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  1. slyy

    slyy Senior Member

    Mortal Online Map -
    PVP Reports & Challenges, Trade Tools and Map Creation​
    Main features:
    • Live map, creatures, resources and personal shareable maps
    • Ingame time and the next exact sunrise and sunset times
    • House vendor and trade broker listings that can be rated
    • PVP battle reports and challenges which can be accepted
    • PVP and tower attack sound alerts with taskbar notifications
    • Live gameserver feed for town and territory control information
    • Instant chat privately between users or publicly linked to towns and markers
    • Earn points for positive contributions and rate others to help moderate the site
    It has been almost 2 years since the first version of the map was finished, in that time there has been close to 15,000 markers created with 5000 comments. Due to this popularity I have recently put a lot of time in to rewrite the map from scratch and address all the main concerns whilst expanding the features. The new map is HTML5 instead of flash - and does not lag your browser when left open. It also works on all devices including mobiles and has a much more detailed UI.​
    It has now replaced the old version, thanks for everyones help with beta testing along the way!​
    Suggestions and feedback is always welcome!​
    PVP Battle reports and live territory control updates​
    Rate and join in on the battle report discussions​
    Detailed town trade broker and house vendor advert listings​
    Create your own battle reports, challenges or trade adverts​
    In-Game time and next sunrise and sunset times, exact dependent on season​
    A map of known resources located around Nave​
    A map of creature sightings around the world​
    Town information with live ownership data​
    View notifications on new website content​
    Easily edit, delete and track how your makers are doing​
    Create your own member profile​
    A range of options for the website​
    Taskbar and sound alerts for new pvp reports & challenges​
    A list of useful guides to help with starting the game​
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  2. Bronzen18

    Bronzen18 Gold Supporter

    Nice work Pockets
  3. Lahuzer

    Lahuzer Senior Member

    Pockets... You da man.
  4. woogy

    woogy Member

    Two things I always have open when playing. Your map & the forums. Amazing work man...
  5. Kha-Ri

    Kha-Ri Honored Member

    Simply the best.
  6. slyy

    slyy Senior Member

    Thanks everyone! The positive comments keeps me motivated! :)

    Still a fair bit of improvements and finishing touches to make. I am planning to make it better for noobs and possibly display dungeons, common routes and better mob markers etc. I also am looking for some type of tindrem map that I could use to overlay the locations of vendors / mobs and other useful things. PM me if you can help!
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  7. Zulpitcher

    Zulpitcher New Member

    Awesome work Pockets! Thank you ! :)
  8. Rankor

    Rankor Senior Member

    Once again, very good job sir! :cool:
  9. kranick

    kranick Senior Member

    fucking awesome pockets :p thx!!
  10. ThaBadMan

    ThaBadMan Exalted Member

    Great work pockets, truely amazing ;)
  11. slyy

    slyy Senior Member

    Small Update:

    - You can now create pvp reports and challenges without having to signup or login

    There has been a drop in the number of markers created since the new version went live. This is no doubt down to the fact people suddenly had to register and login to create any kind of marker. Therefore I have now opened up PVP marker creation to guests with absolutely no signup or login needed, this can change easily in future and spam will be monitored.

    - You can now click a members name or comment to view their profile information
    - Profiles now show the ratings received, latest markers created and other stats
    - Guests who make comments can now choose to delete a comment (top right x)
    - Creatures & resources has been fixed, zoom doesnt break it (thanks Tolga)
    - Guest profiles started and many more bug fixes and small improvements

    Note : After you create a pvp marker, if your a member you may click my markers and edit your marker. In this area there are extra options including the ability to attach a youtube video link for the fight. It would be great if people could try to do this as much as possible! In a future update I will list all markers with videos attached in a special area for a real nice chronicle of battles.

    Thanks all for the bug reports and feedback!
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  12. CaptainGuy

    CaptainGuy Senior Member

    You're a hero Pockets.
  13. saturn

    saturn Trial Member

    i dont even play anymore i just like looking at the map seeing how every thing goes :D so maps my favorite bit by far :p defiantly like the phone bit
    good work pockets!
  14. Finnley

    Finnley Well-Known Member

  15. slyy

    slyy Senior Member

    Yes sorry a problem with hosting that's been building up over the last week.
    Should be fixed within the next hour or so I hope.
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  16. Aldrous

    Aldrous Junior Member

    Your map is truly great. I have it on before playing, every time, to catch up with the current state of the world before entering. Thank you for it.
  17. LGrayFoxL

    LGrayFoxL Well-Known Member

    Great Job man ! :rolleyes:
  18. KhaoticKaos

    KhaoticKaos Well-Known Member

    Pockets the man.
  19. Xhodan Xeus

    Xhodan Xeus Honored Member

    ahhh my good old friend SLYY!!!!!!!!!
    we had great times back in the days in meduli and even when you and me where enemys (well never considered you an enemy and i dont think you did also) we always got along and i will continue no matter what guilds we both are in, honor you!

    again a fucking awsome and amazing job!!!!
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  20. LGrayFoxL

    LGrayFoxL Well-Known Member

    Slyy is huge MAN and friend one could ever have !

    i show respect for ewerything he have done and may he see many more Victorys !
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