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Discussion in 'Nobleman's Wisdom' started by Branwulf, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Branwulf

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    This thread was supposed to be all about ME!! MEEE! ;_;
  2. Kuroi

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    i'll love you a bit more if you know and tell me a good way to get calamine :D
  3. Kuroi

    Kuroi Well-Known Member

    yep but how? i've also done it but can't remember how! lol
    maybe i need more skill, only 32 in intermediate extraction :/
  4. Branwulf

    Branwulf Senior Member

    Changed the OP again, there a lot of stuff I know that's common knowledge that's not in there, i'll do it when i have time to make sure it's right unless someone wants to post the methods.
  5. tried out some pig iron with coke into the blast furnace it seems bugged the timer stop at 20 no ressources used

  6. Use Granum in a Grinder or Crusher with Coke. A Crusher is better cause it will generate more Amarantum as a Grinder but the best spot for this is at Fabernum and you arnt under Protection of the Guards there. So to get a decent amount of Amarantum you can also use the Grinder in Toxin. There you are save against reds.

    If you Max out your skills you get arround 55 Amarantum from 1k Granum in a Grinder.

    Extract 1k Packs Amarantum in a Furnance with Coke. Again 100 in all Skills help here a lot :D You will get Cuprum, calamine , Bleck and Electrum.
  7. serith78

    serith78 Senior Member

    IMO character skill itself isn't the problem. It's having a rather significant grind (monotonous repetition) associated with raising those character skills. Maybe cut down on the amount of refining required to raise the skill - at least until the actual mini-game system is in place?
  8. A message telling you if something "doesnt work" v's "you dont have the required skill" would be useful to.
  9. Mats Persson

    Mats Persson Senior Member

    Yes indeed ;)
  10. Branwulf

    Branwulf Senior Member

    attractor is now working
  11. Can anyone (Branwulf :D) provide more detail regarding refining? Say in a new thread? I'm nearly finished training at the intermediate level for extraction and having 30 metallurgy I'm ready to begin refining, but am not sure of the next step. For example, I tried refining a large number of pig iron with coke and calx powder and was left with nothing and no skill gain.
    Any hints to begin the process would be of tremendous help!
  12. Branwulf

    Branwulf Senior Member

    If anyone wants to provide some ratio / workbench information on rifining steel etc, feel free.
  13. I've been experimenting with alot of Saburra, granum, and the materials you get from grinding/crushing those rocks, and I haven't gotten as half as far as you, Branwulf.

    What's your method? Does extracting/refining with a small amount of materials give the same, yet reduced results of extracting/refining large amounts, or does it yield completely different results? Is there a kind of logic to extracting, or is it all just trying everything out with everything else?
  14. Mauzi

    Mauzi Status King

    Small amounts have less results due to rounding down, which is especially bad at low skills where anything lesser than a full 1000-pile will give almost no results. Also, skillwise there's no point in using small piles, 'cause the amount you extract will be taken into account for training. This is unlike e.g. in UO where triggering a skill with any amount ended up in same skill gains.
  15. This isn't what's happening for me. If I try to extract using 1000 or or 1 ore I get the same skillup. It might be a bug but it is happening.

    All I've been able to make is Gabore Powder and I have no idea what it's used for!
  16. hmm rfining isnt working anymore for me, used the recipes i used to from last patch, it says "fused sucessfully" but i get no results, no skill gain and all raw materials are gone
  17. LtGreeneyes

    LtGreeneyes Trial Member

    Has anyone figured out what granum powder is for?
  18. Mats Persson

    Mats Persson Senior Member

    It's because you don't have the Material Lore of the resulting material. (Yield is now based on your knowledge of the Base material and the Resulting material.)

    If you for instance try to make Messing, but haven't read a book about it (you don't have the skill from start), this is what will happen. It's being reworked right now.

    Also, please note that although the yield when refining is now based on your Refining skill and the Base and Result material lore, it's 10 times less than it is supposed to be. Until next patch. :eek:
  19. Any ETA on the next patch Mats? I guess before the Open Beta starts right?

    And will there be another patch after Open Beta?

    Thx for the yield info btw.

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