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Discussion in 'Services' started by Ichorous, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. Ichorous

    Ichorous The Argent Speedster

    Unfortunately, that's about 8x more data to index. 1 piece of armor from the same set and composition has the same sliders as the rest of the pieces, so it is a lot more realistic to index the sliders.

    As an alternative, Xherdas and I are working on a weight calculator for suits. We are struggling with getting it perfectly accurate though, and I am reluctant to publish it widely for that reason. However, I will often use it myself for outfitting customers with concerns about the suit weight.

    Correct. If a bowyer uses whitewood or spongewood and tweaks the bows to the pixel, that bowyer's bows will have greater range than mine. They will also have lower durability. I chose to stop at firmwood because anything lower starts off with less than 100 durability.
  2. Yeonan

    Yeonan Senior Member

    No dal rhoba delivery? Bought plenty of suits from Xherdas in the past but having delivery option would make life grand
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  3. Ichorous

    Ichorous The Argent Speedster

    I would advise that you direct this comment to Xherdas. I am proud to call him a guildmate and he and I collaborate in several ways, but we operate our shops independently.

    As a general rule, I only deliver goods that I made, and I don't have the ability to make dal rhoba yet.
  4. Reaper_man

    Reaper_man Junior Member

    Do you accept goods such as steel instead of gold?
  5. Ichorous

    Ichorous The Argent Speedster

    Sometimes, but it's case by case. It depends on what is offered, how much I have a use for it, and what barter value we agree on. So if I had a need for steel, I would accept it instead of gold at fair market value. If I didn't have a need for steel, I might still accept it instead of gold but at a discounted value.
  6. Mingo

    Mingo Member

    10/10 Quick, Smooth service and a prompt reply to my order.
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  7. hearmeroar

    hearmeroar Member

    best crafter GG
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  8. Gnarf

    Gnarf Junior Member

    super great service

  9. veekahtoh

    veekahtoh Trial Member

    Super fast and great service.

    10/10 would buy again.
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  10. Siegmund

    Siegmund Trial Member

    I will use his service again any time with pleasure.

    Super great and fast service.
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  11. LT_742

    LT_742 Trial Member

    Hi, Ichorous! I enjoyed the Tungsteel Set you sold me and would like repeat business. Also tried adding you on steam as well.
  12. Ichorous

    Ichorous The Argent Speedster

    Sorry I didn't recognize the name.
  13. slydur

    slydur Well-Known Member

    10/10 would use again from this old friend.
    Og and cron till the end
    Fast Service
  14. Ichorous

    Ichorous The Argent Speedster

    Updated prices.
  15. Nemosheart

    Nemosheart Senior Member

    bow price?
  16. Bronzen18

    Bronzen18 Gold Supporter

    Metals I think....Wish OG was cheaper, but that is some hard stuff to buy atm
  17. Jaqen H'ghar

    Jaqen H'ghar New Member

    Hello Ichorous,

    A Man wishes to purchase the best backstab pierce daggers available to use with level 82 strength. Can we come to an agreement on a dagger amount, price, and delivery to Tindrem? A Man thanks you.
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  18. Mingo

    Mingo Member

    A Man should PM Ichor for faster response time.
  19. Jaqen H'ghar

    Jaqen H'ghar New Member

    A Man did so, but a Man also wanted to bump Ichorus. Such a Man is reliable, self sufficient, professional, and fast. A Man GREATLY recommends for all to pursue him. :D
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  20. BACR

    BACR Well-Known Member

    Ich, any price changes with new keep coming? :rolleyes:

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