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  1. kranick

    kranick Senior Member

    life is feudal start the cbt4 and next thing is OPB and no more wipes!

    maybe for august or september we can play life is feudal MMO, here you can see all the news for MMO

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  2. nasko

    nasko Well-Known Member

    "in an instanced battle area"


    -sieges happen in an instance
    --this instance is stripped off of buildings and terraforming (and other players if I understood correctly)
    -zerging is prevented via artificial mechanics
    -losers cant retaliate before 3 days have passed
    -the battle is king of the hill type of fight
    -the monument of the losing side suffers a bit of dmg

    wtf is this :D a bad joke? Late april fools? This game just went from the GOTY to the bin
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  3. be_demon

    be_demon Junior Member

    If I remember about this, will try the open beta just for the shake of trying it. But I dont put any hype on it, just lets hope it is any good.
  4. kranick

    kranick Senior Member

    Only if you want stole territory to another clan, you still can siege all things without this stance lol you dont know nothing about this game gg wp
  5. Livingshade^

    Livingshade^ Well-Known Member

    Cant wait to farm for 3 months straihht foe some steel armor. Only to get 1 shot by a stone tool with poison on it.
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  6. kranick

    kranick Senior Member

    You have played recently?
  7. Darran

    Darran Well-Known Member

    I have the closed beta, how long is it going to last? I haven't really been playing anything for a long while but finally got my new PC up and running, would be interested in trying this out ^^
  8. nasko

    nasko Well-Known Member

    If Im 100% wrong with my information then prove me wrong, but what I wrote is exactly what people talk about on the forums right now.

    people said its part of the siege system. You need to do these kind of "battles" multiple times to reduce the enemy Statue level to 1, as only level 1 statues can be sieged. So, you need to do multiple of these instanced "battles" before you can siege the enemy city, which is mostlikely in an instance too. If you have read the forums at all, you would know this. They tried to let it happen in an open world but they were never able to keep up the servers in a playable state. -source: LiF MMO official forums
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  9. kranick

    kranick Senior Member

    In august or september we get open beta test, no wipes is like soft release
  10. kranick

    kranick Senior Member

    Yes and is the best, but you can still normal pvp or nig battles with not instances.

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  11. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    This game is so bad optimized
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  12. kranick

    kranick Senior Member

    Not rigth now, well maybe with your potato pc, but rigth now game work very well.

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  13. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Gaming G1
    Intel Core i7 6700K 4.0 GHz 8MB
    And the game installed on SSD

    on normal recommended settings i got like 20 fps, had to go into files and put everything to 0 to get like 45 fps.


    EDIT: Played last 2017-04-18, feel free to show me patch where they optimized it since. I have not looked for it.
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  14. Speznat

    Speznat Honored Member

    is an alpha shit game.
    Alpha shitting casual easy nooby shit, for casual retards.
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  15. chingaperros

    chingaperros Well-Known Member

    But MO is in alpha too?
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  16. Arthas1397

    Arthas1397 New Member

    Wait are you serious about those things? I played for a few months "Your Own" and it was a lot more free than this, I hoped for an upgrade, not this shit. If the siege happens in an instance it means that other people can't interact with the siege? And what about that 3 days thing, if you win you should just take the fucking castle what is this? Why not make a wardec system that works like judgment day. I was so hyped about this MMORPG now I need to read about the game changes again
  17. kranick

    kranick Senior Member

    well i have full AMD build and game work very fine for me.

    try now and tell if still work bad.
  18. Bomexx

    Bomexx Senior Member

    potato :D
  19. LGrayFoxL

    LGrayFoxL Well-Known Member

    This game is so gay, u have to craft for like a mounth and then finaly u can craft ur self a set of armor and go pvp.

    The Grind is real, to realy to unnesesary. And pvp is stupid u cant catch anyone on foot u swing a sword twice and ur char is strugleing for air like hes a peasent who eats mec donalds all day
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  20. kranick

    kranick Senior Member

    All of this things is changed is.more.easy get armor or weapon lol

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  21. Speznat

    Speznat Honored Member

    the stam regain is a joke, it should be incresed for everyone, or the whole stamina should be increased for everyone.
    in mortal.

    and life is feudal is a bad game, for casual noobys.
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