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Discussion in 'Nobleman's Wisdom' started by Branwulf, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Yeah but tried it with Grain steel recipe. I have all Lores and used 100 pig iron 50 coke 50 calx powder, goes *poof* and no grain steel and no skill
  2. Mauzi

    Mauzi Status King

    You have all the lores for the source materials aswell as the resulting materials ? If so, which exact workbench did you use - it might be bugged.
  3. i didnt used any workbench, u didnt need one at last patch. if we are supposed to use one now, i missed that.
  4. Ahamkara

    Ahamkara New Member

    I did the same with like 700 pig iron. Got no grain steel and no skill gain. Must be bugged.
  5. Mats Persson

    Mats Persson Senior Member

    I'm embarrassed to say that probably has to do with another bug; Grain Steel doesn't have the proper skill link, and so can't be refined nor crafted with. That one is also fixed in next patch :eek:

    If you have the time, please try to make Bron and see if that works. Messing has the same bug as Grain Steel though (also fixed in next patch).

    If you're interested, the reason for these problems is that the Crafting (and Refining) wasn't dependent on your Material Lore skills before. Thus, we didn't have a chance to discover the missing attributes on some of the materials until the last patch.
  6. Zheo

    Zheo Member

    seems Bron is suffering from same issue as Grain Steel also.. very low yields and gain rates..
  7. without grain steel it is impossible to make steel? My house really needs a workbench...

    Btw I managed to get 1 grain steel out of 50 calx powder, 50 cokes and 100 (hundred) pig iron. Used the Furnace. (I have all skills related to Furnace maxed and my Intellect is 110) Everything was consumed, but I got the message "Succesfull bla bla bla".
  8. Branwulf

    Branwulf Senior Member

    Added the apparantly successful grain steel ratio in.

    If you get anymore let me know.
  9. Attractor gives the highest Granum --> Blood Ore. With Rock oil, 1k Granum gives me 168 Blood Ore. (no other items, except for 100 Granum as remaining material)

    Still working on the Naratus, but don't expect it to beat the Attractor.
  10. At a very low refining skill, i combined 1000 pig iron with 500 coke and 500 calx powder and received 6 grain steel. So it does work, just very very low yield.

    And Keller, try using coke. I get 325+ on the attractor with it, havent had much success with the natorus however so info on it would be appreciated!
  11. I don't understand why but I cannot raise my basic extraction skill beyond 15. I also gain (when I could) the same skill increase whether I used 1000 ore or 1 ore. This means it would be more practical for me to grind through 1000 lots of one ore than many at a time. That seems an odd mechanic.
  12. oh I used Cokes on the Natorus.

    Will try later to confirm your Attractor + Cokes.
  13. Sengyr

    Sengyr Trial Member

    attractor + coke results in 197 Blood Ore for me
    all needed skills and lore maxed out
  14. Mats Persson

    Mats Persson Senior Member

    No more Skill Points? Skill set to Locked or Decrease? Other than that I have no idea, never heard that one before.

    That's not how it's supposed to work. But as the yield is so low (about 1/10), I guess it's hard to see a real difference when using different amounts? I'll check it. We'll see next patch.
  15. It seems to be ok today. No changes however it doesn't say restricted now.

    Potentially. I am able to replicate it easily enough though by mixing up the number of ore I use anywhere between 1 and 1000. I'll see how it goes next patch.
  16. Yeah sengyr, i can confirm thats the maximum yield u get out of 1k Granum. If u extract the 100 leftover as well u´ll have 217 Bloodore out of 1000 Granum.
  17. Pakee

    Pakee Senior Member

    Anyone can explain me where or how could I get coke?
  18. Kuroi

    Kuroi Well-Known Member

    325+ blood ore using 1000 granum with coke in attractor? o_O
  19. First page:
  20. Pakee

    Pakee Senior Member

    Aight dont know how I could miss it, thanks :)

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