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  1. Ichorous

    Ichorous The Argent Speedster

    My fellow Mortals,
    Welcome to Ichor Apothecarium, where good health and fitness are just a sip away. We are pleased to offer a wide range of medicines and remedies.

    Our Products and Prices
    IchorHeals50 - Direct Heals 50 HP per 10 units: 220g per 1000 units

    IchorHeals113 - Direct Heals 113 HP (w/ small -3 damage over time): 2800g per 1000 units

    IchorPurify - Removes Corruption with a single sip: 160g per 1000 units

    IchorGrowthTea - Will cause the consumer to grow approximately 1cm for every 33 units consumed*: 0.1g per unit
    *WARNING: This food may not work if character attribute points are locked and spent

    IchorShrinkTea - Will cause the consumer to shrink approximately 1cm for every 33 units consumed: 0.5g per unit

    Glassware - 20-unit and 40-unit vials are available by the case (12 vials per case). Each case costs 3g.

    How To Order
    Please send all orders by private message.
    All orders must be picked up in Bakti, Vadda, or MohKi.

    Yours Truly,

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  2. Lanthus

    Lanthus Junior Member

    Can Ichor Apothecaries make good weight gainer food? :")
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  3. Ichorous

    Ichorous The Argent Speedster

    110 HP per 10 is now available.
  4. ShitTierPvper

    ShitTierPvper Trial Member

    how much for 110 keg?
  5. Ichorous

    Ichorous The Argent Speedster

    The 110 recipe has become obsolete. It costs more to make than the 113 and isn't as potent.

    If you buy a keg of 113, add 27 units of water potion, you have 1027 units of 110 for like 2801g. That equates out to 2750g for a keg of 110, except you get 1027 units instead of 1k.
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