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Should you be able to cast earthquake from a mount

  1. Yes, leave it as is

  2. No, change it to only when on foot because then you are actually touching the ground

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  1. Noobhunter

    Noobhunter Member

    Just a suggestion and anyone can say whatever they want but I think these instant dismounts from fatmages should not be possible. I mean its just not possible to fight against it if you solo roam. I'm suggesting that the spell earthquake should require you to touch the earth in some way. Which will eliminate the Suicide bombing fatmages that can kill any mounted with 3 spells that ignores armor. So please vote because I want to see who thinks what regarding this
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  2. Bonifatus

    Bonifatus Senior Member

    yep it's a complete joke, with ya all the way

    you shouldnt even be allowed to cast on a fuckin mount
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  3. Avarious

    Avarious Senior Member

    I do think its really silly for people wearing heavy armor on a mount. A fat mage with earthquake and death hand will literally kill the other heavy armor mounted combat before he/she gets back up and gets away id say more than half of the time. No real counter to stop them except having a faster mount(kite ,runawayyyY) or stop them from prepping up the earth quake spell to begin with.
  4. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    And while they are at it they can cap mage damage at 115 int cuz fat mages are aids anyway. Magic does way too much damage for something that you can barely get mitigation against.

    I was hoping jewelry would be the fix to fat mages but its not. The zerging fat mage is more likely to have damage buff jewelry then I am mitigation.

    but I just chose not to play mounted cuz it isnt good.
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  5. Noobhunter

    Noobhunter Member

    Its funny that all the SKIF guys say leave it as is
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  6. Teknique

    Teknique Well-Known Member

    Since EQ is really only for fighting other mounted I see no reason to nerf it on horseback.

    If anything its more OP on foot since you can do 600 dmg to an enemy group
  7. Lacdanon

    Lacdanon Honored Member

    Let really balance out mounted and make it so Dex has an effect on archery (and possibly MC swing arch)
    With negative or even really low Dex you should have massive bow wobble.
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  8. Noobhunter

    Noobhunter Member

    You probably have a fatmage right? The part that makes it OP is that you van kill someone in any gear in 3-4 hits... Which is not balanced at all because your gear is worth around 600g including the horse im guessing(and thats like max.. i dont think lictor armor and 125 horse could possibly cost more and then just regs and maybe a potion) but a MC gear could be 20g or 2000g maybe even more and you will still kill him exactly the same way in the same time which in my opinion is not balanced.
  9. Lacdanon

    Lacdanon Honored Member

    I don't think you are going about this right.
    Basically the balance between input skill and output damage is way off
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  10. Teknique

    Teknique Well-Known Member

    I have one that I don't use really. A dead mounted is a good mounted pretty much, regardless of how it came about.

    Wear lictor armor you'll get up too fast for him to do anything
  11. ketnar

    ketnar New Member

    MA will kill any FatMage before he get close enough to EQ.... (+MA will break casting)

    so in general MC eat MA, MA eat FM, FM eat MC.

    of course it get's more complicated in group fight
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  12. vermintide

    vermintide Member

    use better hp pots. you suck if you die in 3-4 hits without healing yourself. Or adapt with % damage reduction from magic and more psyche
  13. Noobhunter

    Noobhunter Member

    Yes thats more accurate i guess either way it shouldn't be like that.
  14. HornyFurry

    HornyFurry Well-Known Member

    or increase bow draw speed the more dex u have

    and if u got low dex rip your bow draw speed


    or the more dex u have the faster u get up on the ground, while if u have 30-dex it will take like 8 seconds to get up cuz super low dex, and 100dex 2-3 seconds -> this is in 9.9kg armor compare :3
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  15. Noobhunter

    Noobhunter Member

    100 psyche wont make you not get dismounted will it? Running from a group with the same horse speed and all if you get dismounted how do you survive? I've used 83hp pots and that just makes the mage have to run around and dismount me again... so now its 5-6 hits... the problem is not as much the damage but the instant dismount and i have no problem with it being a foot mage doing it because if you run into him you are just dumb. But you cant get away from it if its a mounted and to ad to that its never only 1 Mage...
  16. Noobhunter

    Noobhunter Member

    That would be interesting and would get rid of fatmage archers.. i like it
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  17. vermintide

    vermintide Member

    so you talking balance in situation where you are alone against multiples ennemis ?
    ha ha ha
    good luck

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