Mortal Online Radio Station?

Discussion in 'Commoners Questions & Answers' started by Latner Providius, Nov 30, 2012.

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  1. Latner Providius

    Latner Providius New Member

    Hello, I haven't played since before the official release of the game but I was one of the owners of Nave Radio. I am considering coming back to MO as the MMO's that I have played in the meantime have gotten boring, Is there a Mortal Online Radio station that is already active? I might be interested in going back into Online Radio if there is.

    Thanks for any help!


    I have re-opened Nave Radio please go to !!!
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  2. Legion138

    Legion138 Junior Member

    To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing of the sort going on at the moment, but it would be awesome!
  3. Teroh

    Teroh Junior Member

    You should bring it back!
  4. Latner Providius

    Latner Providius New Member

    Well if I enjoy the game I would consider bringing back Nave Radio. I still have some of our old recordings and interviews, If nothing I could always upload them so you guys could hear some stuff from back in the day.
  5. Teroh

    Teroh Junior Member

    Sounds good, atleast def upload them, This game more than any other seems to love their history.
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  6. Latner Providius

    Latner Providius New Member

    Will do, If anyone is interested in getting together on this then I am willing to hear. PM me and maybe we can get this going again. Also I am currently searching for our old stuff.
  7. Sarkhan

    Sarkhan Well-Known Member

    Please put this back up. Not sure if it was Nave Radio, or MO Radio that I was always listening to, but I loved it regardless.
  8. Latner Providius

    Latner Providius New Member

    Nave Radio came after MO Radio as we didn't agree with the owner. Both Erige and I (founders/co-owners) of MO Radio worked under MO Radio. We didn't like how it was being ran so we created Nave Radio, I am doing some digging around but the amount of time it's been it isn't looking like I can grab much. So far some old Promo's and our first episode of Guild 1on1. I wish I had our interview with the Dev's! It was so much fun. They spoiled so much stuff and gave us great insight. Someone (can't remember who) asked them who modeled for the penis of the Male. We got into a good sized conversation about that. Those were good times, I miss them.

    I have talked to Erige and he isn't interested in restarting Nave Radio at this time. But has given me his blessing if I see fit to bring it back, If I did I would do it under my company as a entity within it so I wouldn't have to make another website and incorporate everything within it's own pages. The only thing I would need is to grab a SHOUTcast server and we could in theory start immediately. Let me think about it and speak with my staff members. If anyone knows of any good SHOUTcast hosts don't hesitate to post or PM me their information.

    EDIT: Scream... No hard feelings. But why dislike me? Still got a grudge? Much love to you bro, We may not agree on how to do things but at least let's be friends.
  9. Scream112

    Scream112 Senior Member

    I dont mean to take anything away from you, but MO Radio stayed around for long after you guys had closed shop. For how long did you run daily/weekly shows? if my memory serves me right your scheduled shows wasnt broadcasting according to schedule just a month after you launched? Soon after your site closed down and you was never heard from again :/

    Also the so called "penis-show" happened on MO Radio. I think you got it mixed up. :) Or we just both happened to touch that subject. Because I think that show happened before you guys launched your own station. As I remember being in it. With Erige and perhaps you as well? Not sure exactly who you are because I dont recognize your nick.

    Anyhow I know there been a craving for a re-launch of MO Radio here for a long time, theres been threads and plenty of PMs and people asking me to return to it. So you definitely got a good chance to start something up for MO again. Maybe with the so called F2P model now MO will see its playerbase grow making it more fun to broadcast.

    I wish you good luck, and I hope to be able to tune in and listen to some good stuff soon. :)
  10. Latner Providius

    Latner Providius New Member

    Good, We aren't enemies. I did work under MO Radio and no the show we did was unique to us. If MO Radio did it before or after I am not sure, I am however the founder/co-owner with Erige of Nave Radio and you may know me by Turbo123 as it is my DJ name. I was the one who thought of the radio's name and did all of the website work/graphics/promos/spot listings for the radio station. I do feel bad that we left, We made sure our listeners knew why and I today back that decision. MO Radio did bless the ears of many for MUCH longer then Nave Radio. However the reason we left was because of lack of interest in MO, The Dev's had a big game with little content and both Erige and I kind of got tired of it and moved on. Along with our personal lives (still today) Erige has a lot on his plate I am sure. I however have a lot of extra time now due to my company.

    I am still playing with the idea and yes this F2P model is why I am trying MO out once again, I feel this should bring in the user-base to make the content they have made over the years a better place. and A radio is normally a big hit with people and I do enjoy spreading the community and maybe even enhancing it. I am shocked MOR is shut down, Though no doubt it is because of lack of time on your end, If I see people want a radio station I would be happy to throw in some time to bring one up. I don't want any beef with MOR, We both had unique styles and MOR is I am sure still loved today, I in no way intend to come back up in "arms" over what was said/happened back then, I just want to try out MO, If I like it then... Let's see if people want a radio stream.

    Thanks for your support, You had me kinda worried when you disliked my post.
  11. Xhodan Xeus

    Xhodan Xeus Honored Member

    You should talk to demtri or theia not sure who it was they where looking for someone who could do this they will even pay for license etc so yea
  12. Scream112

    Scream112 Senior Member

    You should check that again, there was no dislike, there never was, but there was a "disagree" for about 30 seconds until I removed it because I "disagreed" on who did the show you referred to. That was all there was.

    No I have no hard feelings. I will never ever do a dedicated station for MO again, but there have been ideas and stuff brewing in the background for some time which I have shared with a few as they have approached me about relaunching. Yet I am to find and meet the right person/people to launch anything, but all the groundwork has been done, and I think Im sitting on something potentially great, one just got to find the right time and place to do it.

    Again I will most likely tune in and listen. I done web radio for so long that its something I still enjoy very much.
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  13. Latner Providius

    Latner Providius New Member

    Awesome so people are looking for a radio station, I will look around and see if I can talk to someone else and maybe we can team up. I would be happy to start us off with a full site/logos/promos + more, Just looking for some people to join up. If you find out any more information please send it my way.

    Sorry forgot what it said I just knew I wanted to stop any problems between us,

    I wish you the best, and who knows maybe we can have you on as an MOR appreciation night. :)
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  14. Xhodan Xeus

    Xhodan Xeus Honored Member

    i forgot who it was (the weed i know, i know) but they even asked me if im willing to do this since i was kinda intrested in it, however i have no knowledge at all in setting something like that up so i had to decline :-( i would if it realy does start to kick off willing to help out.
    we also have a public TS if you didnt know im mostly on there but currently due to population not many are on it or should i say maybe 1 or 2? hehe
    we did had a few TS interviews or a question & answer thingy but that was along long time ago since we had something like that. i guess with the MO radio or nave radio whatever it can maybe even get a few ppl in the public TS im sure its will be real helpfull with newbies

    if theia or demtri havent PMed you or you didnt PM them than i will try to get in contact with them to get in contact with ya etc.
  15. Latner Providius

    Latner Providius New Member

    What is the IP of the TS? and thank you for the help I will contact them both in a bit and hopefully one of them are still interested in it.
  16. Xhodan Xeus

    Xhodan Xeus Honored Member
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  17. Latner Providius

    Latner Providius New Member

    Thanks, I will check in and hopefully meet some MO Players that will explain all these new and amazing things the Dev's have brought into the game so I don't cry that I have missed so much time in MO!

    Also, I contacted Demtri and pointed him here. This "Theia" is not listed on the registered members, So my guess is it's a nickname? Either way I cannot find "Theia".
  18. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    it is EM theia now.
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  19. Latner Providius

    Latner Providius New Member

    Thank you, I have contacted them both now.
  20. Sebastian Persson

    Sebastian Persson Lead Programmer Staff Member Developer

    Ahh, I remember those interviews, how I said stuff I instantly regretted, like how my pet pig died.
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