the game. I pre-ordered and was in Beta Block A. I played off-and-on since with Kingdom of Wessex, but quit when we disbanded some time ago.

    Anyways, I am a game Journalist for OnRPG.com and I was searching through our library of games and I noticed that we lacked a review for Mortal Online. I talked to the Editor-in-Chief and he gave me the go-ahead to review the game on behalf of OnRPG.

    Honestly, I don't know when I will begin playing the game to review it. I am thinking sometime next week. I already have a very good understanding of Mortal and SV, so I will mostly be updating myself on the game, seeing how much Awakening has come along (I subbed for Awakening when it was released, but didn't play much honestly). I just thought I would warn the community and hopefully get a guild to play with lined up before I actually start playing.

    If you have anything you would like me to keep in mind while writing the review, please let me know.

    I also added in a Poll to get an idea if anyone from Mortal is familiar with OnRPG.
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  2. ltankhsd

    ltankhsd Senior Member

    Next patch is supposed to fix some of the issues with the current AI.
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  3. Fukiyaki

    Fukiyaki Trial Member

  4. ApocaRUFF

    ApocaRUFF Senior Member

    I could write a review currently with my experiences thus far in the game, and honestly, I've already written a good portion of the review. The playtest is mostly to experience the new AI with Awakening, which I have next to no experience with, and the other Awakening features. When I played after Awakening, I spent all of my time inside Tindrem and I was playing Darkfall at the same time, so I didn't actually play the game much during that time.

    I feel that it would be unfair to review the game without giving Awakening a real chance, as it changes a large portion of the game.
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  5. Fukiyaki

    Fukiyaki Trial Member

    Sounds fair enough.
  6. Rulant

    Rulant Well-Known Member

    Least its a review by someone with undrrstanding of mortals systems reviewing this time. =)
  7. Rulant

    Rulant Well-Known Member

    Who is he?
  8. Rulant

    Rulant Well-Known Member

    I meant like all three or four of the last ones.
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  9. Rulant

    Rulant Well-Known Member

    Derp bernamas poopin out triangles while wearin bannana hammocks *insert rediculous laugh here*
  10. ThaBadMan

    ThaBadMan Exalted Member

    Awesome, ill be awaiting the review mate ;)
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  11. princereaper

    princereaper Exalted Member

    It says mortal online is free to play.
  12. Allastar

    Allastar Well-Known Member

    People are free to play it after they pay the monthly fee?
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  13. ApocaRUFF

    ApocaRUFF Senior Member

    I will have someone fix that as soon as they can.
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  14. ApocaRUFF

    ApocaRUFF Senior Member

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  15. Sebastion

    Sebastion Focus Group

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  16. CorpseJanitor

    CorpseJanitor Senior Member

    Psh. I remember you from Forumfall, what do you mean you doubt anyone remembers you?
  17. Mycke

    Mycke Well-Known Member

    This might be the first review by someone who actually likes full loot open world PvP games!

    Not sure the industry is ready for that... :p

    (How will people relate without comparing it to WoW?)
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  18. Sebastion

    Sebastion Focus Group

    Will have to see the rest but it seems too shiny to be a review of MO. :)

    I hope the rest of the review shows some of the rougher edges because if people come here expecting a squeaky clean game then they are going to be very disappointed.
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  19. BradMcQuaid

    BradMcQuaid New Member

    Guess we will wait for part 2, but I agree with what Sebastion said above. All a review like this will do is set people up for disapointment.

    Would have been better to give a realistic view of the game. Telling people things like "the controls in Mortal Online are perfect", man that is just nuts.

    But maybe you open up with the nice things to get interest and then bring reality in part 2. I will check back tomorrow.
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  20. Mycke

    Mycke Well-Known Member

    In motivational speaking there is an expression when dealing with people to get them motivated and focused.

    Build break build.

    Meaning build them (it) up, break them (it) down, Build them (it) up.

    This would work for presenting a game as well...

    Build it up get them excited, give them the cold hard reality, finish it up on a high note to get them excited again (with no delusions of the reality of the game).
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