Memepilation #1

Discussion in 'Mortal Online Media' started by Terrabyte, May 8, 2018.

  1. Terrabyte

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  2. mastercookie123

    mastercookie123 Senior Member

    Wheres the part where you jump in the water to loot my sweet sweet ogh
  3. Terrabyte

    Terrabyte Junior Member

    Lol, I wanted to include that but didn't shadowplay it :(
  4. Kaue

    Kaue Junior Member

    meme videos are always the best ones.
  5. VaddaPriest

    VaddaPriest Member

  6. aguimaraes

    aguimaraes Member

    great montage
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  7. Schönfeld

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  8. Teknique

    Teknique Well-Known Member

    was hoping for that small little 1v1 we had when you were out of place on THEIDOL
  9. Terrabyte

    Terrabyte Junior Member

    Loool yea, I just switched mouse and my sensitivity was completely fucked and panicking because I knew I was in a guild which would just get fucked by the guards, not to mention the DK also on me I was trying to parry.

    I wanted to put the clip where I got destroyed by a shade when my keyboard randomly doubletapped off the side aswell but didn't shadowplay it, lol. :(

    Hoople is a great guy.
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  10. Obu Obu

    Obu Obu New Member

    There once was a man called sheet. The man asked his fellow comrades if they care about losing their gear. But the man himself never faced the dragon with his comrades. The end.
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  11. thepjcaxe

    thepjcaxe Member

    idk what u smoking but i dont want it

    good video cheese man keep smashing people with the hammer but i want to ask did pyre disbanded?
  12. Skaplig

    Skaplig Junior Member

    Astinos have always been the best MO player. Rest sucks.
  13. Emphyperdrive

    Emphyperdrive Member

    Good video. More creative than the rest of the community for sure!
  14. JohnPaulk

    JohnPaulk Senior Member

    here comes the boom +1

    blppityhop mvp
  15. Noobhunter

    Noobhunter Member

    bows are balanced
  16. Kogah

    Kogah Honored Member

    Why is everyone calling whill "cheese man"? You can't draw a face on cheese.
  17. Speznat

    Speznat Honored Member

    I was expecting overflowting MLG stuff with random colors and 10 WTF moments, the title is misleading weres the memes and the MLG stuff.
    I want to see party hard if the title is suggesting party hard!

    by the way, very nice video more of these please.

    add airhorn and snop dog next time. and mountain dew and doritos
  18. Keurk

    Keurk Honored Member

  19. agile

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  20. Terrabyte

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