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Discussion in 'Nobleman's Wisdom' started by Branwulf, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Ok so i got around 90 in skill Crafting Appliance after using alot of graum in the grinder.

    I got a good amount of Blood Ore but im still stuck with the Thermal Appliance.

    If i try to use Furnace or Klin it dont show the catalyze box.
    Its because i have to skill up Thermal Appliance to 30 and then read a book (wich i found in Toxai).


    Atm im unable to even use Heart to skill up Thermal Appliance.
    How the hell can i raise this skill if i cant even use the level one Workbench... ?

    Is there a book to read before using Heart? (not in Toxai or MK at least..)
    How must i process to gain in Thermal Appliance ?
  2. Funny... when you are trying to get to a party you where invited to do you ask for directions or do you wander around aimlessly looking for the party?

    I like exploring, but I'm not in the mood for it... I do not want to spend my time running in fucking circles. Besides I am trying to figure this system out... I've been in since block b and have done enough fucking running aimlessly. Not to mention I think the banks are local... I do not want to lug 1000's of ore and money just to find a town you can easily direct me to.

    It is a legit and logical request.
  3. If you check the Wiki link in my signature you can find maps and a refining guide.

    Hope that helps. :D
  4. Branwulf

    Branwulf Senior Member

    Aw you copied my post :(
  5. True. Some of the information on the Wiki comes from this post, while some comes from other sources.
  6. Mr Winter

    Mr Winter Honored Member

    Branwulf don't think that this info was all you :p

    I remember when a lonely refiner came to me seeking help xD
  7. noone even attempted to answer my question :(
  8. Huckbuck

    Huckbuck <font color="#FFCC00">Focus Group</font>

    I have been making some iron and cuprum this last patch, even with 41 in furnace you need a LOT of ore to get just a few bars.. Haven't tried the alloys yet.
  9. Branwulf

    Branwulf Senior Member

    I came to use the attractor :< then Gizork killed me :<
  10. Branwulf

    Branwulf Senior Member

    You just need the appropriate level of extraction, no one knows everything yet and most people *cough* Winter *cough* won't share everything they know.
  11. thanks branwulf i guess im glitching cause everytime i extract i do not recieve any skill points in extraction :|
  12. sqallpl

    sqallpl Trial Member

    When Im trying to refine Blood Ore + Catalyst Coal with Furnance, Im gettin 'no viable combination of items'. Why?
  13. Zheo

    Zheo Member

    you are using Refining while you should be using Extraction.
  14. Branwulf

    Branwulf Senior Member

    updated the OP a bit.
  15. Attractors are broken atm? i have the skill (but nether read the book) and cant use it, though i dont have the missing catalyst slot like other devices i cant use
  16. sqallpl

    sqallpl Trial Member

    Amarantum + Rock Oil/Palm Oil/Water > Grinder/Crusher
    Amarantum + Palm Oil > Grinder/Crusher

    When Im doing this the timer is stucked and nothing happens. I dont know why. Im using extraction skill with grinder.
  17. Landor

    Landor Well-Known Member

    Bran can you please not give away all the secrets, or else I'll just have to answer your questions in a more coded way. :rolleyes:
  18. calx pile + palm oil > grinder
  19. Mats Persson

    Mats Persson Senior Member

    Either you don't have the skill for the machine, or you don't have the skill for the materials, or both. Right now you unfortunately don't get a message about that :eek:
  20. Kuroi

    Kuroi Well-Known Member

    we still love you

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