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Add as said, something like it or not .

  1. Add it now as in Suggestion.

  2. Add the Staff now as in Suggestion.

  3. Add the Wand now as in Suggestion.

  4. Add bouth after TC.

  5. Mages get OP with this.

  6. Not a mage so i don't care

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  1. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    Magic staff is a thing this game needs no more mages who go around weaponless looking like crafters or miners.
    Two types

    1. Staff
    It is the bigger and heavier than the Wand
    Material use for making a Staff
    A: Body made of wood and affects the durability of the staff and melee non magic dmg.

    B: Head : affects the melee non magic dmg and a minimal durability inc also main source of the staffs looks and power source if crystal isn't added made of wood.

    C: Core power source(crystal used for more magic power): most important
    part of staff made of metals or alchemical mats or plants like water stone or Lupium or Jadeite(in case that they are crystals or jades) set in the head of the staff . Affects the range magic dmg and spells dmg

    How they work : first equip them of course LMB is melee attack no spells Alt LMB is Staff spell(which spell is affected by core) can be ranged and melee and spells have increased effect(determined by core(get event core and you have best staff or take
    Red Thunderegg as core if you knew what it is)) when used but not as much as wand.

    2. Wand
    Made of 1-3 types of wood

    Handle : just durability .

    Wand core :same affect as staff core.

    Wand outside : wand spell no.2.

    How to use: equip (haha) LMB Wand spell no.1. Alt LMB
    Wand spell no.2. can't do melee with wand.

    Staff/Wand spells use less or no MP but do a bit less dmg than spells.
    Staff/Wand :
    can do melee / can't do melee
    hes 1 weapon spell / hes 2 weapon spells
    high durability / low durability
    Spell bonus on 1 spell / spell bonus on 2 spells
    Spell bonus Dmg > Spell bonus Dmg

    For those that don't knew what the
    between a wand and staff is this pictures should elucidate if the attachments were successful of course.

    added during the duratio of this thread :

    actually there is a thread about that by deathshroud and TC mines where there is a % to get gems.

    but back to staffs and magic.

    i did not intend it so that you can cast only one magic but that you can cast a magic with bonuses and maybe even MP free cast(a MP free cast dmgs the staff). and the core mat determens the spell of the staff(a staff is like a sword for mages that can be used even if the user does not have mana left).

    i knew i am confusing sometimes so i will make an example.

    with the new system any high lvl magic can not be cast without a staff/wand(weak magic can still be used without one)

    staff + mage=

    staff made from base mat1+bace mat 2+core mat(thunderstone)
    lets say thunderstone is thunder spell.

    weak magic +10% buff with staff
    thunder spell without staff/wand 50% dmg
    thunder spell with staff 100% dmg
    thunder spell with thunderstone staff(150% dmg(that is the same dmg it does now))
    staff spell can be used without MP cost or a really small MP cost(this is passive use(less dmg than active use) active use is the 150% and costs mana) but it will kill the staff real fast if you use passive use.

    so hare is a battle example.

    mage without staff/wand(Mage 1) VS. mage with thunderstone staff(Mage 2).

    mage 1 casts a thunder spell 50% effective deals 20dmg
    mage 2 casts a thunder spell 150% effective deals 60 dmg
    mage 1 heals 100% effective 50hp
    mage 2 casts but misses
    mage 1 casts thunder spell deals another 20 dmg
    mage 2 heals 110% effective 55hp
    mage 1 is out of mana
    mage 2 is out of mana
    mage 2 casts a staff spell (staff durability falls to 95%(5% less)) deals 50dmg
    mage 1 cast a heal 50dmg
    mage 2 casts a staff spell (staff durability falls to 85%(10% less)) deals 49dmg
    mage 1 is out of mana
    mage 2 casts a active thunder spell deals 60dmg
    mage 1 is dead
    mage 2 has full hp.

    hope this helps explain it.(mage 1 and mage 2 have 100hp at start and same stats)
    to stop over use of passive spell use the dmg to staff increases if it is used too many times in a row.

    this also opens a whole new crafting need.

    actually not having a mage weapon results in :
    • not being able to use advanced magic
    • higher mana cost
    • lower results
    for every type of mage tree you need a separate staff/wand.

    every mage core material allows you to use some advanced magic and have lower mana cost for that tree and same mana cost for other mana trees.

    i knew i am sometimes confusing so i will add a example.

    lower magic 1 (element 1)

    lower magic 2 (element 2)

    advanced magic 1 (element 2)

    advanced magic 2 (element 1)

    no staff/wand

    lower magic 1 (element 1) higher mana cost lower effects

    lower magic 2 (element 2) higher mana cost lower effects
    advanced magic 1 (element 2) cant cast this magic at all

    advanced magic 2 (element 1) cant cast this magic at all

    staff/wand element 1
    lower magic 1 (element 1) lower mana cost higher effects

    lower magic 2 (element 2) normal mana cost normal effects
    advanced magic 1 (element 2) can cast at high mana cost and low effect
    advanced magic 2 (element 1) can cast at normal mana cost and effect

    staff/wand element 2

    lower magic 1 (element 1) normal mana cost normal effects
    lower magic 2 (element 2) lower mana cost higher effects
    advanced magic 1 (element 2) can cast at normal mana cost and effect

    advanced magic 2 (element 1) can cast at high mana cost and low effect

    epic dual core staff element 1 and 2

    lower magic 1 (element 1) lower mana cost higher effects
    lower magic 2 (element 2) lower mana cost higher effects
    advanced magic 1 (element 2) can cast at normal mana cost and effect

    advanced magic 2 (element 1) can cast at normal mana cost and effect

    epic dual core staff element 1 and 1 (or 2 and 2 just change the numbers)

    lower magic 1 (element 1) almost no mana cost and high effects
    lower magic 2 (element 2) normal mana cost normal effects
    advanced magic 1 (element 2) can cast at high mana cost and low effect

    advanced magic 2 (element 1) can cast at lower mana cost and higher effect

    wands cant have dual core but you can have one of the next with them(staff is 2 hand weapon wand is one hand) :
    1. use 2 wands at the same time and so having 2 cores(2 effects).
    2. wand and a pure core orb(orb having high effects on a single spell type(only one spell not multiple) but low durability)
    3. wand and a tome(tome not having to much durability problems and with a tome can cast spells that are restricted to tomes and other effects on all other spells)
    you can not have 2 tomes at the same time equipped but maybe you can have 2 pure core orbs at the same time but that would disable the use of any magic that isnt the primary for the cores but maximizes the effect

    magic core effects stack up.

    also with this i also add that the core making is a separate skill to staff making and wand making i.e. pure core orb is part of the staff but can be used without the staff part to max out the buff of a single spell i.e. you first make a wood/metal part of the staff and then the core and then combine the 2.

    so to make a epic dual core staff you need special wood/metal material that will be able to hold 2 cores.(need all primary points just to make the wood/metal part of the staff and need help to make the core)

    to combine the staff and core(s) use the adapted refining skill(changed looks) with the correct workbench.

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  2. Matts said that there will be a staff magic school a long time ago, but considering the things this game needs first, it could take a very long time. It said a magic revamp was planned after Dawn, but I don't think that was true since TC just got higher priority. Right now the school we have just cosists of basic spells. Nothing really special.
  3. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    I really just need some players to support the idea it-self the rest comes with time.

    I didn't add the Magic staff Suggestion for the mages but for the craftsman who will make it and a way to add "Enchantment" to NAVE as craftsman skill.

    Hope for a MOD or GM reply
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  4. yarnevk

    yarnevk Member

    Staffs should be able to be made out of anything you can make a handle out of, why the wood limitation?

    I like the idea of precious stones and metals powering them - give them a use since they really do not have any.

    But I suspect the reason they are not in the game is they would be OP - if a mage runs out of reagents he is dead. How do you make it so your staff runs out? I presume you would want to use the durability attribute for that - so let the more durable items be used to make it with the crystal running out faster than the staff. So just like they want to buy more reagents to last longer, they have to buy better mats to have a better staff.
  5. Fugazi

    Fugazi New Member

    Wheres the option for don't add them at all?
  6. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    Well this is what i come up with the Staff/Wand can use a little MP of the user as long as he hes some when MP goes to 0 he can still use the staff but does less dmg and losses durability with every use .

    Also when it gets added in all that don't use a Staff/Wand lose 10-20% spell dmg/heal and use 10% more MP and get it back with any Staff/Wand.

    Asfor the wood limitation it can be made so there are 2 sets of different Staff/Wand one set can only be made of wood and the other of metal Staff/Wand ((3+3)/(3+3)) i guess.

    Mats used determine the Staff/Wand weapons spells.
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  7. xzxDJxzx

    xzxDJxzx Member

    I noticed your other post about the farms, yes there should be farms but alot smaller than your proposing.

    Also for the Magic Staffs, a total 100% NO, this is not Darkfall, this is Mortal Online, why copy a dead game? You obviously came from DF.
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  8. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    I've never played Darkfall and never will.

    The farms may be a bit big but i was thinking about how many plants are in the world of Nave so to be shore i said 100 spots but 7x7=49 is fine too.
    T1 5x5 250g (roughly)
    T2 6x6 50-300g (roughly)
    T3 7x7 50-300g (roughly)

    MO is not just any other game, if something is added than it is unique to MO.
    Staffs/Wands make way for enchantment to arrows and swords with the new craftsmen skill.
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  9. Derik

    Derik Member

    i already suggested this among other things. and still feel mages should have some form of object to be able to cast

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  10. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    well of course if a mage MP go to 0 he is 90% dead and can't do anythin at least now it will be only 50% dead.

    Staff/Wand durability is calculated by core (1 to 10) * other mats (head(1 to 7)+body(1 to 10)).
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  11. Xaz

    Xaz Junior Member

    I agree that Magic should only be able to be cast using an object and the object as well as skills and attributes should determine how powerful your spells can be.

    Using a book or a grimoire, a staff or a wand, all of these work adding the right backup skill points and changing the crafting system to accomodate such items would be a great addition.

    When they work out TC and then AI I am sure the next priority will be to add the new magic schools they were talking about.

    Could be interesting times ahead. And at least Blackwood and Ironwood may have some usefulness other then just bowcrafting and house building material.
  12. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    Addition to it Staff is 2-h weapon and Wand is 1-h weapon but you can't equip 2 Wands but you can equip Wand and "Book"(for bonuses and speed),

    Yea the best time to add it is whan the "spells rebuild update" is on.
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  13. Bobzer77

    Bobzer77 The Writer

    The current magic system is only a placeholder anyway afaik.
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  14. DarkSiper

    DarkSiper Member

    the day they add wands I quit this game, staffs are ok.
  15. StrongMad

    StrongMad Well-Known Member


    Saved me the time of typing that. Its DSN what do you expect? He doesn't like negative feedback and thinks that anyone who disagrees with him is a troll.
  16. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    no it is just you(you are rage trolling).
    this thread was made more than a month ago and i realty don't care what people who disagree all the time think. (vote 5 or 6 dint care if you do).
    saying that is not a disagree i would call a troll.dont vote if you disagree.
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  17. iewcce

    iewcce Member

    Id like to see, as example "thunderlash book" or "greater healing book" to be required as equiped weapon to cast said spells. Perhaps magic autors with higher skill could fit 2 skills in one book and so on..
  18. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    well wand is a one hand so a book can be added in the other. the staff already has a spell in it(the spell-book bonus (depending on what mat was used for core)).
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  19. Alfa Bravo

    Alfa Bravo Member

    wouldnt it become harry-poterish?

    since it needs difficult magic to craft the magic weapon... i support... but than it should be possible magic jewerly... (wondering stops here)
  20. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    no it will most certainly not be harry-poterish(this is MO we are talking about even if they wanted it harry-poterish it wont be harry-poterish).

    it does need rare metals to craft and it opens a way to enchantment(is difficult to make).
    there will be no jewelry well at least no too useful jewelry.
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