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  1. I may be off base here... but if you don't like the refining system, don't refine? Someone else will be doing that, kill them and take their things... Or buy their metals and focus on craftin... when there is an economy when resources aren't infinite.

    It's a pretty cool system based on real life stuff... finding out that calamine is limestone you figure out - "oh - that means I'm going to need pig iron, calamine, and coke in a blast furnace to make steel" - You don't have to mindlessly try different combinations - if you do a little RL research into metallurgy... if the RL system holds true...

    Would be nice if they posted each in game material and their RL counterparts though - but then some of the fun would be gone.

    Cuprum is copper if we knew what catalyst tin was we could make bronze...Bron

    Lets figure it out.
    Subbura (a sedimentary stone like sandstone) and the way you get tin in RL, [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Cassiterite, comes from sandstone... [/FONT]What do we get from Subbura, calspar... I dunno if that's a catalyst as I have not made my way to meduli to use it... but It's a good guess... so I'm 85% sure that Cuprum+calspar in a furnace with the right skill will give you Bron.

    This system is at least 300% more fun than any other crafting system I've seen.
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    agree 300% ;)
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    Thanks for the amazing info! Mats, Bran and all
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    Nice info that, thanks alot !
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    I've added how to get Coke for people who don't know.
  6. When you say "baking", which tool are you talking about? The kiln?

    Sorry for the ignorant question. :D
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    Any thermal appliance works I believe.

    I put it in the OP anyway.
  8. According to Mats limestone is Calx powder. Strangely enough, I can't get Calx powder through mixing Water and Calx Pile in the Crusher... How can you get this calx powder and is it indeed Calamine that's used for lesser healing?
  9. I expected the "mini games" to be in the last patch. Obviously this was a misunderstanding from my side, but still it's disappointing to learn that we probably wont see them in game for quite some time. Oh well, keep it up Mats and yall, you're only humans doing a good job.
  10. I see no problem with the crafting system, I love the complexity. A bit tedious and time consuming but this is a very good foundation to the greatest crafting system in any MMO I've seen to date. This being said, the rest of the game is lacking. How else is the average Joe going to get a weapon when first starting a character? Where are all the mobs? I would much rather have "stupid" mobs than no mobs at all. Couldn't you test AI locally and keep stupid mobs on the live server? Sorry for the rant but we have been lacking during the entire beta for NPC's. Sorry for the rant, it just seems that SV is focusing on crafting as their main selling point and leaving the rest high and dry.
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    well i tried the new refining skill abit and all i manage to get is 5 crashes with what i think was supposed to be right combinations and with some items it just said its not right combintion of items.. guess ill try again tomorrow
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    The refining seems to be bugged.
  13. hmm good info :) just 2 quick questions. I have extracted quite a bit of Saburra to get Saburra Powder. When will my extraction skill increase (it hasnt yet) and when will i get the option make it into something more useful than saburra powder (something from a drop down list)? Thanks!
  14. Ok, this says to make pig iron you take some Granum (I assume raw 'Granum Pile') and use "Catalyst Coal" while standing near a furnace?

    Ok, so I live in Vadda and I am trying this. When ever I open the extraction menu next to a furnace I only have the option to select a material and not a catalyst.

    Is there something wrong here? I did go to that wiki, and I am standing in front of the right station... but I simply can not combined granum and coal.
  15. That means you don't have enough skill to operate the furnace, I believe.
  16. The latest patch released 2 days ago has its changes. You can't directly see the furnace anymore. You have to unlock the skill at higher levels now. Simply saying you need to go to Fabernum or MK to use the Hearth first, then level up the Kiln...etc. I'm still trying to find out how to unlock the furnace and blast furnace. But unfortunately, in this fast pace beta environment they might change it on next patch.

    It'll take you 20-25 mins to walk to Fabernum from Vadda. It is worth the time, I think.
  17. Can you draw me a map... 20-25 minutes knowing the way, 3 hours not knowing...
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    What kinda silly request is that ? Either explore, find a map yourself in the net or make friends ingame who show you the way.

    I am already more than happy that people share some of their topic related infos here.
  19. Anyone figured out how to get calx powder yet?
  20. Amazing how u worked all that out ,really helpfull tx :)

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