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    My mate brought up a game in the making I saw a while ago called "Life of Rome" which is a third/first person MMO. I originally thought it was going to be an Oculus rift game since that was the only video out of it a year ago, but turns out its an open world mmo.

    I'll break features down since I'm lazy right now.

    -Two factions, Rome & Rebels.
    -Map will be 50km2, Its Rome and surrounding areas filled with towns, rebel bases etc
    -Player politics with player made missions to take down the enemy.
    -Real time combat, both first and third person.
    - 24h day and night cycle with dynamic weather.
    - Religion system.
    - Player will have health,hunger,thirst,comfort & energy bars.
    - Indepth crating system.
    - Prestige system for characters which influence and unlock certain things for your character.
    - Family system(Guild system)
    - Race system, Race have their own perks and benefits.
    - FULL LOOT!

    Videos of Life of Rome from a long time ago

    Latest video showing landscapes and updated visuals!

    Quote about the PvP/Factions etc
    "Unlike many traditional MMORPG’s, we’re approaching combat as organically as possible. We want to give the player a chance to learn, adapt and increase their skills in combat through realistic training. Timing will be crucial – when you attack, block or dodge will determine survival, as well as the power you put behind an attack and how close you stand to the enemy.
    Your actions will effect your Prestige. If you are Roman allegiance, enemy kills will increase prestige, but killing your own faction will decrease it. Barbarian allegiance will receive prestige for combat regardless of whether they kill Romans or Barbarians. Your prestige will be the sum of all of your parts, all of your skills, stats, attributes, faith bar, and valuable possessions in game such as armour, weapons, livestock, fine clothing, jewellery and decorative items and any land you own, money, titles you hold and reputations you have. Prestige can also be the measure of whether you are classed as a noble or a plebeian for Romans and a Noble or a Freeman for Barbarians."

    Kind of hints at no safe zones but has its disadvantages from killing anything that moves based on your faction you choose.

    Website with more information

    Steam release 2 Feb 2016, Steam page (Changed to Q2 2016)


    Good Morning everyone,

    So firstly a huge apology. As you very well know, we’ve been quiet for past 2 months since our last update in March. There is good reason for this which we're happy to finally be able to publically announce.

    We have been working closely with Dr. Matthew Nicholls of the Department of Classics at the University of Reading over the last few month to exclusively use their long term Virtual Rome reconstruction project to life in Life of Rome. Their 3D model has taken over years to create and shows the city as it appeared c. AD 315. It contains thousands of buildings, including reconstructions of all the major monuments such as the Colosseum, Forum, Palatine Hill, Imperial Fora, bath houses, temples,markets) and the many square miles of ordinary housing, tombs, commercial buildings and shady backstreets full of tavernas. The model gives a view of the entire city, with all the buildings in their proper contexts. This now makes the in-game world of Life of Rome roughly 25km2.


    You can hear more about the story of this project straight from Dr.Nicholls in a recent interview he gave to Ancient History Encyclopedia

    YouTube™ Video: Virtual Rome: an Interview with Dr. Matthew Nicholls
    Views: 2,126
    Dr. Matthew Nicholls from the University of Reading sat down with James Lloyd, AHE's Video Editor, to discuss his Virtual Rome project.
    (Life of Rome mentioned at 09.20)

    This addition to Life of Rome is an incredibly exciting one, and one that is going to take Life of Rome to an unbelievable level of detail, accuracy and scope. Naturally however it’s also one that’s full of new challenges. This unfortunately means we will not make the Q2 release date we originally advertised on the Store Page. We will have more information on our plan, but for now we will not publicly state when the game is likely to release.

    The Team
    The next part of our exciting news is we have welcomed a new Lead Programmer on board the project, Scott Philips. To give you a bit of background, Scott was the original Lead Programmer for Ultima Online in 1995 - 1998. He’s a self-confessed veteran programmer with 20 years of professional experience with a heavy focus on online, persistent-world titles. He has more recently worked on Playstation Home, Wizard101 and written the backend for the MMO Crowfall.

    We have also welcomed 3D modeller Mike Green of Dreadnought Studios to the project. He has been working closely with the in-game models for optimising, re-texturing and really bringing them to life. He’s worked on projects most recently for Hasbro Gaming,

    Finally we want to give a mention to Wendy and Glenn who continually provide invaluable in-game assistance with everything item and skill based over the last year. They are long time members of the Life of Rome team who also operate the Roma Victor Milecastle23 forum.

    Now, we know we have missed our Q2 deadline. To everyone who has pre-ordered we really can’t thank you enough for your support. However, if anyone has been affected by the pushback in the development and would like a refund, please email me at [email protected] to process it with Humble. Everyone else who wishes to keep their pre-order, your pre-order information is safe and still remains along with all the bonus information you sent.
    Finally, a thank you to Jackson (Jtom2K) our only Steam Community Manager. He’s done a great job at replying to your comments and discussions with only limited information available to him. We promise to better our reaction times and quality of responses over the next few months and are now recruiting for 4 more Community Managers. Each manager will be equipped with more knowledge about the game than is currently online and should be able to answer more questions efficiency. To anyone who would like to apply, send us an email with the subject ‘Community Manager Application’ and some information about yourself. This also leads into our longer term goal of having a new website up which includes much more in-depth and accurate information – unfortunately it’s been at the back of our list while we’re heavily in development of the game.

    Many Thanks,

    Rob, Scott, Mike, Wendy and Glenn
    Breakout Studio
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    Looks interesting, reminds me of Roma Victor which ran for a brief year or thereabouts around 2006 before it shut down. The game itself had a great concept of simulating life as it was in the classical Roman era. It had a lot more environmental interactivity than MO, for instance you could dig up dirt and transport it around in a pot, build tents, scavenge the ground where you stand for items that may be useful to you. Like MO, the wild animals were dangerous, even a wild dog could bring down a player in a matter of seconds.

    I will keep an eye on this one. It's been a very long time since I've seen a mmorpg like this, which I feel is sorely lacking in the market, ever since Roma Victor was no more. Thanks for posting.
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    Graphics look a bit dated to be released in 2016 but I could look past that if it ends up being fun.
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    What is this blasphemy, we're all the same! It's just skin pigments that are different!
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    Is it actually a single persistent server or is it the next reskin of rust/ark/rok/ect.?
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    Roma Victor was quite a nice MMO for its time, Just some things weren't implemented well which lead to its downfall.

    No worries, I'm a big Antiquity era fan, so an MMO based in this era has got me hyped :D

    Looking through the forums briefly an hour or so ago, there was talk of transferal to a new server. So my guess is a single persistent server. With the combat mechanics of dodging, blocking etc I can see a EU & US server being a possibility to avoid latency issues.
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  8. Mingo

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    I played Roma Victor for quite a while, it was up for a few years until their marketing and financial plans went the way of the dodo. LegioXVII ftw. LOL
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  10. Mingo

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    That's the one :p
  11. Turban_the_Vanquisher

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    For the graphic whores, here's how the game will actually look. Visually it looks fantastic.

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    when is it coming out in alphas/betas/release ?
  13. Turban_the_Vanquisher

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    Originally 2
  14. Turban_the_Vanquisher

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    Originally 2nd Feb 2016 for first alpha early access test, but got put off. Some time in Q2 2016 open alpha test will go live.
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    It's full loot?
    there is siege or something ?
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    You played RV?

    God it was the best game I ever played, the core concepts and PvP are more fun than any game I have ever played.
    The remaining players of RV are on a website

    Some members of RV are helping to design LoR, should make it an even better game.
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  18. Bonifatus

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    You was in the 17th? What was your name?
  19. Adun Toridaas

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    Yup, at the time it was still very much bare bones and the frame rate was horrible haha. The amount of environmental interaction was by far the most extensive I'd seen in a sandbox mmo, had it not shut down I'd probably still be playing it to this day.

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