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    I am having a problem where everytime i move in mortal, on other peoples screen i am lagging every couple seconds where it looks like im stopping, but on my screen I am moving at a constant pace with no lag or computer issues. I am wondering if anyone can help me with this. This issue is making me not want to play mortal anymore. I have checked my internet connection and have had my isp come to my house and everything is fine. my ping is about 130-140 which is fine and ive tested with other people with similar ping and they dont do it
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  3. InstaBang Member

    i am not on a wireless connection nor do i have low ram
  4. Dsn Honored Member

    then i dont knew what the problem may be are you sure your ping when playing the game is 140 or does it spike at times.
    maybe your friends are the ones with the problems....
    if not that can you just list your ram processor and internet speed along with were you in tinderem and the number of people around you at that time.
  5. InstaBang Member

    ya im sure its not spiking and my ping is 140

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