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    A way to balance Red/Blue ratio if done correctly to the sweat spot ratio of 1 red acc to 10 blue accs(players that dont have reds at all and players that have 1 or more reds) .

    For reference
    If you are blue you have access to maintaining your weapons/armor/anything with dura including your house so your dura will go down half speed of the current speed,you pay less upkeep and will maybe even get your equipment really really slowly repaired when placed in a new npc Blacksmith for x gold per h for 1 armor set and 2 weapons or just 1 item for free(equipment is repaired at double speed while online and not at all if the equipment being repaired is on another char and you are in game on a different char i.e if you are Red or blue and give your equipment to a blue alt to place it on the blacksmith npc if you now start playing on your main the weapons will not be repaired at all until you ether log off or go on the alt char).

    The speed of repair is a balancing thing and i will because of that not go into it.

    While you are red you dont have maintenance and you lose dura on everything twice as fast as is currently along with having higher upkeep for house(doesnt matter if the house is on another char as long as it is on the same acc as the red char).

    To balance this a bit a weapon or equipment can be maintained directly by a craftier but only temporally for like 2 to 5 h making it normally lose 100% instead of 200% speed(has no effect if the user of the blade was blue and so still lose 50% of current speed).

    TL;DR: Read all of the above except Wikipedia part.
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    Did read the TL;DR. So in conclusion I avoided giving my opinion in the first place. :D

    Edit: TL;DR got edited.
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    just read the dam thing it is half or 1/4th the size of normal suggestiones.
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    Silly discussions about reality aside, I like the concept of adjusting durability loss according to the flagging system, thou the malus for reds might be too harsh for people in the search for open-minded non-evil PvP.

    Aside that I fear that it would still not be an obvious enough incentive for people to maintain a lawful good alignment as the payout for being an evil bastard, killing that crafter/farmer and taking all his load would still outweight the negative influence proposed.

    Imo, fix the wardec system first so people could get straight PvP without being counted as murderers,
    then measures like this might be taken into consideration. Else it hurts the current server population more than it helps.
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    i am here with a additional idea and fixing flagging or war dec system is not in this idea.

    this idea gives constant negative effect to being red and gives constant bonus to being blue.
    the numbers can be adjusted but the difference needs to be significant.

    by the was it would be a shame if that sword you are holding broke mid swing just when you tryed to finish off a guy and get killed instead by the guy with a still half dura sword.

    dont forget armor and houses are included in the suggestion.
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    No need to defend your suggestion against me as I am fine with your effort and appreciate it. I just explained why I would not support the implementation of aforementioned suggestion based of what I have read/experienced so far. Sorry if my post implied something different than that. :oops:
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    the current state is at disbalance even 25% up for blues and 25% down for reds can do the trick until the Flagging and war system is redone.
  9. Czeska

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    I tend to believe that the effect of this measure might backfire like explained above.
    I have no data which might support my theory but I also miss that kind of data in your post.
    Naturally prognostic theories like that are also not safe in nature unless one is able to locate all relevant factors.
    With my second post I tried to point out potential factors, therefore (hopefully) enriching this discussion.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. :)
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