Mortal Online: NOW FREE TO PLAY!

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Nocturne, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Diemauer Member

    More doomsayers ignoring the fact that MO already had an identically situated Free Trial. The point Mycke brought up about resources was somewhat interesting, however, population is far more difficult to manipulate than resources. It makes sense to get people playing and adjust the resources as they go.
  2. DarkTemplarIta New Member

    FIRST: who cares about world of warcraft, i talk about it ? no (the troll force in this forum is still powerfull lol)
    SECOND: as you say: " the security that the players will get banned if they get caught and then they have paid for nothing" do you think this is not good ? or you only try to troll my post?

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  3. Hertix Well-Known Member

    And we havn't even come close to maxxing out resource areas, there are vast swaths of nodes and areas that noone ventures to on a day to day basis, just at cavecamp alone there are about 150 granum nodes that noone touches. The gabore at Cavecamp is fully loaded 24/7. I really hope we get population to the point that this becomes a real issue, because if we have so many people invested in all parts of the map to the point where nodes are constantly dry I think we will be pretty well off and its time to expand the map anyway.
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  4. Turkis "The Biggest Catch" Champion

    DarkTemplar, there has been a trial for well over a year now where any players could operate without any risk. This doesn't change anything in that area.
  5. Latner Providius Trial Member

    Well no trolling here, Don't get me wrong I am not innocent of playing the "Troll Card" but I have too much respect for the SV team to troll in their forums. World of Warcraft as much as most think is a good example of a AAA title in the MMO Genre, I know it gets a bad name because of the "Mainstream" title and I haven't played it since Vanilla, But we can take a note from a AAA title instead of acting like a child cool person and saying "YUSOTROLL?"
  6. DarkTemplarIta New Member

    i know it but it's only a 14 days trial (if i remeber well) and trust me: when the first step of free to play is done nothing will go back, little by little will be implemented an item shop ect ect ect and the game will turn in a full free to play. If it's not like i'm thinking the free trial would be enought and would not need of a new free to play

    ps. in an another game that was lunched only weeks ago i was the first to document and talk about cheat in the game and what could be dangerous for a free to play game. Well all people that trolled me and laught on my post now are leaving that game.

    That game start as a free to play and we lose nothing ... but here if it will turn in a unplayable game you will lose a lot of money so now all are free to troll me :d i will not reply anymore
  7. Turkis "The Biggest Catch" Champion

    All this change is, is essentially extending the free trial time from 14 days to infinite.

    Nothing else is going on here at the moment. Is it possible the devs could piss off their entire playerbase and switch to a complete item shop, sure of course it is. But, that's true for every game. Freaking out and declaring the end of the world because players now have more than 14 days to try out the game, and can return to try out the game without rolling an entirely new character is a tad extreme.

    The devs know that an item shop would destroy the core concept of MO, this extended trial is nothing even close to an item shop. I could take every change the devs have made to the game, make a doomsday post about how if they extropolate that change etc.etc.etc. it will ruin the entire game. But, I don't because that's stupid.
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  8. DarkTemplarIta New Member

    Ok if an item shop will never be implemented you will right, but if it'will be on you have to pay me a beer (but the cheat problem will still on with the free to play) So i suggest to see a mark on the head of the players that are in trial, maybe it will be a weak way to find out who cheat

    I hope it will not become unplayable like AOC for too many cheaters

  9. Pancake Effct Well-Known Member

    The only thing I don't like is instead of fixing the issue of an alt fest, they're encouraging it. /facepalm

    At first I read all the accounts were moving to just one character slot and I smiled a little, only to turn into a frown.
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  10. Odazland Junior Member

    A suggestion to SV:

    A new "monthly fee" model.

    Now, new accounts have 1 character slot with a skill cap. If someone wants this single character to run without skill cap he has to update his account and pay a monthly fee of 5€ to have 1 "Premium Character". Or it doesnt have to be a monthly fee. 5€ for 30 Days of Premium Character could work to.


    5€ for 1 Premium Character
    9€ for 2 Premium Characters
    and the normal 13€ monthly fee for 3 Premium Characters (and +9€ for every additional Char, like it is now)

    5 Bucks is not a big deal and you have 1 char to rule them all!
    What does the community think about this?

    (And add CALL TO PAY, SMS TO PAY and so on. I swear... i only bought a account because it had call to pay)
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  11. Odazland Junior Member

    I'm saying this because people are already complaining that this is a unlimited trial

    There is nothing between f2p and premium account.

    5 Bucks for a single premium character for 30 days would be a little bridge between these two options.

    One more thing: New Characters should start with at least 50 dex and 50 con. The slowmotion movment is terrible. :D Come on, this is one thing we all can agree with, isnt it? Or is there anybody that thinks "Oh my god, this shit is awesome! I can go like 600 meters a hour!!"
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  12. Turkis "The Biggest Catch" Champion

    It's been ahwile since I made a character, but can't you start with about 50 dex and con if 6you want to?
  13. Odazland Junior Member

    Hm, its been ahwile for me too but i can remember that i put everything on dex and it still felt very negative.

    I remember the beta times and every player has known SV and what they are aiming for and it was not a big deal to start with NOTHING on your character, not even a "normal" walk and run speed.

    But today it looks a bit different. Players will join the game without knowing anything about SV and MO. They will see a Video on Youtube and just join. And they have played many many online games and there was NEVER EVER a movement speed problem. And then... PAAAAM!!!! The first thing they will realise is that they move way to slow. You move like a legless great-grandmother and you can almost see the ants passing by you and you can almost hear them screaming "EAT MY DUST YOU UGLY HUMAN!!!"

    There is absolutly now problem with lower speeds for new chars. But it has to be tolerable.
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  14. Diphling The Desperado

    3 things.

    1. When was the last time you actually saw someone running around, flying, or ACTUALLY cheating? I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a genuine hacker.

    2. New player movement speed is much better now than it was before. The diminishing returns model on the dexterity and the movement speed aspect of constitution made movement speed at lower levels much better.

    3. This is directed towards Mycke and the competition of resources: GOOD. Anyone now-a-days can literally farm for 3 days and have a near lifetime supply of horn/keeled scale. Not the best thing in the world, but it works. Anyone farming for steel can pop out 15k+ in a single day (currently). Cutting this down might be a good thing... competition for resources was a core aspect of the game design.
  15. Mycke Well-Known Member

    People missed my point obviously...

    That was to show that this is not the 'solution' just a quick fix that may or may not work.

    The problem: Overhyped Awakening took 10 months without content and barely even worked causing all the people waiting for it to just give up on the game for now.

    The real solution: Hire and train more programmers so they don't have such large lapses in content ending in disappointment.

    If that isn't clear enough I give up and will quietly crawl back into my hole...
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  16. Diphling The Desperado

    "The problem with building an online sandbox is that if no one is waiting in the box the sand will never come."
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  17. Odazland Junior Member

    2. I like! Seems like i have missed something.
  18. DarkTemplarIta New Member

    You are right and this was the why i choosed MO but in other games only 2-3 weeks of free to play was need to make the hell in the world and ruin the game with cheats... so in my opinion it's all about time... and in this situation i will not return to play.

    I also make a post in the suggestion section for my idea of business model to use for MO so i will not talk about it here
  19. blackbird24 Member

    Yep, killing skeletons, getting gear directly from the monsters you kill. Reminds me of some other game which is said to be quite successful. ... .. .

    Now we only need more random dungeons with more random monsters, and dragon mounts for everyone.

    (Time to get my magically enchanted omfgodium sword of doom with +2 flame damage against trolls. :oops:)
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  20. ApocaRUFF Senior Member

    Quote from another forum:
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