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    So there is a new guild that I have been playing with recently and they were having issues getting materials.

    So I made a guide on how to get steel from nothing with all the lores. Figured I'd post it here for anyone else who needs it. Please let me know if there are any in-accurateness(lol).


    What you want to do is, Extract your Granum into Blood ore, for this use the Attractor with 720 Calx Powder.

    Then you want to extract Blood Ore into Pig Iron, You want to use the Furnace with 390 coke as the catalyst.

    Then you need to refine the Pig iron into Grain Steel. To do this you will need for each 1 grainsteel, 2 pig iron 1 calx powder 1 coke.

    Thwn you want to refine GrainSteel into Steel. You will need 2 parts Grainsteel 1 part coal 1 part SaburraPowder and that will make 1 steel.

    A steel great blade requires 207 steel to make.


    To get Coal Coke and Saburra powder Calx Powder.

    Calx will extract into coal. Use the Crusher. You can also buy coal from the catalyst vender.

    Extract Coal into coke using the Furnace, use 439 coke as the catalyst for max yields.

    Calx powder:
    Calx will extract into Calxpowder (surprising right), use Grinder and 1000 water. Although you will generally get this from your other calx extractions.

    Saburra Powder:
    Saburra extracts into Saburra Powder, use the Grinder and 900 water.


    I have compiled a list of every skill you need for turning granum into Steel

    Igneous Rock
    Granum Lore
    Sedimentary Rock
    Calx Lore
    Saburra Lore
    Coal Lore
    Blood Ore Lore
    Coke Lore
    Basic Metals
    Pig Iron Lore
    Iron-based Alloys
    Grain Steel Lore
    Steel Lore
    Crafting Appliances
    Ore Extraction Appliances
    Mechanical Appliances
    Attractor Operation
    Thermal Applicances
    Furnace Operation
    Grinder Operation
    Hydraulic Appliances
    Basic Extraction


    All extraction is a ratio of an Ore and the catalyst. The ratio is 10k ore to the amount of catalyst listed. If you need to extract less do the maths and use the same ratio for the best results. Too much catalyst will reduce the yeilds!!

    Generally also whever you extract anything the max yield can only get as high as about 40% and most are around 15 - 25% so when your extracting 10k stacks into 1,500 ore don't be worried this is a normal yield.
    If you think your doing something wrong ask another extractor they should be able to tell you what device and catalyst to use.


  2. Rockhound

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    When extracting granum in attractor (could place the fact it's only at Bakti, MK and Meduli+ Cave Camp and Gaul'Kor) unless you are swimming in coke :p it's more economical to use calx powder, same yield.

    Getting Coal:
    Always use the crusher for calx unless you're planning on getting calspar aswell, in which case it'd be grinder+water
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  4. Skalicon

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    Thanks for the suggestions the guide has been updated.
  5. Incarnadine

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    Sorry if this sounds like a silly question. But I'm extremely new to any form of extraction :) For getting goods like Calx powder, Coal and Coke, how much raw Calx and such should I use per X Calx Powder. -- Your example of Extracting Calx into Calx Powder - How much Calx and water should I use to get the 720 Calx Powder for the first step?
  6. Yaga

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    Have you seen the Mortal Online Emulator, a first class tool for all extractors? (To start with, just use the "QP" button.)

    The amount of Coal and Calx powder you can extract from Calx depends on your skills. Once you're fully skilled up, 10.000 Calx will give you 1.361 Calx Powder and 2.151 Coal, using a crusher. If your skills are lower you will get less.

    I suggest you just mine a stack of Calx and experiment with it. You can use a Grinder, which will maximize your Calx Powder output, or a Kiln, which will maximize your Malachite output, or a Natorus, which will maximize your Coal output. (The Natorus, however, may be hard to find. It's always easy to find a Grinder or buy a Portable crusher.)
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    Hijacking my post again I see.
  8. Yaga

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    I'm sorry if I offended you! But I don't quite understand why. I just tried to answer his question.

    Should nobody else be allowed to answer questions in your thread? If so, I am sorry and won't reply again. (Just wanted to help, though. I don't really understand your reaction.)
  9. ouch! my grain steel! invalid combination?! i think that is meant to be coal and not coke? (says coal on yaga's metal reference chart for steel)

    if not, does it matter which order the 2 catalysts go in?
  10. Demiwar

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  11. Skalicon

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    Sorry for the inaccurate catalyst, it's been corrected.

    As for this post.

    I was joking, relax. :)
  12. mmm my first ingot of steel :) just wish i didnt use up all that grain steel with the coke and sabura powder mix... should give ur mats back instead of them disappearing, but oh well, live and learn.. from now on i test with small amounts first ;)

    by the way, that link looks like something i need, but it says 404 error... it is correct?
  13. VenomsLust

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    The link has changed
  14. JangoxDarkblade

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    so 720 bor per 10k malachite = 2800-ish cuprum?
  15. juniorhearst

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    760 bor per 10k malachite in the fabricula or furnace is 4000 cuprum plus some sulfur.

    Reshi Rahan
  16. niccolo19

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    I use 760 instead of the 725 or whatever...
  17. kenvic1

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    you get 4000 cuprum and 64 sulpher on fabricula with 720 bor cata

    emulator says 640 sulpher it is wrong

  18. Shadowmist

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    This has confused me a lot of times as well.

    Must be an error in the emulator.
  19. Riftmaster

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    I think the Emulator is very slightly off, as if memory serves I usually get 2160 coal out of one calx stack, in a portable crusher.

    Yeah, I know, 9 more coal isn't much...lmao

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