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    I thought a thread for the sole purpose of clear information about getting the various metals might be a good idea, post what you know and i'll update the OP, correct me if there is anything wrong or i've missed something/additional info.

    Some Advice: Make a Slag Hauler for mining + extraction it will save you a lot of time, secondly you will need to get various lore books such as Granum, Blood Ore, Pig Iron etc in order to use the material in a tool, all of these can be found in the towns in various places.

    There are a lot of combinations to get to the same material result with different tools/catalysts. If you find a new way post and i'll add it.

    Also if you can tell which methods give high yields, medium yields and low yields i'll add some reference onto the method.

    Read below for how to get Other Catalysts:
    Coke is obtained from baking(thermal appliance) Coal(Material) with Coal(Catalyst)
    Coal(Material) is obtained from Crushing/Grinding Calx

    Calx Powder is obtained from crushing/grinding Calx Pile with Water/Oil
    Granum Powder is obtained from crushing/grinding Granum Pile with Water/Oil


    Sulfur can be obtained from baking malachite with coke
    (H) - High Yield (recommended)
    (B) - Requires Book learnt skill (workbench books are located in most towns: Map of Myrland

    List of workbenches for reference.

    Refining will be shown with a ratio eg. Pig Iron + Coke + Calxpowder 2:1:1 so in this example you use 2 units of pig iron and 1 unit of each catalyst in your rifining window.
    Combinations in italics are ones i'm not 100% sure about.

    Extraction Tables



    Metal Extraction and Rifining

    All use Extraction not Refining

    Pig Iron:
    Granum + Rock Oil/Palm Oil/Water > Grinder/Crusher
    Blood Ore + Coal/Coke > Furnace (H)(B)
    Granum + Coal > Hearth/Kiln/Furnace
    Blood Ore + Coal/Coke > Furnace (H)(B)
    Granum + Coke > Attractor (H)(B)
    Blood Ore + Coke > Furnace (H)(B)

    Saburra + Rock Oil/Palm Oil/Water (H) > Grinder/Crusher
    Malachite/Amarantum + Coal/Coke > Hearth/Kiln/Furnace (H)(B)
    Granum + Rock Oil/Palm Oil/Water > Grinder/Crusher
    Amarantum + Palm Oil > Grinder/Crusher

    Granum + Rock Oil/Palm Oil/Water > Grinder/Crusher
    Amarantum + Rock Oil/Palm Oil/Water > Grinder/Crusher
    Granum + Rock Oil/Palm Oil/Water > Grinder
    Amarantum + Coal/Coke > Hearth/Kiln/Furnace(H)(B)
    Saburra + Rock Oil/Palm Oil/Water > Grinder/Crusher
    Bleckblend + Coal/Coke > Hearth/Kiln/Furnace(B)

    Tephra + Water? > Grizzly
    Red Bleckblende + Coal/Coke > Furnace(B)

    Granum + Rock Oil/Palm Oil/Water > Grinder/Crusher
    Amarantum + Water/Palm Oil > Grinder/Crusher
    Waterstone + Bor > Fabricula

    Gem Metal:
    Granum + Rock Oil/Palm Oil/Water > Grinder/Crusher
    Amarantum + Water/Palm Oil > Grinder/Crusher
    Waterstone + Bor > Fabricula

    Tephra + Rock Oil/Water > Crusher
    Galbinum + Coke + Furnace/Thaumator
    Pyroxene + Calx Powder + Sulfur > Blastfurnace/Thaumator


    Electrum + Coal/Coke > Hearth/Kiln/Furnace(B)

    Electrum + Coal/Coke > Hearth/Kiln/Furnace(B)


    All use Rifining not Extraction
    Grain Steel:
    Pig Iron + Coke + Calx Powder 2:1:1

    Grain Steel + Coal + Saburra Powder 2:1:1

    Grain Steel + Lupium + Granum Powder

    Electrum (Intermidate Extraction):
    Amarantum + Coal/Coke > Hearth/Kiln/Furnace(B)

    Cuprum + Bleck + Subbara Powder 2:1:1

    Cuprum + Calamine + Subbara Powder 2:1:1

    Tindremic Messing:
    Messing + Almine + Gem Metal

    Grain steel + Almine + Arconite

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  2. Kuroi

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    nice :D
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  3. Huckbuck

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    This is interesting... so you can't use a hearth for pig iron at all?
  4. Branwulf

    Branwulf Senior Member

    Couldn't tell you, so far it's from my own experience.
  5. A hearth is a low temperature natural ventilation fire so it wouldn't be able to smelt iron ores but would most likely be able to smelt copper (malachite is a copper ore). A furnace on the other hand is a force ventilation closed fire so it can reach much higher temperatures. Its possible that a furnace would also be able to smelt copper ores if its coded in.
  6. we did use hearth to smelt granum pile into blood ore with coal, but the yield rate is lower than kiln and furience respectively
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  7. Mats Persson

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    Nice to see that you are starting to get an idea of the system. Some hints for testing purposes:

    -You should be able to bake Coal into Coke
    -Calx Powder has about the same attributes as real life Limestone
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  8. Will there be books we can buy or find that will give us the various combinations there are to make various materials and equipment? Or do we have to figure it all out ourselves? I am not complaining just wondering.
  9. fap fap fap fap.... oh.... sorry.
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  10. Glasya

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    Can you use 2 catalysts in a reaction. The Howstuffworks website has a great peice on process from mining ore to making steel. States that [1 ton of pig iron=2 tons ore + 1 ton coke + 0.5 ton limestone + lotta heat]
  11. Kuroi

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    can i add?

    Bleck and Cuprum (both):
    Amarantum + Palm Oil > Grinder
  12. Mr Winter

    Mr Winter Honored Member

    You gain much much much more metal from anything if you use a furnace. I currently gain 100 pig iron from 1k blood ore using a furnace, and 50 cuprum/36 calamine from 1k amarantum.
  13. Kuroi

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    cool, nice info. but no bleck when you refine amarantum with furnace, right?
  14. Brokenwing

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    List of minerals and types of rocks just makes me crazy when I start to translate them for my guild ;) But it's very interesting though. I have problem with sedimentary rocks, can't find anything about saburra. I've found calx, flakestone, but no saburra. Could you give me some hint where to look for this type of sedimentary rock - tried wiki but doesn't work.

  15. Kuroi

    Kuroi Well-Known Member

    all the saburra you want in Meduli, where you found flakestone instead?
  16. Branwulf

    Branwulf Senior Member

    Flakstone comes from Granum with intermediate extraction.
  17. Kuroi

    Kuroi Well-Known Member

    ty ;)
  18. Stranger_BL

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    Bleckblend + Catalyst Coal in Furnace --> Bleck
    Bleckblend = Saburra + Grinder
  19. Brokenwing

    Brokenwing Trial Member

    I'm not talking about saburra - type of rock in game. I'm looking for some real information about this mineral/rock.
  20. Kuroi

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    opsss sorry :D''
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