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  1. P0W3RK1D

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    im not sure if this is a bug or a misscode, but recently i have discovered that even if u cast magic reisist spell on yourself EQ will go straight through it - no resistance, no reflect, full damage; is this intentional or did SV just screw that part up?

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  2. Actous

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    the EQ is aoe spell, if you are casting EQ you will cast it on yourself and it will do damage around you.
  3. Valhalo

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    Think about this, reflecting an AOE spell... That is actually how it used to work and surprise surprise, have a couple people standing around with Magic Reflection then cast earthquake, it just makes more earthquakes resulting in 100's to 1000's of damage. After some adequate exploiting was done, MR was patched to have no effect on EQ's.
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  4. P0W3RK1D

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    makes would be nice if they can edit it to have an effect on ONE person, but the moment it detects more than one around the target it stops working.
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