Life is Feudal WesSeX - Hyperion Guild Drama

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    • Given the putative subject matter (WSX in LiF), probably has little to do with LiF.
    • Wholly walls of text.
    • The only provenance the above has is that it came up on the old & usually silent 'alerts' at Pastebin for 'Wessex' and 'Azzerhoden'. No clue which guest pasted, or why, or what's going on, but it does read like the Duck of Wessex to me. Trouble in Paradise!

    Think I won't even watch this thread, acknowledging that it may be of as little interest even to those playing LiF as to me.

    TL;dr precis: You may want to stay away from these groups / individuals / servers.

    In chronological order:

    1. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:00 AM
    2. Mister Lewis Knoxville, Esquire and undisputed combatant par excellence.
    3. NeoMetric - Today at 7:02 AM
    4. I appreciate that comment as it probably took alot to do it. But I don't need compliments I need humble and honesty. Tact is nice but that's a tad too late. I was always upfront with how to talk to me and I don't shy away from straight forwardness. Let me be the first to say I don't hate Hyperion or Wessex, hence why you've never seen me on the battlefield.
    5. Feudal Union amongst many many other people keep asking me to side in on the war and i'm fence sitting because I don't see a need to step on any toes.
    6. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:03 AM
    7. Well, frankly, you and I never talked enough, period.
    8. But I was certainly never dishonest with you.
    9. I had no reason to be.
    10. NeoMetric - Today at 7:04 AM
    11. But, the side conversations and non-direct approach that was always taken with me leaves a lot to be desired and that lack of directness always leaves gaps where assumptions or other information fills
    12. I've seen a lot of screen shots of conversations you've had in the past to instill these feelings I have and I don't forget feelings because if I Felt them before, i'll feel them again.
    13. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:05 AM
    14. From my point of view, I kept asking you to come to me directly at the time that you had complaints to make.
    15. I'd like to know what you mean about that.
    16. NeoMetric - Today at 7:05 AM
    17. One was you had a conversation with Vanzan where you spoke straight up badly about Kaylem as a leader and you essentially labeled him as emotional support and nothing more.
    18. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:07 AM
    19. I did do that, but that was in the context of everyone wanting Azzerhoden replaced with Kaylem. The point I made adjacent to that was that they have separate talents, and neither person has "all the leadership traits" in one place.
    20. The point I also was making was that I acceded to the request of the crowd and did in fact volunteer to replace Azzerhoden with Kaylem as chancellor of Wessex.
    21. Despite that not being my personal best choice - a choice which I gave reasons for, emotionality being one of them.
    22. And mind, it wasn't that Kaylem was nothing but emotional support. It was that Kaylem makes decisions based on his emotions.
    23. But what had those feelings to do with you and the idea of non directness from me?
    24. In fact, directness is what I wanted from you too. I wanted you to come right to me one on one, and not at the head of a crowd of people. That was really unpleasant for me.
    25. NeoMetric - Today at 7:10 AM
    26. From my point of view, I would publicly state my feelings/intentions and was always told to be redirected
    27. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:10 AM
    28. That's true. That publically stating of things was quite disruptive.
    29. I would have so much preferred that you just take my ear.
    30. NeoMetric - Today at 7:11 AM
    31. The reason behind that is because I would get people coming to me with all these private conversations, screenshots, video's, screensharing
    32. And see the circles being walked and toes stepped on
    33. I am a person who values qualified people dealing with qualified issues but if the people who are deemed "Qualified" are lacking in those terms then it can no longer stay behind closed doors.
    34. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:13 AM
    35. So you're saying you did that public crowd stuff because you didn't trust me?
    36. NeoMetric - Today at 7:13 AM
    37. To boil it down, after months of strife and pent up aggression, yea
    38. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:13 AM
    39. But why did you pen it up?
    40. NeoMetric - Today at 7:14 AM
    41. It was pent up because it was being brushed off, vanzan was the rep in these issues because he had the patience to discuss it. I know my faults pretty well. However if you're looking for specifics and quotes
    42. I'll have to ask vanzan to see if he has his hundreds of screenshots
    43. All I can say for sure what has stuck with me, was the lack of direct resolution attempts but rather work arounds and indirectness
    44. You had a lot of passionate people that I recruited through my passion I had for wessex during my times on LiF:YO. That passion was interpreted as blind obedience and concerned were literally ignored that were applicable at the time
    45. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:16 AM
    46. The truth, from my point of view, is that whatever Azzerhoden's shortcomings in certain talents, he didn't deserve to be deposed in such a fashion. I hadn't seen enough evidence from anyone, which I suppose means Vanzan as the liaison, that Azzerhoden was incompetent.
    47. NeoMetric - Today at 7:16 AM
    48. I can answer that one, as it was spoke about a lot
    49. But it'll only be by my word at this point
    50. Starters: Giving credit to Azz for all the things I Did on LiF:YO was what set the move in motion. And it wasn't even by me, it was by Ajent and a few others that felt very passionate about what i've done and what I drilled into them
    51. Keep in mind you couldn't go two minutes without me going
    52. "Remember guys you're representing Wessex --"
    53. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:17 AM
    54. The complaints I remember were these:
    55. Azzerhoden is not a "single strong leader"
    56. Sir Altus gives us the creeps and we don't like him around
    57. Sir Kentalis the new guy doesn't deserve to be a knight
    58. Building the Silk Road claim with walls across the water isn't a good tactical choice, especially not on behalf of Killox of Dreadlords.
    59. NeoMetric - Today at 7:17 AM
    60. and I'd list the old common laws from MO, and our old engagement rules
    61. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:18 AM
    62. As far as Azz receiving credit for something you deserved, I simply didn't know. I'm sorry.
    63. NeoMetric - Today at 7:18 AM
    64. And I don't hold that against you
    65. What upset everyone was how it was dealt with afterwards
    66. Again it was more other people getting triggered and wanting to snowball it with me holding them on, even during all the upsetting moments
    67. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:19 AM
    68. Yeah, it seems like that was the case.
    69. NeoMetric - Today at 7:19 AM
    70. They all left when I was at work because they knew I'd argue otherwise and wanted me to tag along because it was "assumed i'd follow" and "I was one of the boys"
    71. They left on a tuesday, i wanted it to wait until Thursday after a day of talking
    72. But thats not the point im making
    73. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:19 AM
    74. And that's why I asked you at the end if you knew about it. Not anything so cynical as merely "securing assets".
    75. I was hurt by the whole affair and I also wondered if they had betrayed you too.
    76. But Ajent and the gang shouldn't have been triggered and automatically assume that there was a deliberate attempt to snub you.
    77. I had just arrived on the scene. What motivation would I have to snub anyone?(edited)
    78. NeoMetric - Today at 7:21 AM
    79. It was viewed after you gave it all to Azz
    80. That you had no regards for recognizing us for anything we did regardless
    81. So it magnified smaller issues that I was trying to dilute
    82. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:22 AM
    83. All I knew was that Azz was leading Wessex on my behalf, something I felt guilty about and wanted to give him credit for accomplishing without me. I didn't know who else was involved and couldn't have meant to overlook anyone.
    84. I did know that you were highly successful at many things, however, just perhaps not all of them.
    85. NeoMetric - Today at 7:23 AM
    86. Well if you want the long list of things I did on LiF:YO i can simply narrow it down to I put Wessex on the map and made them a recognizable force to be reckoned with
    87. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:23 AM
    88. In my defense, when I first arrived in the town, I tried to make it a point to hear about and greet every individual player who was present.
    89. One thing you can be certain of is that I never doubted your talents or accomplishments.
    90. I was very vocal about the fact that you were "the best", "talented", "a crack fighter", "fitted with an outstanding knack", etc.
    91. NeoMetric - Today at 7:25 AM
    92. Again this isn't the point im trying to make currently. The core of this that spurred all this on is lack of proper recognition (Literally not getting proper credit) and a laundry list of issues that compiled up is what toppled people over
    93. There is a rumor that you started spreading tales of Vanzan and his personal life etc, i'd like to believe thats not true as i've not see any proof personally, but you have been caught saying things a certain way to someone, and spinning it to someone else in previous screenshots vanzan had before
    94. And thats what is keeping Vanzan at arms lengths away
    95. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:26 AM
    96. Well, I like to think that I have always been very forthcoming with praise and recognition when I hear about it. I made this whole thing so that people could have real careers and be recognized in this game with medals, titles, and all the rest.
    97. NeoMetric - Today at 7:26 AM
    98. As for me, I am a simple person. I give respect until I feel its not being given back. Once im slighted like that I need to get it in order to give it again.
    99. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:26 AM
    100. No, that wasn't me. Someone found a link to some RP Vanzan had done in a clan before he joined Wessex.
    101. And that was shared around as "look, Vanzan makes strife in many clans".
    102. NeoMetric - Today at 7:27 AM
    103. No, to quote it the rumor goes you're mentioning Vanzan had a dark side and it's likely being projected from real life issues
    104. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:27 AM
    105. But not by myself, although I did remark "aha, that's telling" or something to that effect.
    106. Yes, the aftermath of the event, splitting the clan and taking them with him - the very thing I spoke out about in my LiF interview as being a common occurrence in clans - left me thinking he had a dark side.
    107. I told him directly that I did not agree with his decision to do this and regarded it as a failure to do the job he'd been appointed for.
    108. That's not behind the back stuff, though...
    109. NeoMetric - Today at 7:29 AM
    110. Well what is bothering vanzan and the thing he mentiones everytime Hyperion is mentioned
    111. "That bastard tried to bring real life into this saying my real life is fucked up and its showing in game. FUck that guy he doenst know mw"
    112. me*
    113. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:29 AM
    114. Where did he get that idea?
    115. NeoMetric - Today at 7:30 AM
    116. Again the rumor going around saying you mentioned vanzan had a dark side and it was PROJECTED from real life issues
    117. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:30 AM
    118. I definitely said he had a dark side.
    119. As you pointed out, all kinds of people were being triggered - for lack of recognition,
    120. for other receiving undeserved recognition
    121. for people they regarded as alien being included in Wessex
    122. for rank not being given out that they felt should have
    123. for projects being decided at the kingdom level that were felt to be poor strategic decisions
    124. And when all of these things came to Vanzan as complaints - instead of doing what I appointed him to do, which was be a middle manager and help people understand what was going on,
    125. he agreed with them without clarifying anything. "yep, that's stupid".
    126. And when they said that he should be the leader instead, he didn't disagree.(edited)
    127. NeoMetric - Today at 7:34 AM
    128. I'll never villianify Vanzan because I put in a lot of hours working with him on all the side jobs he took up for Wessex
    129. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:34 AM
    130. I did not go so far as to say he orchestrated all that, and I told him that much. But I instead told him I regarded this as a failure to carry out a role he had been entrusted with.
    131. Because in the end, he did go through with splitting the clan and accepting leadership of the split clan.
    132. When evidence surfaced that it seemed he had tried similar things in a prior clan, well, it seemed like he was just "the disgruntled guy."
    133. We try to frame things in ways to process them. I didn't feel much like playing after Vanzan took Wessex with him.
    134. NeoMetric - Today at 7:38 AM
    135. That's the ironic part though, he didn't take Wessex when I brought all those people. He took the guys he spent months playing with that identified as Wesssex. I still think to this day, i was the only real Wessex guy amongst them
    136. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:38 AM
    137. You know what I'm saying.
    138. NeoMetric - Today at 7:39 AM
    139. For the record, after his split i didn't talk to anyone for days as I mulled everything over because again you're talking to the guy who would take Duchy of Wessex name into shitty games like Warband (Persistent World mod). I told several people if I shed the wessex identity the only other indentity i'd ever go by again is my own
    140. And on that note i'm currently trying to make my own group by the original town name I had in LiF:YO (back at release to learn all about the crafting I made an entire town on my own) Called Ironmoor
    141. I bought the Governor pack (800$) for Chronicles of Elyria and im calling it Barony of Ironmoor
    142. Vanzan is going to pick up the 550$ one so he can play Alpha 1 with me to learn the entire game as best we can
    143. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:41 AM
    144. I also have plans in the Chronicles of Elyria.
    145. NeoMetric - Today at 7:41 AM
    146. I know kaylem told me
    147. You have count package donated from some guy who bought King package (Or he'll count you when you join either or)
    148. THen after a while he'll give you his king status
    149. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:42 AM
    150. It's the count package. He'll duke me.
    151. And maybe king after a year or so, yeah.
    152. NeoMetric - Today at 7:42 AM
    153. So a Year building up the hyperion name as king but always referring to you as king?
    154. That sounds like a long build up for a split
    155. I'll tell you the same thing I Told kaylem without giving out names
    156. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:43 AM
    157. No, I'm going to go back in time and be just Duke of Wessex. Be Manus's granddad.
    158. NeoMetric - Today at 7:43 AM
    159. A lot of people and some of them higher ranked, dont want to side with Hyperion for CoE and dont have plans for it
    160. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:43 AM
    161. Is that because they don't like CoE or they don't like Hyperion?
    162. NeoMetric - Today at 7:44 AM
    163. The latter, that is fact. In my times of looking for people to join me for CoE i reached out to people in Hyperion to see if they'd stay. I told them of the plans Kaylem told me you had for Hyperion
    164. And quite a lot of people don't share the same interests Hyperion does for CoE
    165. Common quote "I'll stay for LiF but thats it"
    166. I also told Kaylem, comradery and some key HR movements NOW can easily rectify that
    167. But a lot of people feel the hyperion name as a burden rather than a badge of honor as I once held it as
    168. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:45 AM
    169. Thanks for the heads up. I would like to rectify that.
    170. Was this before our recent victories in the war?
    171. NeoMetric - Today at 7:45 AM
    172. Some literally yesterday, some about a week ago
    173. It was only recently i decided to do Barony of Ironmoor
    174. And i'll give you some free military advice, going by what i've seen in the video's against you all
    175. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:46 AM
    176. Well, how could I build up people's spirits again in your recommendation?
    177. NeoMetric - Today at 7:46 AM
    178. You act like a single entity, which is bad
    179. Building up spirits is transparency from leadership and a feeling of acting as a whole.
    180. That hyperion army concept was my long term project to solidfy hyperion
    181. It wasn't for personal gain
    182. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:47 AM
    183. You know, I never thought it was for personal gain, Lewis.
    184. NeoMetric - Today at 7:47 AM
    185. But it's a move that only works with proper timing and persuasion/approval
    186. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:47 AM
    187. I just thought it was overenthusiasm and hastiness. I did agree with the idea long term.
    188. Right.
    189. NeoMetric - Today at 7:48 AM
    190. But take that military advice to heart. What i've seen is grouping up single entity performance. That can leave flanks exposed. Don't be afraid to commit. My last 3 IB's
    191. I've won hands down 2-1 odds in enemy's favor
    192. How? I'd just run my ass over to their flank and distract with like 1-3 guys
    193. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:49 AM
    194. Youre saying the Hyperion army acts like a glob and doesn't flank?
    195. NeoMetric - Today at 7:49 AM
    196. That is solely from what i've seen in the propaganda video's
    197. I.E. The enemy's recordings
    198. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:50 AM
    199. I didn't know they were doing that. They've been lucky to be winning if that's the extent of their strategy.
    200. Well, new Lord Constable as of yesterday.
    201. NeoMetric - Today at 7:51 AM
    202. Notice board in Kingdom of Hyperion discord is public
    203. so I can see
    204. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:51 AM
    205. nods
    206. NeoMetric - Today at 7:51 AM
    207. Shame i Never got any fancy awards for my zero losses :wink:
    208. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:52 AM
    209. lol Shame you didn't stick around for the train of awards that was headed your way.
    210. NeoMetric - Today at 7:52 AM
    211. After the laundry list of things i've done and months of waiting TBH never seemd like it was gonna happen, especially when Lycan got one before me
    212. But, that's just a petty comment lol never really held much to me because a lot of people already knew what i've done
    213. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:53 AM
    214. But didn't you put me up to giving one to Lycan?
    215. NeoMetric - Today at 7:53 AM
    216. I forget, i know I was surprised to findout lycan got one. A lot of people were telling me (Just before your award to lycan) they thought you were gonna knight me
    217. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:53 AM
    218. Yeah, that was when everyone lined up in the town.
    219. It was because Lycan was going away to boot camp, right?
    220. But weren't you talking to me right before that event?
    221. NeoMetric - Today at 7:54 AM
    222. About promoting kaylem to chancellor yea
    223. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:54 AM
    224. I was totally broadsided when, after awarding Lycan, it turned into a mob complaining about Azzerhoden.
    225. Was it not you, but Vanzan who talked to me before?
    226. I got a tip about awarding Lycan. I would have awarded whoever was relayed to me, however.
    227. NeoMetric - Today at 7:56 AM
    228. Probably Vanzan

    1. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 7:57 AM
    2. Knighting you was on the books and was supposed to happen any day at that time.
    3. But after the gathering degenerated into a big denouncement, with many participating not even knowing what was going to happen, the moment for awards had kind of passed.
    4. I received a lot of private messages saying, "we thought Lewis was going to be knighted and that's why we were there. We had no idea they were going to say that stuff about Azzerhoden and we want you to know we don't agree."
    5. NeoMetric - Today at 7:59 AM
    6. Regardless that's all past. A huge resentment other people had and projected it onto me was that my knighting was long over due, my work credit given to azz with kaylem going "Happened to me before it's nothing new. Welcome to how I feel"
    7. Ah, thats another thing Azz liked to do to me
    8. was constantly remind me im only an esquire and that im not really constable but acting constable
    9. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:00 AM
    10. Ah - and that's what I mean about the emotionality re: Kaylem.
    11. But anyway, I never really knew the extent of the dynamic between you and Azzerhoden. I am sorry for that.
    12. NeoMetric - Today at 8:00 AM
    13. And then azz would go "well if I gave an order i'd happen" to counter my statements to my garrison. Then the final nail in the coffin was approve a seperate force who wanted to PVP but didnt like me and didnt want to join the garrison, permission to form their own military unit
    14. I left shortly after that and they became apart of the garrison
    15. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:01 AM
    16. Oh, that could have stood to be clarified. That was just Sir Kentalis going with his own clan which technically was at that time only sheltering in Wessex.
    17. NeoMetric - Today at 8:01 AM
    18. No that was after that
    19. Because they all applied on the forums and I didn't accept them because I wanted to test their mettle and train them
    20. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:02 AM
    21. But that is who went and did the PVPing.
    22. Right, they didn't want to wait. It wasn't that they didn't like you.
    23. NeoMetric - Today at 8:02 AM
    24. Kentalis didn't, it was his group Green w.e and the other guy (like 4 total) and I asked who gave them permission to go?
    25. No one did, they lost horribly and lost equipment etc. Asked to be regeared
    26. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:02 AM
    27. Ah, okay, not Kentalis in person but his guys.
    28. NeoMetric - Today at 8:02 AM
    29. Then complained they werent accepted into the garrison yet
    30. But wanted to PVP, i told them they didn't earn it yet to practice with me more and then they did their own thing
    31. IT was after kentalis was already in wessex itself
    32. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:03 AM
    33. Well, they didn't ask to be regeared - they were allowed to go only on the stipulation that they risk their own equipment.
    34. NeoMetric - Today at 8:04 AM
    35. I remember this vividly because it was a direct work around to me and grim came to me freaking out
    36. and thats how i found out
    37. Grim was the guy incharge of all the garrison stuff
    38. Quartermaster
    39. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:04 AM
    40. It really wasn't a workaround to you, or Grim.
    41. Just that I couldn't very well tell these guys who were technically in another clan that they could not go fight our enemies - any more than I could tell Hospitallers not to fight.
    42. And when it was made clear that the garrison had specific rules, and since they'd applied to the garrison, it would invalidate their "separate guild" status,
    43. they withdrew their apps.
    44. Some things weren't personal - just a matter of impatience with your work schedule to be able to meet and verify them.
    45. I would say that Grim and others were way too quick to jump to conclusions and be triggered.
    46. NeoMetric - Today at 8:06 AM
    47. So far thats what I can agree with you on
    48. They let things get hyped up in private comms and left in a whirlwind of emotion
    49. Which I never wanted to happen
    50. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:07 AM
    51. No doubt!
    52. NeoMetric - Today at 8:09 AM
    53. Well to sum all of this up, i'll have to get the guys together with you and talk all this out. What I can say is if your goal is to make amends and not prove a point they wont care to see
    54. Humble is the way to go
    55. If this somehow does work where you restore your image in their eyes i'd only come back as my own thing
    56. Regardless of numbers etc
    57. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:11 AM
    58. Your own entity? You mean Ironmoor?
    59. NeoMetric - Today at 8:11 AM
    60. Correct, I stand true with what I said. I took me about 6 days of mulling it over to actually shed my Wessex identity after spending years representing it (Sometimes and mostly alone in my endeavours)
    61. Once i shed my wessex identity the only one i'll go by from here on out is my own
    62. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:12 AM
    63. Well, there are 24 counties to occupy in CoE, and Ironmoor has plenty of right to be one, if that interests you.
    64. NeoMetric - Today at 8:12 AM
    65. My current offer on the table is to be a Baron with the FEudal Union on CoE
    66. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:12 AM
    67. What server?
    68. NeoMetric - Today at 8:13 AM
    69. But there's something they're doing in the background i don't particularly like
    70. And i don't know what server
    71. So far im pretty uneducated about CoE
    72. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:13 AM
    73. If I am duke, I can easily help you get cassus belli to challenge the NPC count of whatever county your barony is in so that you can become a count.
    74. NeoMetric - Today at 8:15 AM
    75. The issue is Hyperion has a morale issue with a lot of members not looking to stay
    76. FU on CoE has its current player base in LiF MMO
    77. PLus others
    78. Im not writing Hyperion off for CoE however it'd be against my best interest to decide so soon with the current facts
    79. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:16 AM
    80. Can you give me a little more clue about that and how I can address it?
    81. NeoMetric - Today at 8:16 AM
    82. Again it has to do with the image Hyperion currently has
    83. True or not losing is your image
    84. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:16 AM
    85. What's the image?
    86. NeoMetric - Today at 8:16 AM
    87. Losing, join hyperion to lose
    88. But
    89. I feel like the true facts of this low moral
    90. morale*
    91. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:17 AM
    92. That's ironic considering we just had half of Arkhaya join us.
    93. NeoMetric - Today at 8:17 AM
    94. COmes from comms and inter-guild relations
    95. Yea thats why i dont buy into what i see propaganda wise
    96. I buy into what I hear directly from hyperion people
    97. Soi what i was saying is what I feel are the true facts of the low morale or buy ins for CoE etc
    98. Are the comms for combat and inter-guild relations
    99. In Wessex i'd hold drill and do those formations ontop of provide insight to furthering people. There was no stagnation
    100. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:18 AM
    101. That interclan rapport in Hyperion is low?
    102. NeoMetric - Today at 8:18 AM
    103. yes, this is me just trying to read in from what little bit i was given (mostly people just casually saying they dont want to stay)
    104. I can't go too deeply obviously as im an outside looking in
    105. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:19 AM
    106. How highly ranked of people said this?
    107. NeoMetric - Today at 8:20 AM
    108. I wont give the highest, but there are a couple gentry. Again its not my intention to sel people out. And quite a few people (My old contacts etc) still view me as keeping their best interests at heart
    109. and I do
    110. There's a reason I never joined the war between FU and Hyperion
    111. If I truly didnt care you'd have seen me on the battlefield already
    112. Probably for worse
    113. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:21 AM
    114. What do you recommend I do to assuage such people and possibly retain them?
    115. NeoMetric - Today at 8:21 AM
    116. I've been saying it repeatedly
    117. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:21 AM
    118. "Just be more transparent" is hard to wrap my head around.
    119. NeoMetric - Today at 8:21 AM
    120. Don't do sidechats make yourself visible and keep your plans transparent
    121. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:21 AM
    122. And make combat comms better.
    123. NeoMetric - Today at 8:22 AM
    124. Let people know how you feel, what you think
    125. Dont just do that announcement
    126. You're the common denominator for all the shires
    127. Do what I was trying to do
    128. and be that person directly linking groups, i did it for military and was working my way towards a unified military
    129. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:22 AM
    130. Yes, you're right. I understand about that. I haven't had the time.
    131. I am the common denominator and am pretty much the sole mascot for "Hyperion spirit".
    132. NeoMetric - Today at 8:23 AM
    133. Now, spin that and work with it
    134. You have kentalis working your angles but if you can't back it up casually
    135. Then the lack of effort is apparant
    136. And that can magnify issues (As we discussed) that'll blow up randomly
    137. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:24 AM
    138. I see what you're getting at now, and you're absolutely right.
    139. Issues are magnified when people don't have that security or that familiarity.
    140. NeoMetric - Today at 8:24 AM
    141. Yes, and thats the dreaded mob mentality
    142. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:25 AM
    143. Exactly, exactly.
    144. NeoMetric - Today at 8:25 AM
    145. Having a middle management person deal with issues is like giving advil to someone with a migrane. It'll lessen the pain but if all you do is take advil eventually that wont work
    146. You're the recognized sole head of Hyperion, the person above their respective guild leaders
    147. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:26 AM
    148. Oh, no doubt about that. The middle management is just not supposed to make things worse.
    149. NeoMetric - Today at 8:26 AM
    150. Well in vanzans defense he did try to die it down but then the convo's he was having with youwas starting to offend him in turn
    151. Then I'd come home from work to shitstorms of messages and was just trying to dilute it while trying not to get offended myself
    152. And we went to our immediate first responder which was kaylem
    153. who said go to az
    154. azz ignored/played alot of it off
    155. then we went to you, who was not filed in at all
    156. and that magnified it
    157. "how could he not know when azz said he'd take it up to manus? How can manus not know whats going on with his own guild?"
    158. etc etc
    159. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:28 AM
    160. Yes, it seemed by the time it got to me it was just irrational stuff that I couldn't really do anything about. "Azz bad, Altus bad, Kentalis bad."
    161. NeoMetric - Today at 8:28 AM
    162. Kentalis was only a trigger
    163. because he was knighted before me
    164. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:28 AM
    165. I tried to appoint Sir Kaylem, but to my disappointment he refused the position so as not to betray Azz.
    166. NeoMetric - Today at 8:28 AM
    167. literally what people were upset about
    168. "If they wont knight Lewis but will knight a random who promised fake numbers, whats the point?"
    169. was a quote from a few of the people that left
    170. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:29 AM
    171. Right. But he wasn't knighted, only recognized as "already a knight" as was always traditional with subclans. I needed someone who would have told those upset that.
    172. And I am aware that that is exactly what they were complaining about, but they didn't know the history or the context.
    173. NeoMetric - Today at 8:30 AM
    174. My rebuttle to that was I feel like I was the only wessex member of them all. I did feel it as a slight though because to get a new knight, already recognized or not, still stings to someone whose been waiting for almost a year
    175. And that reminded me of a quote you said
    176. "You need to have people who follow you" something along those lines which also triggered people because ironically (you didnt know at the time) how long i was leading and recruiting for wessex directly
    177. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:31 AM
    178. I need to have people who follow me, I said?
    179. NeoMetric - Today at 8:32 AM
    180. When it was argued that Kentalis brought in fake numbers but yousaid you saw them, but others didnt. And then you said "In order to come in as a shire or be recognized as a knight you need to have people who follow you"
    181. Something along those lines
    182. And people immediately interpreted it as thats a reason why I havnet been knighted yet
    183. It was a huge can of worms in the background
    184. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:33 AM
    185. Specifically you need to have numbers.
    186. NeoMetric - Today at 8:33 AM
    187. Yea and i brought like 15 people from LiF:YO to the MMO in wessex's name and thats what got people muttering and upset in the background
    188. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:34 AM
    189. Your knighthood was to happen any day at that time.
    190. It kept getting put off because of the constant upheaval.
    191. NeoMetric - Today at 8:34 AM
    192. Im not arguing that right, im mentioning what can go on in the background
    193. and how things can get magnified
    194. this is all tying together with the current issues happening with Hyperion
    195. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:34 AM
    196. I didn't want your knighthood to look like appeasement . I wanted it to stand on its own as a deserved merit.
    197. NeoMetric - Today at 8:34 AM
    198. Using facts of the past to better relate to the now
    199. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:35 AM
    200. Yeah, one can see the grapevine of people overreacting and dramatizing.
    201. And since I couldn't talk to everyone at once, I kept thinking, "why isn't Vanzan disarming this stuff instead of fomenting it?"
    202. And it's partially because he agreed, he told me. But that seemed to me to be putting himself solely in their perspective, which is a necessary trait, and not in the position of a bridge between the two.
    203. At any rate, I won't press that point should I have the chance to speak with any one of them ever again.
    204. NeoMetric - Today at 8:39 AM
    205. Well in the best interest of trying to make amends, you'll probably get a lot of quoting and petty remarks etc, humble and interest in moving forward might put a good dent in the image they currently have of you

    1. NeoMetric - Today at 8:40 AM
    2. But you have to convince them, I can set up the meeting etc but I wont be doing the leg work for it
    3. That'll just make a lot of unnecessary animosity
    4. If you care to that is, right
    5. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:40 AM
    6. Now, aren't they established in their own place as far as LiF is concerned?
    7. NeoMetric - Today at 8:41 AM
    8. I won't play without my core group of friends, and currently they're upset. I'm easy to forgive and move on as long as I feel respected.
    9. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:41 AM
    10. Would making amends be for the purpose of the future, like CoE, only?
    11. NeoMetric - Today at 8:41 AM
    12. Militarily it'll probably help on LiF but that'll take some strong persuasion. CoE is definitely doable but it all depends on how you come across ot them
    13. to*
    14. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:42 AM
    15. Kaylem was hoping to invite them to join him in Launceston in LiF. If that's far fetched I'll just reach out to them for a future in CoE with a buried hatchet.
    16. NeoMetric - Today at 8:42 AM
    17. He extended that to me and I told him the same thing.
    18. I'll only be apart of my own identity moving forward
    19. Which is also why in LiF im not in the guild TFO, i'm in a smaller guild called SCCo (Silver Crow Company). Same guild as TFO but in-game mechanics wise im separate
    20. I'll only be apart of my own identity
    21. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:44 AM
    22. Ironmoor and Vanzan's barony to be separate in CoE?
    23. NeoMetric - Today at 8:44 AM
    24. No in CoE i'll be the sole lead as Baron
    25. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:44 AM
    26. Oh, good. What did he spring $550 for?
    27. NeoMetric - Today at 8:44 AM
    28. To learn alpha 1 with me and to have his own house etc
    29. I plan on mastering CoE like i mastered LiF
    30. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:45 AM
    31. Isn't that a baron package though, at $550?
    32. NeoMetric - Today at 8:45 AM
    33. Correct
    34. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:45 AM
    35. But you're going to merge parcels of land?
    36. NeoMetric - Today at 8:45 AM
    37. Either own two barony's or he'll be a mayor in my barony
    38. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:46 AM
    39. Mayor versus baron is just a matter of taking a charter from the duke.
    40. NeoMetric - Today at 8:46 AM
    41. Ah, well either or he's getting it to learn CoE with me in Alpha 1
    42. that was the original purpose
    43. The other bells and whistles like the equipment etc, he's already agree'd to be apart of Knoxville
    44. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:47 AM
    45. It's cool stuff for sure. The count package is pretty sweet.
    46. NeoMetric - Today at 8:47 AM
    47. I'd have bought count if it was available
    48. only 200$ more
    49. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:47 AM
    50. Yeah...
    51. NeoMetric - Today at 8:48 AM
    52. But from what i've seen was offered
    53. IT wasn't anything more in-game for character
    54. Just designing stuff
    55. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:48 AM
    56. Just that title. Yeah, you still get the manor and everything with the barony.
    57. NeoMetric - Today at 8:48 AM
    58. But my heirarchy will be pretty close related to Wessex, for obvious reasons
    59. Rather than military ranks for the garrison like Wessex has i took a traditional approach
    60. The only actual military ranks are the leading ones, Lieutenant, Captain, Commander. The rest are just skillsets
    61. But im sure you don't care to talk about that. The bulk of what we discussed were the issues at hand. All I ever wanted was to be given the respect i felt like i earned over my career with wessex
    62. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:51 AM
    63. Ah, if you only knew what esteem I held you in.
    64. I truly do respect talent, but more than that, the ability to think objectively. It's so rare.
    65. And I knew you had it.
    66. I recognized that being the one to think practically and with precision when very often others think irrationally could sometimes lead to the habit of assuming you were always right by default. People call that "bluntness", but that's quite different than the ability to think clearly and directly itself.
    67. NeoMetric - Today at 8:57 AM
    68. Thats why Vanzan left PRosperity when he met me
    69. He constatly says "Regardless of how blunt you are or how much of a dick, so far you've never been wrong" lol
    70. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:58 AM
    71. Right. Insight matters.
    72. NeoMetric - Today at 8:58 AM
    73. But thats also why I go out of my way constantly to makre sure my guys are properly represented and their emotions are dealt with proplery
    74. properly* regardless of how it makes me look
    75. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 8:58 AM
    76. Diplomacy about it is a bonus, but separate - window dressing.
    77. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:00 AM
    78. It's an advantage to have both, though.
    79. NeoMetric - Today at 9:01 AM
    80. Thats also why vanzan and I Work well together
    81. I'll do the directness and strong leadership he'll represent me when I piss people off and make relations
    82. It's agood bond and thats why I hold him in such high regards, even if its to make afool of myself on his behalf to make sure he feels represented
    83. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:02 AM
    84. That's exactly what I wanted him to have done for me.
    85. NeoMetric - Today at 9:03 AM
    86. The difference between me and you though is evne with my busy work schedule I still took the time to give that strong overbearing presence of leadership for my guys. There were a bunch of things going on in the background that I personally failed to deal with because I was transitioning to a new job
    87. But when I decide to take a leading role, everyone knows it and i'll command the respect the position deserves
    88. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:04 AM
    89. I was quite active in the time leading up to that incident. But "my guys" were supposed to be my immediate delegates - you, Vanzan, him, the cabinet.
    90. NeoMetric - Today at 9:05 AM
    91. Azzerhoden was viewed as the second to you, being the chancellor the position was for HR and PR
    92. He failed on both fronts fantastically
    93. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:05 AM
    94. Perhaps.
    95. NeoMetric - Today at 9:06 AM
    96. I get you don't agree on that and that's fine. However I've been there plenty of times to hear him go "Diplomacy isnt really my thing" and any issue brought up to him prior to you he said "because" literally that was it
    97. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:06 AM
    98. I say perhaps because the results might speak for themselves, and a case certainly could be made.
    99. If he was abrupt like that, I could have stood to have heard about that.
    100. NeoMetric - Today at 9:07 AM
    101. But, I also take responsibility for this because i drilled the heirarchy into my guys
    102. and to respect it
    103. So to go up the respective chain of command and be whole heartedly let down was probably soul crushing for their expectations
    104. and the hype i put on it on LiF YO
    105. A thing they all told me after leaving was
    106. "We dont blame you for recruiting us to a broken guild"
    107. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:08 AM
    108. lol Geez.
    109. NeoMetric - Today at 9:08 AM
    110. I was caught off guard by that too
    111. i was like wooah
    112. first off
    113. and then heated arguments pursued
    114. So there were a lot of small things leading up to this
    115. I'd have stayed after they all left if Azzerhoden stopped being so damn petty towards me and we had these talks sooner
    116. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:09 AM
    117. He was still petty even at the end?
    118. NeoMetric - Today at 9:10 AM
    119. Yea I wrote in the garrison "Don't do any missions etc without my direct consent"
    120. and he immediately chimed in "Even if I okay it? OR manus?"
    121. That wasnt the point of my original statement
    122. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:10 AM
    123. Did he do that in front of everyone?
    124. NeoMetric - Today at 9:10 AM
    125. In the garrison chat
    126. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:10 AM
    127. Ew..
    128. That's petty.
    129. NeoMetric - Today at 9:11 AM
    130. I mean he did have his perks as a baronet, i just think you hyped up the wrong person
    131. Thats my 2 cent,s cant undo it
    132. and really shouldnt undo it for the time he spent as a dedicated clerk
    133. But he was just that, a dedicated clerk
    134. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:12 AM
    135. Hm. That aspect of the chancellor.
    136. When I came back to Wessex and saw that he had gotten it geared up for LiF all without me, I thought he was acting as defacto duke, so I lorded him out of appreciation.
    137. And out of being impressed, in point of fact.
    138. NeoMetric - Today at 9:15 AM
    139. Really all he did was clerk work on the forums and even then I had to make spreadsheets because it was so slow for being updated
    140. Thats how I got perms on the forums. Was so I could just do it lol
    141. Got tired of asking people to do it for me
    142. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:15 AM
    143. You underrepresented yourself, you know. I had no idea you did all this kind of stuff.
    144. And when my first day in the game, there was what I found to be a petty issue over who would have the honor of leading the entourage, I made assumptions about who the "level heads" were.
    145. NeoMetric - Today at 9:17 AM
    146. That was a spat between Altus trumping Vanzan who has been my military right hand man this entire time
    147. Altus sat on his hands the entire time then decided Manus is here lts impress
    148. As i said, before you showed up
    149. Altus was rarely on, i think like twice
    150. Azz only showed up to spar and do PVP when I set it all up for him on LiF YO
    151. KAylem used to show up for pvp but stopped
    152. I designed that entire training camp and made it on the life is roleplay server, i did the representing and guild recruitment. I populated the ts3 (had to persuade altus to give me perms on that ts3 as well because there were so many people there but no one had perms)
    153. And then helped set up and re-secure the Wessex discord (Thats how I got perms there too)
    154. I didnt just ask to get perms everywhere it came up as was relevant and just stayed
    155. I say re-secure because when azz was making ranks he messed up the order and how the perms worked for lower tier ranks(edited)
    156. it let people give them admin ranks and see all channels
    157. But, I also dont like to talk about myself lol, I like to let my actions do it for me
    158. This is all after the fact that I thought someone would've told you
    159. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:20 AM
    160. They told me your star traits like your ability to lead on the battlefield and your personal combat prowess.
    161. They didn't say how you did all that legwork. Perhaps it's less glamorous and all.
    162. NeoMetric - Today at 9:21 AM
    163. Probably in their eyes, who knows. I did some crazy stuff in combat tho that was pretty fun in LiF YO
    164. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:21 AM
    165. But it conveys a whole bunch of other information about how much so and so must love the clan and so forth.
    166. NeoMetric - Today at 9:22 AM
    167. I mean I would play with all the big guilds, BLood Pact alliance, FU (before FU formed), etc etc
    168. And I put wessex on the Do not attack list, bartered neutrality
    169. Then NA and EU was annoucned and i got fucked cus all the main big guilds were EU lol
    170. so i redid it for NA with BV, maples, prosperity. helped them on YO servers through combat so they had that comradery with me
    171. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:22 AM
    172. That always sucks.
    173. NeoMetric - Today at 9:23 AM
    174. Like FU never attacked us when I was in hyperion, never had issues and I had enough pull and contacts to avoid the minor issues we'd have from time to time
    175. On LiF:YO to gain favor with Maples (Ardent maples now) one of the founding and biggest guilds of FU
    176. We had a war on a server called Feudal Realms, and we were hands down winning
    177. took over the entire map was gonna be us vs maples now
    178. I called it off as a draw out of respect to maples this was just before MMO happened
    179. Pissed off all my guys, said my ego and pride got in the way, i was scared etc didnt matter
    180. Maples would remember i chose a friendly end to a conflict to save face for both groups
    181. Shortly after that Brando freaked out and said to stop all fighting on LiF:YO to avoid conflict with guilds on the MMO (Ironically)
    182. and that killed the rest of the golden age of recruiting
    183. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:27 AM
    184. Heheh...You know, Brando sometimes is pretty shortsighted.
    185. I don't agree with everything he does.
    186. NeoMetric - Today at 9:27 AM
    187. Take that moment right there that i described, and add countless other ones i've done since the dawn of LiF:YO to garner favor
    188. Like i had one ace in the hole i cant use now because they know i left hyperion
    189. Kingdom of Aberon, a decent sized EU guild
    190. all made NA alts solely for me as an ace in the hole naked zerg support for us
    191. if we were ever hands down losing
    192. thats like 30 EU people
    193. Never mentioned it to people before to avoid it leaking
    194. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:29 AM
    195. Yeah...Brando's kneejerk about "fighting" in the YO overlooks all the sheer networking and contact and respect going on.
    196. NeoMetric - Today at 9:29 AM
    197. But, take all that, that my guys have seen me do
    198. and constantly do
    199. And give all that credit to azz infront of them lol
    200. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:30 AM
    201. Well, I wish they had cut me some slack. I didn't know all this stuff. Even to this very moment.
    202. NeoMetric - Today at 9:31 AM
    203. But you're starting to see why they got so heated so quickly
    204. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:31 AM
    205. I do, I do.. I just don't see how they would assume that meant I was deliberately slighting you.
    206. NeoMetric - Today at 9:31 AM
    207. I mean when you get a mob riled up and they talk amongst themselves
    208. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:31 AM
    209. Or, I don't see how they would be justified in thinking that...I'm aware that people just do that, though.
    210. NeoMetric - Today at 9:31 AM
    211. they come to terms they can rationalize
    212. Mob mentality is a crazy thing
    213. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:32 AM
    214. It's really the only enemy in games like this.
    215. That's all you have to manage.
    216. NeoMetric - Today at 9:33 AM
    217. Yea, and I do when im in combat. HR sides of it Vanzan can do. However the dynamic with me and vanzan is he'll come to me with alot of issues bothering him and i'll settle them for him with him knowing and seeing it
    218. Usually publicly to give him the most feeling of relief
    219. However due to my bluntness and generally tact-less approach to humor feelings when they left to go make TFO they wanted Vanzan to lead
    220. Which upset all my core guys but humored the crafters etc
    221. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:34 AM
    222. But you're the guy for CoE, hands down, right?
    223. NeoMetric - Today at 9:34 AM
    224. If i say im leading, im leading
    225. Zero tolerance otherwise
    226. Just like for SCCo, Silver Crow Company. I lead that regardless of peoples feelings. It is small and generally inactive but if I get them online we'll win fights.
    227. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:36 AM
    228. Well, after all you've done, and the obvious heart you invested in Wessex, even though being on to your own banner now -
    229. because of the way CoE works, with baronies and counties being part of the composition of duchies,
    230. if you park near us, you'll still be a (duchy of) Wessex man.(edited)
    231. NeoMetric - Today at 9:37 AM
    232. There are several things riding on that however. For me to be satisified with that Azz cant have literally any say towards me or my guys. If he does know i simply wont recognize it
    233. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:38 AM
    234. Well, Azz will be in his own county.
    235. There's 24 counties to fill in a duchy.
    236. NeoMetric - Today at 9:38 AM
    237. And two, the respect between me and you has to be visible and ongoing. If secondhand chats and behind the scenes go without me involved know my tolerance for it a second time around wont be as high.
    238. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:38 AM
    239. He'll either be in my home county Elba, or in another nurturing his baron pack.
    240. You and me direct chat, man. That's all we ever had to do.
    241. NeoMetric - Today at 9:39 AM
    242. As I said, before leaving and everyone telling me 'I bled wessex too man' and all this other stuff. None of them went out on their own and slowly built a pvp crew of elitists and turned that into a guild over the course of 2-3 years lol
    243. All in the name of someone they never met
    244. So I still think i was the only true wessex guy to leave and it took days to think it over
    245. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:41 AM
    246. Yes. That seems to be the case.
    247. lol "I bled Wessex too, mannn"
    248. NeoMetric - Today at 9:41 AM
    249. Yea that always bothered me when they said that stuff then immediately followed it up with "we dont blame you for recruiting us to a broken guild"
    250. Those two dont go hand in hand. Wessex wasnt and isnt a broken guild. This iteration was unfortunate with who lead it
    251. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:43 AM
    252. Yes, the design should be considered separately from the personalities involved at any given time.
    253. NeoMetric - Today at 9:43 AM
    254. Thats how i viewed it. Why i said My only issues with hyperion are You and Azzerhoden
    255. However we're bridging that gap now, Azzerhoden I don't care to
    256. I've seen his functions, he's not even humble enough to try to sit down to talk it out
    257. You admitted mistakes made, lack of info and the miscommunication that plagued this split. Azzerhoden wont see it that way because i've already seen how he viewed mistakes he's made in the past
    258. Im a relatively easy guy to have forgive and move on as long as I feel righted and respected
    259. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:47 AM
    260. If that's the case with Azz, you need never even deal with him. Duchies are that big.
    261. Otherwise, shakes hands we'll see what happens.
    262. NeoMetric - Today at 9:48 AM
    263. I'll let the guys know later tonight when most of them are on (It's currently 10am, they'll all be on around 6-7pm)
    264. And shoot you a message probably for some meeting to happen Saturday
    265. Unless you'll be available for sometime tonight
    266. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:50 AM
    267. I've been up all night tonight...haha... But I should be around tonight too. :wink:
    268. NeoMetric - Today at 9:50 AM
    269. Sure, i'll let you know later today then whats goin on. The hardest one to convince will be Vanzan
    270. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:50 AM
    271. Yikes, I am sure.
    272. NeoMetric - Today at 9:50 AM
    273. He felt the most passionate about his let downs and "betrayals"
    274. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:52 AM
    275. Well, hopefully you got a sense of where I was coming from on that, and can downplay the exaggerations like me saying he had a dark life and such things.
    276. NeoMetric - Today at 9:53 AM
    277. I don't want to do any of the leg work because know if I speak too much before hand it'll come across as me trying to sales pitch it. It'll strike alot close to home if the whole expectations/hopes/direction comes from you
    278. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:53 AM
    279. Alright.
    280. NeoMetric - Today at 9:54 AM
    281. I'm not gonna just let it derail obviously but I'm hoping you can leave a lasting new impression and the ball is in your court to put your best foot forward
    282. since I told you alot of what was ailing him
    283. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:54 AM
    284. I am certainly one who can forgive.
    285. NeoMetric - Today at 9:55 AM
    286. Well definitely dont come across as you forgiving. He did what he did passionately. It may have been a slight to you but he wont see that at first and its best I cross that bridge after the meeting
    287. And just like anything done passionately, they always think they're right
    288. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:55 AM
    289. I mean I won't get defensive and try to prove a point.
    290. NeoMetric - Today at 9:56 AM
    291. Good good, i've got high hopes for this meeting it'll also further convince me too so there's that
    292. Anyways go get some sleep. Plenty of time for more virtual politics later
    293. King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 9:56 AM
    294. Hah, right.
    295. Okay, you too.
    296. NeoMetric - Today at 9:56 AM
    297. Cya



    And, the Duck has declared victory and ducked out once again:

    (Beginning with Message ID 421864740571054080)
    6:59 PM] [WSX] Azzerhoden Razeri: King Manus Dei - Today at 6:04 PM Manus, by the Grace of God, King of Hyperion, Duke of Wessex, Count of Elba, Grandmaster of the Solar Legion, to all liege subjects of HYPERION, greeting. This has been the most successful iteration of the Kingdom of Hyperion since 2009's Darkfall, and I want to thank all of you from each and every shire who lent your skill and labor and organizational efforts toward making it the success that it was. We were victorious in our main regional war, reducing our enemy, the ARKHAYA AUTHORITY, to a fraction of its former size, and recruiting most of its member states into our fealty. However, as activity in Life is Feudal dwindles down, we find ourselves no longer able to operate at full commitment as the fully-fledged "Kingdom of Hyperion" with all the provisions, agencies, and departments outlined in its constitution. We also, like the rest of the game world, no longer have the active personnel to constitute a political entity committed to achievement in the game at the same level. For this reason, we are placing the entity known as "the Kingdom of Hyperion" into a dormant, "powered down" state, going into effective hibernation until the next game appears that requires the full commitment of the Hyperion banner, which we will then prepare for with renewed enthusiasm.

    [6:59 PM] [WSX] Azzerhoden Razeri: This means that Life is Feudal is no longer the "official game of Hyperion", and therefore the Parliament of Hyperion will fall out of session, and the Crown will withdraw its banner from the game as well, although all channels will remain open. Those who remain playing within each shire will continue to maintain a mutual defense and trade alliance with optional participation in offensive engagements, in the simple form seen by most standard "alliances" in these games.(edited) In the aftermath of this, we award Sir Kentalis Wraithborn, the last Life is Feudal Lord Chancellor of Hyperion, with the decoration and honorary knighthood called the Solar Legion of Honor, the highest medal that can be awarded to a Hyperion subject, and which has traditionally been granted to individuals who have acted as the executive leader of Hyperion and won Hyperion great victory in doing so. Sir Kentalis will display this honor in perpetuity and in all future iterations of Hyperion. We also offer special thanks to those who were instrumental in bringing Hyperion into Life is Feudal and bringing it the success that it did have, including His Grace, Brando

    [7:00 PM] [BV] FreshMango55: What in sam hell.

    [7:01 PM] ';..;': [​IMG]

    [7:01 PM] Sgttater: wrong chat bud

    [7:01 PM] Sgttater: nobody is gonna read that

    [7:01 PM] Sgttater: nobody is gonna miss you either

    [7:01 PM] ';..;': tl;dr plz

    [7:02 PM] Sgttater: you didn't bring anything to the game

    [7:02 PM] (VS) Stark: is that from the lord of the rings?

    [7:02 PM] (VS) Stark: i'm confused

    [7:02 PM] Evil Rook: can I get a summary for this RP?

    [7:02 PM] (VS) Stark: where does gandalf and hobbits fit in with all that

    [7:03 PM] Sgttater: even karl doesn't like you

    [7:05 PM] [SG] Obed Marsh: who gets their stuff tho

    [7:05 PM] (VS) Stark: bro, i want to know what happens to frodo

    [7:05 PM] (VS) Stark: the suspense is killing me

    [7:06 PM] [SG] Obed Marsh: he becomes gollum

    [7:06 PM] [SG] Obed Marsh: circle of life

    [7:06 PM] (VS) Stark: actually he goes to live on the elven place

    [7:06 PM] (VS) Stark: sam joins him after his wife dies

    [7:06 PM] (VS) Stark: and they live together

    [7:06 PM] (VS) Stark: fucking weird

    [7:06 PM] (VS) Stark: that's true lotr lore there

    [7:07 PM] (VS) Stark: notice how i cut to the point, un under 20 words

    [7:07 PM] (VS) Stark: wessex quits, fuck all yall.. would have been a far better goodbye

    [7:07 PM] [SG] Obed Marsh: needs more "therefore" and "whereas"

    [7:07 PM] (VS) Stark: i'm just saying

    [7:07 PM] (VS) Stark: if you're gonna go out, drop the mic not the Shakespeare(edited)

    [7:09 PM] [SG] Obed Marsh: their ppl still playing must be bummed

    [7:10 PM] Grande: they have ppl still playing?

    [7:16 PM] (VS) Stark: i'm just sad that now bobik wont have people telling him to nerf pvp mechanics

    [7:16 PM] (VS) Stark: but then again bobik is super smart

    [7:16 PM] (VS) Stark: look at all the pve'rs that are staying on buyan(edited)

    [7:17 PM] (VS) Stark: its almost like 90% of the player base isn't pvp

    [7:17 PM] (VS) Stark: if only someone had tried to warn him

    [7:17 PM] (VS) Stark: its almost like their voices were muted

    [7:24 PM] [SG] Obed Marsh: maybe the influence/IB changes were the last straw for them

    [7:25 PM] Hyr: Wasn't that. LOL.

    [7:26 PM] Grande: im pretty sure it was just getting spanked all over their island

    [7:30 PM] (VS) Andrej: hey @[WSX] Azzerhoden Razeri how many people did you drag down with you

    [7:31 PM] (VS) Andrej: if you didn't want to play shouldn't of played

    [7:31 PM] MCG Wookie: LH come out chickens

    [7:32 PM] MCG Wookie: Venha as galinhas

    [7:32 PM] [WSX] Zanth Firebrand: I'm in game staring at Azzerhoden. He is still here

    [7:32 PM] [WSX]Lukas Stormwind: yea Same here

    [7:33 PM] (VS) Andrej: there is like a huge post I am looking at

    [7:33 PM] [WSX] Zanth Firebrand: There seems to be some reading issues. Hyperion is not Wessex. Plenty of us still online.

    [7:35 PM] [WSX] Azzerhoden Razeri: You are right Almo - I should have used crayons.

    [7:35 PM] [WSX] Azzerhoden Razeri: lots of pictures

    [7:36 PM] Hyr: A lot of them turned to chaos. No more serving the corpse emperor.

    [7:36 PM] Karl: Plenty of participation RP awards handed out in that statement, but I dont see any Good fight to Feudal Union for providing you with content.

    [7:37 PM] (VS) Andrej: should of stayed where he was

    [7:37 PM] [WSX] Azzerhoden Razeri: Maples came over last week during JH and gave us the best fight we've had in the game to date.

    [7:38 PM] MCG Wookie: Wish LH would come out wookies bored :/

    [7:38 PM] [WSX] Azzerhoden Razeri: but yes - had a lot of fun fights against FU.

    [7:39 PM] [WSX]Lukas Stormwind: @Karl we have actuly said good fight to you guys several times, and we have never backed down from a fight with you gents, so cant see what you are bip.... about

    [7:40 PM] Karl: Wrong. Your representatives come on discord and shit talk. Now you're awarding them with RP titles and saying you won the MMO. Pathetic
    * * *

    But wait-- there's more @ :

    Friday, February 09, 2018
    (Clone of IdentityDev Jade is "Kaylem Sothenic"; tagged: )
    6:04 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Heya buddy, give me a shout when you're next on
    6:22 AM - NeoMetric: sup
    6:23 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Heya bud
    6:23 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Want a meeting with you and Vanzan if possible
    6:23 AM - NeoMetric: Vanzan should be on later tonight, what about?
    6:23 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Future, the now etc
    6:23 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Launceston is now a seperate entity.
    6:23 AM - NeoMetric: Cool, for LiF as well or?
    6:24 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Could be for LIF
    6:24 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Which is why I need to talk to you guys
    6:24 AM - IdentityDev Jade: LIF is Hyperions official game. I need to get numbers up to be a lord there. But for DF, CoE and other games I am a lord.
    6:25 AM - NeoMetric: So seperate entity but still within Hyperion?
    6:25 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Yeah, that will always be the case
    6:25 AM - IdentityDev Jade: I am loyal to Hyperion
    6:25 AM - NeoMetric: I don't recognize Hyperion anymore because of my interractions with Manus sadly. We've already been offered Lordship/shires within Hyperion from Cian, Kentalis and presumably that was Okayed by manus
    6:26 AM - IdentityDev Jade: It was yes.
    6:26 AM - NeoMetric: Unless Manus can prove to me he's not a cunt (And I Doubt it after years of how he talked down and still does about you)
    6:26 AM - NeoMetric: And how he treated me
    6:26 AM - IdentityDev Jade: I'm asking you to trust me
    6:26 AM - IdentityDev Jade: I've just spoke to him.
    6:26 AM - NeoMetric: He needs to convince me since it was him, not you, that stained his own image and reputation directly
    6:27 AM - IdentityDev Jade: I told him my plans and he urged me to do my best to get you guys back.
    6:27 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Hes a little confused why you dislike him
    6:27 AM - NeoMetric: Then it shouldn't be hard for him to extend those feelings towards the people he slighted directly
    6:27 AM - NeoMetric: I can easily spell out my dislike: 1) Long term die hard loyal members he blatantly spoke ill of behind their backs to try to push what he thought was the positives of a conversation
    6:28 AM - NeoMetric: 2) Never recognizing (During my time there) People within his own structure for what they did, only those what he thought they did
    6:29 AM - NeoMetric: 3) Refusal to recognize core issues and dismissing them for the insight of people who only had personal agenda's and personal growth in mind. (I.E. Taking azz's word over an entire guild, etc etc)
    6:29 AM - NeoMetric: THose three things made me absolutly disgusted of his character
    6:29 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Mind if I copy and paste this to him?
    6:29 AM - NeoMetric: Sure, im never one to shy away from my untactful brutal honesty approach
    6:30 AM - IdentityDev Jade: lol true.
    6:30 AM - NeoMetric: As I told Cian when he asked me to stay as well, I never hated Hyperion or Wessex. Never have never wil
    6:30 AM - NeoMetric: The leaders of it, that represent the guild, do not represent me because I don't like core traits of they are
    6:30 AM - NeoMetric: who they are*
    6:31 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Yeah I understand
    6:31 AM - NeoMetric: If I can be convinced that on Manus's part it was just gross misunderstandings, i'll consider it. But azz has proven time and time again to be a lying manipulative dick
    6:31 AM - NeoMetric: Manus on the other hand purposefully distanced himself, it doesn't excuse the way he spoke of you which really offended me
    6:31 AM - NeoMetric: But I do get it, if its to gain tact in a conversation
    6:31 AM - NeoMetric: So I am understanding of that
    6:32 AM - NeoMetric: Still you don't use certain methods with die hard loyals
    6:32 AM - NeoMetric: It's just distasteful
    6:32 AM - IdentityDev Jade: My offer is this though. All of you join Launceston, I knight you (permission already) and you esquire Vanzan. I become a Lord in Hyperion. Moving forward, I am to become a Count in CoE asap. You have the option to be a barony in my county, or become a count within the Duchy of Wessex.
    6:33 AM - NeoMetric: Do you have a count package? Last I heard you only had Baron (Governor) the same as me. Manus is getting donated Count with only good intentions and well wishing to obtain King
    6:34 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Yeah, plan is for the king to make Manus a Duke asap in game, then me and Azz get made counts.
    6:34 AM - NeoMetric: And I take my peership with my core group of friends very seriously. In order for me to even HUMOR getting vanzan involved will take a lot of humbling moves from Manus publicly
    6:34 AM - IdentityDev Jade: King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 11:34 AM
    Not sure what he's referring to.
    It could have been gross misunderstandings, but that's why I needed him to communicate.
    6:35 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Seems you have been missunderstood
    6:35 AM - NeoMetric: On a side note, had a lot of talks with members throughout Hyperion, wont say names, but a lot of people dont want to join Hyperion again. Especially for CoE
    6:35 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Like who?
    6:35 AM - NeoMetric: That whole tid bit of saying wont say name, because some of them are higher ranked and I Don't want to cause strife in the game they are currently playing
    6:36 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Okay
    6:36 AM - NeoMetric: I can say that whole heartedly becuase it reflects how they feel currently in hyperion
    6:36 AM - NeoMetric: and Mob Mentality being my specialty
    6:36 AM - NeoMetric: can easily be corrected with proper HR moves
    6:36 AM - NeoMetric: But Manus's reply to what I had told you (assuming copy and pasted)
    6:36 AM - NeoMetric: Means he does shady shit all the time and can't recall which ones
    6:37 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Yes
    6:37 AM - IdentityDev Jade: lol thats what all high leadership does though. Proven in real life gouvenrments as well
    6:37 AM - NeoMetric: I remember vividly his talks with vanzan shit talking you, i remember Azz telling vans "LOL I'd never listen to you, you're new!" when manus confimed for MONTHS what vanzan was pushing
    6:37 AM - NeoMetric: These slights and overlookings
    6:37 AM - NeoMetric: are what turned us off and away
    6:38 AM - NeoMetric: You want to have people that are skilled, you make sure you humor them. I've got an elite cross-game crew I can tryhard anything with
    6:38 AM - NeoMetric: And generally be successful
    6:39 AM - NeoMetric: All with real life obligations and jobs but can still find the time to come together and be badasses
    6:40 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Yeah. I want to move forward though, so does Manus. You guys wanted the chance to have me as your leader. Now is that chance with me being my own shire.
    6:41 AM - IdentityDev Jade: In LIF I have a town for you to live in and make your home
    6:41 AM - NeoMetric: Moving forward because its in your best interest, however I don't see it that way. I see it as forgetting what had happened and hoping we do too because it doesn't matter much to you anymore. There is nothing stopping you all from repeating the same mistakes and slighting me and Vanzan again.
    6:42 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Me? I didn't slight anyone
    6:42 AM - NeoMetric: And I try my best to make sure all my guys are looked out for, letting most of the negativity fall onto me if I can. But in this case it didn't work out that way and a lot of my guys feel scorned. And no it's not you. You're in hyperion which directly ties to Manus
    6:42 AM - IdentityDev Jade: I said from the beginning that I refuse to be apart of the mob.
    6:42 AM - NeoMetric: If people don't like Manus how can they join his kingdom
    6:42 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Ahh ok
    6:42 AM - NeoMetric: "Hey dont join me for my boss, join me for me, but listen to my boss on occasion "
    6:43 AM - NeoMetric: The fact that he's above me and representign me
    6:43 AM - NeoMetric: is offending, currently.
    6:43 AM - IdentityDev Jade: King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 11:42 AM
    Tell him there was no shady shit in this matter. I just wanted to hear directly from Lewis and invited him to give it to me straight several times and he never did.
    6:44 AM - NeoMetric: NeoMetric - 12/09/2017
    I did make a plan if the Workshop was made, to go destroy the VIP Target you wanted destroyed with zero complaints but it wasn't so I have to alter my plans.
    SL will more than likely defend their base until the last few moments of the JH so overall it will be boring. Is my guess.
    December 19, 2017
    King Manus Dei of Hyperion - 12/19/2017
    Mister Vanzan has headed an attempt to split the ducal garrison into his own fief. Is this something you agree with?
    December 20, 2017
    King Manus Dei of Hyperion - 12/20/2017
    Well, if you're still around, let's talk about making a new garrison. Vanzan had a bit of a dark side, it seems.
    6:44 AM - NeoMetric: Time stamps of our last conversation
    6:44 AM - NeoMetric: He never reached out to me, ever
    6:44 AM - NeoMetric: It was always side conversations and delegations
    6:44 AM - NeoMetric: Him asking me if "Is this something you agree with" was after vanzan already left
    6:44 AM - NeoMetric: and he was trying to secure his assets
    6:44 AM - NeoMetric: after the indirect approach failed miserably
    6:44 AM - NeoMetric: He never gave me the time of day
    6:45 AM - NeoMetric: And he had the balls to try to pitch someone who fostered the name Duchy of Wessex with me in LiF:YO for so god damn long, play it all off as "Vanzan had a bit of a dark side it seems"
    6:46 AM - NeoMetric: as to try to spin it to keep me on his side like im some kind of uneducated retard
    6:46 AM - NeoMetric: And then to NOW say
    6:46 AM - IdentityDev Jade: King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 11:46 AM
    In the Curia Ducis, when he was making a scene and fighting with Azzerhoden publically, I told him to message me directly.
    6:46 AM - NeoMetric: No, it wasn't. It was mentioned I should keep it out of curia and handle it properly in PM's with Azzerhoden
    6:47 AM - NeoMetric: Then it was mentioned to you, then TO ME (more side chats right)
    6:47 AM - NeoMetric: That Im not to get knighted
    6:47 AM - NeoMetric: and that i was to lose esquireship
    6:47 AM - NeoMetric: that you said fuck no to
    6:47 AM - NeoMetric: Again, he forgets how he really acted
    6:47 AM - NeoMetric: hoping we all forget too
    6:47 AM - NeoMetric: thats what drove vanzan up a fucking wall, he had to save conversations ALWAYS to quote and pencil whip
    6:48 AM - NeoMetric: because Manus and Azz were relying on us forgetting
    6:48 AM - IdentityDev Jade: King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 11:48 AM
    My asking him if it was something he agreed with was not an attempt to secure him as an asset - it was an attempt to find out if he knew that Vanzan was procla
    6:48 AM - NeoMetric: The irony of this
    6:48 AM - NeoMetric: right now
    6:48 AM - NeoMetric: literally right now
    6:48 AM - NeoMetric: NIGGA IM ONLINE
    6:49 AM - IdentityDev Jade: King Manus Dei of Hyperion - Today at 11:48 AM
    My asking him if it was something he agreed with was not an attempt to secure him as an asset - it was an attempt to find out if he knew that Vanzan was proclaiming himself leader over the group that Lewis was at that time leader of.
    6:49 AM - IdentityDev Jade: lol
    6:49 AM - NeoMetric: AND HE DOESNT SEE IT????
    6:50 AM - IdentityDev Jade: Would you want to talk in voice with Manus right now?
    6:50 AM - NeoMetric: even after this, he still doesnt have the balls to ask me directly?
    6:50 AM - NeoMetric: I dont get it
    6:50 AM - NeoMetric: I wasnt even subtle with this
    6:51 AM - NeoMetric: He never gave me his time of day directly, it was always side chats. The only time he reached out to me was if he was offended or if he needed something and I was literally the only one available
    6:51 AM - NeoMetric: And itsn ot even about that, thats just one of the things to top it all off
    6:52 AM - NeoMetric: It's a bundle package of "Go fuck yourself" - 9/10 Manus™
    6:52 AM - IdentityDev Jade: lol

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  2. Hodo

    Hodo Well-Known Member

    Good to know Wessex is a raging dumpster fire. Cant say I didn't see that happen. Good thing they didn't settle up north and have to deal with the Chinese invasion.
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  3. jhackman

    jhackman Senior Member

    School girl drama queens
  4. Lord_Casso

    Lord_Casso Senior Member

    WTF IS THIS, I'm not ready any of it, please someone summarise for me
  5. phyzm

    phyzm Trial Member

  6. Najwalaylah

    Najwalaylah Goodwill Embassador

    Ask @Azzerhoden. My TL;dr: above was too much for you.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018
  7. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    Many months back, before I attempted to join WSX LiF guild, I sent message then got none back then try to find a 2nd person representing. I manage to find doctrine buried in forum. After registering the forum, I was reading couple of these bureaucratic drama.

    Honestly, they seal their own fate in their fictional masochist roleplay. It doesn't make sense to make guild harder to participate.
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  8. Najwalaylah

    Najwalaylah Goodwill Embassador

    The following was posted (I think, gleefully posted) by some enemies of theirs who've been around them for three games, now:

    ... but I don't see any evidence that anyone got banned for posting it.

    No idea if they're being accused rightfully or wrongfully, but the sheer venom could only be impressive-- to those who are impressed by that kind of thing. Makes me really happy for everyone (including me) who no longer has to deal with it or try to understand it.


    For full disclosure, this is what I find to have been said about my guild in the LiF community:

    Kanye West: Aegis Imperium has a guild claim

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  9. Najwalaylah

    Najwalaylah Goodwill Embassador

    Prominent Wessexian made a GM-- this was noted previously in a way internal to Aegis Imperium with regard to LiF. Apparently other folks got upset, and I can't blame them; it doesn't look or smell right:
    Father Varrick isn't just a (RP) heretic; he's a very loyal subject of the Duck of Wessex & King of Hyperion. Can't give him any benefit of doubt, here, because there'd be no way he could be in the position he's in under Manus, and also a LiF GM without a conflict of interests. Whoever posted this is just making an obvious point.
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  10. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    I don't understand the whole last part.

    But, when comes to this, it is difficult to monitor a game that you want to play, especially working without pay.

    Did WSX hurt AI or something?
  11. phyzm

    phyzm Trial Member

    I got this!
    Manus King of Hyperion shit dicks, some super group alliance, was off being a cuck irl while NeoMetric was RPing his balls off and kicking ass and recruiting putting WSX on the map in LiF. When Manus returned from his irl adventures he was all scratching his head and shit and cunt Azzerhoden took credit for everything while continuing to be incompetent. Manus was gone for so long he forgot how to whisper people and because there are so many chain of commands within Hyperion, there was much confusion as to what was really going on. Upon "knighting" some nobody and not recognizing NeoMetric's many deeds and flawless victory record mutiny started to arise. Azzerhoden continued to be a cunt. Because Manus was too busy RPing no one ever showed him how to just whisper someone and be an actual human so NeoMetric and his elite band of hooligans felt snubbed and disbanded from the Hyperion army. However they need Metric's skills for CoE so Manus reached out to make amends. They kissed and made up but NeoMetric and friends will be their own entity called Ironmoor.

    -The End
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  12. jhackman

    jhackman Senior Member

    This is why we should have the death penalty for drug abusers.
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  13. Hayasa

    Hayasa Exalted Member

  14. Najwalaylah

    Najwalaylah Goodwill Embassador

    Dennis is also a fairly nice guy, or was to me during our punctuated acquaintance. Still, the people in some positions (and GM is one of them) should take care to be above circumstantial suspicion.
    I will hazard to say that in LiF, they did not, nor were in any position to do so-- aside from one of them being a GM, which is a big exception to try to overlook.

    What Wessex & the (Kingdom of) Hyperion (which is really just one person-- Manus-- acting through vassals, chancellors, cronies, and other managers according to the feudal structure the guild and the alliance have) consistently hurt is: the people who join Wessex (or Hyperion). Varrick is also someone who was hurt by this, for lack of his guildleader or someone in the chain-of-command advising that this wasn't a good idea and would end up looking bad.

    Some things never change.
  15. Bopkasen

    Bopkasen Well-Known Member

    With the lack of people in WSX, there are no way people can get promoted if there are no leaders above them leading them into a slave mentality while then get randomly accuse for petty thing, like not working hard enough per Doctrine writing

    I seen this on Eve Online. To join a guild, you had to do x amount of kill per month. The x amount of kill relates to timing and that would replacing using the game as entertainment for treating the game like a full time job.

    LiF MMO seems to behave like a full time job in general for the amount of time to skill up. The skill learning curve can be compared to Wurm Online MMO. But, you can always play LiF MMO part time. But, in a guild's doctrine, you have to play more to get more freedom of LiF only because you are abiding to a specific type of government that is ruling the specific land.

    Back in LiF:YO, I joined a guild in a map that was a "Communal" type guild. The problem is that the "upper leader" have more favoritism and ask more work than work already paid for earning the keep. When performing the works on the side, they just crap on you then complain about "taking other jobs" *insert South Park meme*. I left but only to the extent of them finding out as I am trying to get permission from other guild. The guild member from that guild didn't stick around but was a jerk and told leader of that guild. He was mad that being told not to do something. The guild was later broke down as guild member have quit the game. The communal government collapse for sure. I would see the same for WSX in a heavy red tape type government.
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