Mining to Metal: Guide

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    edit: oops
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    Seriously..Look 3 posts up from your post..I told you all how to make it.
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    Quick question here, skimmed the thread and did a search, but couldn't find anything.. Say I use a 1k stack of granum in a grinder, along with water - how much water am I suppose to use? 1? 100? 500? Sorry if I'm just missing something here :eek:
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    Right now you only need 1 catalyst, I assume that later on we will need to use different amounts.
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    And your catalyst is not consumed, so all you ever have to buy is 1, unless it gets stolen from you.
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    Mats said that multiple catalysts will be needed to make master alloys.
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    To make master alloys-he was asking about basic extraction ;)
  8. Have you worked with GS enough to open Steel??
  9. Calamine = Zinc (likely used in the Messing recipe) Tind Messing = Brass ; likely used in the "equipment" lines of crafting to its most effectiveness.

    Bron = Bronze which is composed of Bleck (Tin) and Coprum (Copper) with Sab powder (Silicon) to catch all the impurities.

    :cool: :D
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    btw: i dont think tungsteel ist a iron based alloy, its a ceramic, a combination between tungsten and carbon (coal, coke).
    So who knows whats tungsten is?

    As far as i know it should be obtained from an igneous rock.
  11. Kinda a stretch, but apparently Tungsten is also known as Wolframite. The latin term for wolf is something like Lupus. And I've seen a material lore entry called Lupium. Could there be a connection there? Of course, useless unless someone has found Lupium. :p
  12. hmm i know there is lupium, so you could be right, but after all im a bit confused.

    if Tungsteel refers to Tungsten steel (an alloy of steel with tungsten ;)). So if they used the name Tungsteel i would await, that there is a material named Tung or Tungsten. If Tungsten is Lupium, why Tungsten Steel is named Tungsteel? It then should be name Lupsteel or Lupium Steel ;)

    Im just a bit confused ;)
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    I thought Tindremic Messing might be a reference to Corinthian Bronze (or brass) Not sure if anyone's managed to make messing yet?

    Anyways, you'd need to smelt bron with either gold or silver (probably gold). And whatever powder.

    I'm not exactly an expert on these things in-game or rl though, so possibly barking up the wrong tree. Wuff.
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    Does anyone know if these beta forums will remain after release?

    On the one hand, threads like this would be a god-send to new players/crafters - on the other, it's this sort of knowledge base that would give an historical mining or smiths' guild it's edge over rivals and help it attract new members.
  15. Whether this thread stays here or not, someone WILL eventually make it public knowledge, there's no avoiding it.

    I, for one, have these all saved locally in my own text file.
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    I'll ask for it to be moved out of the Beta Forums if it's going to be deleted.
  17. Ive just read 10+ pages of the most confusing shit known to man, and yet I still cant wait to get back in game and start playing. I actually have a headache from trying to make sense of everything.

    Books, Lore, Refining, Ore, Extracting, Alloys, Metals. Base stats and skill gain. Holy fuck, I dont think Ive been this excited about crafting since SWG.
  18. Ok this is gonna sound like a stupid question but how do I "bake" coke? I have Coal, Catalyst Coal, Thermal Operations and Furnace Operations but I just don't know what skill I'm meant to use to bake it. I tried extracting stuff from the Coal with my Catalyst Coal but that just deleted all my Coal :(
  19. Mauzi

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    It's as simple as it can be, if you think about it:
    • If there's two items involved, use extraction and have proper skill in it.
    • If there's three items involved, use refining and have proper skill in it.
    • In addition you of course need the material lore skills for both the source and target materials.
    • Needing the machine operations skills you obviously figured out yourself already.
    Hope this helps. ;)
  20. Ah ok, my Extraction still needs a bit of leveling so it was probably that. Thanks :)

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