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    Good Day Mortals,

    IchorCorp’s body of members, and its activities have grown to a point that we believe warrants an establishment and public declaration of our internal policies. For anyone who is not aware, our guild mission is to establish a friendly and non-aggressive relationship with every player in the game for the purpose of bettering the Nave economy through optimal trade and transport efficiency.

    As our trade relationships grow and strengthen, it is our hope that these internal policies will not only keep our members from fostering an inappropriate level of favor for any particular player or guild, but also prevent the community at large from suspecting that such preferences exist.

    Our rules are set forth below. We reserve the right to improve them as the need arises. Anyone with questions about the meaning of any particular rule may submit questions here, or by private message to Ichorous. Anyone who is interested in joining ICH should review these rules.

    The guild founder or his duly appointed designee(s) shall have ultimate authority in all matters related to membership in the guild. The guild founder or his duly appointed designee(s) retain the right in their sole discretion to change these guild rules. The ultimate penalty for violation of guild rules is expulsion from the guild.

    In the event of a dispute, the guild founder or his duly appointed designee(s) shall arbitrate a resolution between the parties. The judgment of the arbitration shall be binding on the consenting claimants and the members of ICH.

    A. Priority of Rules
    In the event of a conflict between rules, whichever rule comes first in this document will preside, but only to the extent that such a conflict exists.

    B. Contraband
    Under no circumstances shall any member of ICH buy, sell, trade, construct, or transport the following items without special permission from the guild founder or his duly authorized designee(s):
    - Siege Weapon Designs or Siege Weapons (i.e. mangannon, hailcaster)
    - Siege Weapon Ammunition (i.e. boulders, hailcaster spears)
    - Territory control tower deeds
    - Palisade walls/gates/deeds may not be delivered to a siege in progress

    C. Free Trade
    Our public TS channel, and any other officially sanctioned ICH communication channels are free trade zones. Apart from the rules contained herein, there are no official regulations in place. Although cooperation is generally encouraged, undercutting, outbidding, competition, and other such assertive commercial practices are fully permitted.

    D. Property Rights
    ICH members are generally forbidden from looting items from a lootbag.
    - Notwithstanding the foregoing, ICH members are permitted to take an item from a lootbag if

    (1) the item dropped from a player or NPC that the ICH member killed in compliance with these Rules of Conduct, or
    (2) the item belonged to an ICH member, the item was taken without permission, and the ICH member looting the item will return the item to the ICH member to whom the item originally belonged.

    E. Always Obey Imperial Law (AKA the Flag System)
    - ICH members are generally* forbidden from intentionally violating Tindremic Imperial law. Accidental violations (i.e. misclicking, mounted knockdowns) and purely nominal violations (i.e. “trespassing” with permission from the owner) will always be forgiven.

    * Notwithstanding any rule to the contrary, ICH members are permitted to intentionally attack and kill any NPC (including vendors and guards) as long as such activity is not bothersome or harmful to other players or guilds.

    * Notwithstanding any rule to the contrary, ICH members are permitted to intentionally attack the characters and property of any publicly declared enemy of ICH.

    * Notwithstanding any rule to the contrary, ICH members are permitted to attack any player who has attacked or stolen from a member of ICH within the past 4 hours.

    * Notwithstanding any rule to the contrary, ICH may designate any territory it controls under TC mechanics to be secured under Imperial Law enforcement by Imperial Guards.

    F. Never Enforce Imperial Law
    - ICH members are generally* forbidden from attacking any player (regardless of player’s criminal status), intentionally shielding a non-member from attack (aka “blueblocking”), or intentionally revealing a hidden criminal.

    G. Protect Clients During the Course of Trade
    - Individuals and entities who are engaged in commerce with a member of ICH are “clients.”

    - If an ICH member becomes aware of a situation that is likely to endanger a client during the course of a specific trade with an ICH member, the ICH member should provide the client with sufficient information to avoid the danger.

    - When advising clients of danger, ICH members should never reveal specific/tactical information (number of hostiles, group composition, character names, or guild names) about the likely threat. An ICH member may only reveal that there is probable danger and the location of the danger.

    H. Keep Sensitive Information Confidential
    - Except when speaking in closed, ICH-exclusive channels, an ICH member should never reveal the following:
    • The location of any specific player or specific group, except to protect a client as outlined in subsection F above,
    • Any player or guild’s military or political intentions or situations, except those that are publicly/openly known or discoverable, or
    • The specific details of any private trade (past, present, or future), except for the purposes of providing pricing information.
    I. Hiring Outside Help
    - No member of ICH may instruct, direct, or command any player to perform any act prohibited by these Rules of Conduct, nor many any member of ICH provide compensatory reward specifically for the performance of any act prohibited by these Rules of Conduct.

    • With the exception of the rule immediately above, ICH denies liability for any act(s) performed by any player who is not a member of ICH.
    - Each ICH member may only contract on his or her own behalf unless otherwise authorized.

    - A contract exists when one entity has made an offer, another entity has accepted the offer, and each entity is giving/trading something to the other.

    - An offer to give a gift and an acceptance of that offer is not a contract.

    - An offer is no longer valid once any of the following has occurred:
    • The offeror has expressed a withdrawal of his or her offer prior to receiving an acceptance,
    • The offeree has rejected the offer or made a counter offer, or
    • The offeree has failed to accept the offer within a reasonable amount of time, (members of ICH are expected to allow at least 24 hours for the acceptance of a direct offer unless otherwise noted in the offer).
    - In addition to the conditions set forth immediately above, an offer made to multiple offerees is only valid with regard to the offeree who is first to communicate an acceptance of the offer.
    - ICH members should neither breach their own contracts, nor intentionally interfere with the contracts of others.

    A. Remedies for Breach of Contract
    - In the event that an ICH member breaches a contract due to mistake or uncontrollable circumstances, the remedy is rescission. The ICH member will be expected to return the benefits he or she received from the bargain.

    - In the event that an ICH member breaches a contract which specifies liquidated damages, the ICH member will be expected to pay the liquidated damages.

    - In the event that an ICH member breaches a contract intentionally and the contract does not specify liquidated damages, the remedy is general damages. The ICH member must pay the non-breaching party the profit that he or she would have received from the bargain if the contract had not been breached.

    B. Remedies for Intentional Interference With Contract
    - In the event that an ICH member intentionally interferes with another contract and causes a breach to occur, the remedy is general damages. Any ICH members that perpetrated the intentional interference or breach will be expected to collectively pay the non-breaching party the profit that he or she would have received from the bargain if the contract had not been breached.
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  2. Diphling

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    No one ever reads the EULA. :p
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  3. Azaraah

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  4. Malcolm

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    I actually read it though.
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  5. Manbird

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    You're weird! lol
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  6. Malcolm

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  7. Master_Ninja

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    I read it to
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  8. Zulthis

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    It looks like an official document written by a lawyer! Hehe good work icky-bang
  9. Godkin Veratas

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    There is no mention of the Gods, as such, this is offensive and blasphemous.
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  10. Zulthis

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    There is only one God in Mortal! Hodor akbar!
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  11. lexorn

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    ICH - The only pure trade guild in Nave
    Keep up the good work.
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  12. Iniquity

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    Respect to ich. They keeps it real.
  13. Motachi

    Motachi Trial Member

    Well i must be weird too cause i read it all
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  14. Otonashi

    Otonashi Senior Member

    This was a refreshing post to read, i like this section especially.
    I was very glad to see that it was you guys who obtained NWO keep, Keep up the good work!!
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  15. Smackthat

    Smackthat Trial Member

    Good and well laid out guide lines. I look foward to seeing what you all build and do in your keep and in that location.
  16. Kirri

    Kirri Junior Member


    Very professional rules for your guild.

    Congratz on your keep, ICH! It looks quite lovely with the moon behind it. ^_^
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  17. can i join?
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  18. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    Actually, Ichorous, you have been given special preference with of course conflict of interest, namely Quadkhan and its territory. Any usage of Greater Natorous is looked the other way because you are given immunity from your own guild.

    As much respect that the community can gives you, you still getting special preference and immunity compared to other slaghauler competitors. Those who don't have a problem are those who don't work often or lack the skills thereof to use property, such as Greater Natorous. And, those who do have the problem, are often few to none. Slaghauling is a hard business but advanced slaghauler is but few in number.

    Here's List Of Special Preferences And The Highlights Of Conflict of Interest

    1. Immunity are given by guilds to not attack you and have you as allied.

    2. You can use Greater Natorous freely without being Pk by QuadKhan because you are a member and have access to their VoIP gaming server IP.

    3. If anything happen on the way, there is no guaranteed that you will keep it on a tight lid and not call for help from other guild.

    Conclusion: Your public decree holds ZERO value.

    And believe me, there is no substitute for all out or pure boycotting. There will always be business dealing, making deal that have to be done. However, let's make this one thing clear.

    We can discuss free trade as much as Walmart claimed there is free trade. But, free trade can only exist so long before it get taken away through monopoly, hyper-merging / buyout, etc.
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  19. Manflayer

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    I personally don't kill Ichorous only because I like the guy, I've never bought anything off him but we have a lot in common in the way we approach MO.

    I don't lend that same courtesy to the rest of ICH though:D
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  20. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    So, you are giving special preference and expect other players to treat you the same while you are transporting things? Is Mortal Online trying to be a fair world while IchorCorp hold it by the string? As innocent as it sounds, I still find it unbelievable while other tradiing guild or player are trying to do business.

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