Kame House FALLs

Discussion in 'Guild & Player Politics and Discussion' started by Naori, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Bordelli

    Bordelli Well-Known Member

  2. Majestickal

    Majestickal Member

    Nah that's a bad idea REQ will just wall it off better not go there to pvp
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  3. Bordelli

    Bordelli Well-Known Member

    Dude, relax your mad is showing.
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  4. Majestickal

    Majestickal Member

    I don't think I'm as mad as you guys when you walled off our destroyed house and spent probably 1-2k+ on the walls+mang+portal blocker and built it all to full and ended up getting nothing from the house lol
  5. Aemone

    Aemone Senior Member

    I miss the old Bakti
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  6. Bordelli

    Bordelli Well-Known Member

    Not even close but it was worth for this salt. Now Imma build a house in there just to spite you.
  7. Hayasa

    Hayasa Exalted Member

    Kids are Mmammmaaaaaaaddddd
  8. shuffel

    shuffel Member


    Calm down buddy.
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  9. Qiksilver

    Qiksilver Senior Member

    This is why i don't Tinder. Nice find.
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  10. Majestickal

    Majestickal Member

    Hope you guys liked the note we left you in the house :D
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  11. 907JC

    907JC Member

    This is exactly why I think it's hilarious that some people think they can really take anything away from anyone in this game that is active...
  12. 123321

    123321 New Member

    well...gg LOL.

    base houses with no modules should be lootable immediately after being sieged, that way there's actually a risk in building them, and extraction tables etc on a f2p character that can just log in place them and remove them back to their inventory at any time seems bit broken, but oh well.. this is MO.
  13. Teknique

    Teknique Well-Known Member

    except territory of course
  14. Aliron

    Aliron New Member

    It'll never be the same again.
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  15. 123321

    123321 New Member

    The people that roamed everyday to bakti are tephra miners now

    And pvpers dnt live in bakti anymore
    they moved all around the map living in breadboxes now lol
  16. shuffel

    shuffel Member

    why dont yall come to us now.

    cause fuck walkin fam
  17. Aemone

    Aemone Senior Member

    Rpk sits at gate until they outnumber you and will Zerg you with mouteds if you kite.
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  18. shuffel

    shuffel Member

    We changed i promise this time ;)
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