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  1. P0W3RK1D

    P0W3RK1D Member

    (f2p)Sidonian - 100 str (105 if i go stout)
    (wants to use sledge or maul)
    if i put my points in the appropriate places how much dmg can i expect to be doing to steel+?
    would my attacks with the sledge (foot and mounted) be able to dismount other mounteds?
  2. Manflayer

    Manflayer Honored Member

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  3. C3ncio

    C3ncio New Member

    mounted combat is not much viable as F2P. You need to invest TONS of golds in gear and equip in a MC to be effective and you need to use it at best or you will just lose an incredible amounts of golds. Skill capped at 60 will make you really weak compared to other MC, just think about your speed: with 60 riding, 60 swift riding and 60 controlled riding you will be super slow compared to a 100 riding, 100 swift and 100 controlled riding, even if you have a 500gold bull horse. As Manflayer said, go premium if you wanna do MC.

    P.S: Imho 105 str is too low for maul and sledges
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  4. P0W3RK1D

    P0W3RK1D Member

    well im asking, what do u think is the BEST i can do as a f2p?
  5. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    None. F2p mounted truly isnt viable in my book. And I let a lot of bad things slide as "viable", so thats saying a lot.

    Theres only 1 way to play mounted. Min max toon, min max weapon, maxed mount, zerg. You dont do this, you pretty much lose. Thats why I dont play it.

    Heres the problem as f2p.

    You cant dismount. Mounted combat and mounted charge have a much larger effect then like agg stance. You also only have 60 weapon lore. To dismount legit players, you need a min max toon with min max weapon (out of a high end mat) just to hit the threshold.

    Your damage will never be good cuz the above. Once I tried to use my mc that went f2p. Couldnt dismount a nub on a donkey with my messing double axe. Something felt off tho, but not maxed mounted might just be that bad.

    Your speed is never good even on maxed mount. You are slower you die. I have tried to roll almost max level 77 bulls. Died like every time. But as f2p on a 125 super expensive mount you will still be slower then I was.

    MA will have least damage nerf due to f2p but will still be trash. Same with mounted mage.

    The best you can do is probably a foot archer fighter with riding and ma. Will all fit cuz skills only go to 60 so you can get a ton of stuff on one toon. Or if you want to be super rp foot archer mage ma. But the toon has to be foot viable cuz you cant compete as mounted.

    Tldr if you want to stay f2p stick to hybrids and foot archers, cuz foot archer can sticky so well the lower speed doesnt matter.
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  6. vermintide

    vermintide Member

    best thing ya can do is sub
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  7. Valhalo

    Valhalo Member

    Age 30 Heugar Heugar
    This is the only useful free to play, you can easily make 500g in 1 day and buy a sub.
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  8. TheSilent

    TheSilent New Member

    You need to be pay to play before u can get lockpicking
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  9. Valhalo

    Valhalo Member

    Wrong, you can read snooping pilfering and lock-picking as a F2P, however as soon as you try to use snooping/pilfering skills it will tell you you cannot do this as a Free to Play.
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  10. P0W3RK1D

    P0W3RK1D Member

    make that much by doing what?
  11. Valhalo

    Valhalo Member

    Open chests and MA farm
  12. P0W3RK1D

    P0W3RK1D Member

    ok, i can already lock pik....hmmm, what is a good mob to farm for money?
  13. Valhalo

    Valhalo Member

    Demons, Minos, Akreps, Danaburu, Kurnas to name a few

    There are so many creatures/chests/secrets around the world just go out and look.
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  14. oykd

    oykd Senior Member

    as f2p i suggest go farm shore powlers or crocodiles easy fast money and also there couple of chest around the beach easy 1k gold in 1 day ! and use that money to buy premium :)
    my f2p farmer is khurite khurite figther/archer/lockpicker/ with cc so i can hold a brown molva !
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  15. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    buy a sub come on, support the game you love. And stop wasting your time with gimped builds and gimped mechanics.
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  16. Avarious

    Avarious Senior Member

    Im half way tempted to buy this guy a sub.
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  17. Avarious

    Avarious Senior Member

    Tons of mobs are good for farming when you are a MA. As a f2p MA you can farm most if not all of them too. For example a minotaur can yield over 6 gold a kill and it doesn't take long to down one.
  18. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    Problem with Ma farming as f2p is finding someoen to buy the carcass. Butchering it yourself is a waste
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  19. Avarious

    Avarious Senior Member

    I agree. That's why its better to farm mobs that have good liquid gold worth such as minotaurs. A f2p ma should have no problem with them... hell when I had a palisade over there I was able to farm the things with a f2p thur hybrid wasn't necessarily easy but it got the job done
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  20. P0W3RK1D

    P0W3RK1D Member

    Dont , id rather do it myself it i ever do,.
    Dont waste your money on me :)

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