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  1. Legion138

    Legion138 Junior Member

    I would be greatly appreciative if someone were to explain the in game macro system to me. I have tried to make a simple feeding macro using "/pet 1 feed" but it returns the message "Nothing in slot 0," and I have tried putting food in all of my hotbar slots to no avail.
  2. Riftmaster

    Riftmaster Senior Member

    Thing is, so far as I know, there IS no hotbar slot zero. Or inventory slot zero.

    I suspect, but am by no means sure, that "slot zero" is in fact the "drop area" in the pet interface (accessed via K).

    Thus I don't know that it is even possible to make a feed macro. I think you have to drag and drop.
  3. Legion138

    Legion138 Junior Member

    Awesome. Is there anything of use that you can do with the macros?
  4. Riftmaster

    Riftmaster Senior Member

    I haven't tried, actually...:D

    So I have no idea.
  5. Legion138

    Legion138 Junior Member

    I remember seeing in one of the pre-awakening discussions that you would be able to create macros from any in game actions, but that was the last I heard any mention of it. Would be great if someone *ahem* Paratus *ahem* would pop in and explain the basics. Discovering secrets of the game is awesome, about the ui, not so much.
  6. Jabobo

    Jabobo Trial Member

    I think some commands will work, if you have multiple pets it might be useful to name them like "/pet 1 rename Horse1", "/pet 2 rename Horse2". I usually rename them and when I have 4 horses it's a lot of typing otherwise.
  7. arfus1

    arfus1 Senior Member

    I use them for controlling my pets eg:/pet 1 attack target
    or /pet 1 follow me
    or /pet 1 follow target
    or you can have one set as guards

    just depends on what commands you know or can find .

    Target being what your current target is under your crosshair .

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