My thoughts and emotions towards this game development.

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by princereaper, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. princereaper

    princereaper Exalted Member


    I remember the good old days, before SV went insane and over complicated things. I remember the great population, TOP alliance, chaos alliance, Ascension. TnA. It was great, everyone had fun, now adays, SV wants us to spend 1 week preparing for one fight lol. Everything useless needs a whole character slot. Fishing, best example. I don't see the point in having the need to have characters for recreational activities. What happened to the "fun factor" SV. The game was more buggy yet its best times was in the beta days. The only issue was bugs and lack of end game content aka (guild shit). Man I wish i could return to those days. I love butchery but even I can't deny that the system made ganking less of a issue but it was also one of the main things to do in the game, look around and gank mostly newbies farming at these spots but usually other pvpers would bump into each other :D . (great pvp hotspot - wisent hill- ) TC is pointless if you only limit it to certain people. Why can't you understand SV? that the only people subbed and playing are those who have access to the end game content (koto) best example? seriously SV, the ones to blame for everything are you. You have the inability to see the outcome of your choices. Taming, creature control, who the hell thinks its a great idea to level up a pet by having it stand around you for 30mins while you feed it every 5mins. That IS SUCH A FUN mechanic. NOT. get real ffs SV, you not trying to make earth 2.0, your making a game. If you want to enjoy this game, you need to play it like its your second job :(

    Lets talk about where you should be doing shit.

    Magic, we have to deal with it for the time being. It one of the biggest features unbalancing combat.

    Keeps, they not going to be used effectively by guilds, until you get a gate keeper. Treasurer is not going to be used until guilds get a gate keeper. People can't play this game like it a second job, tedious tasks like having to log in and log off to open a gate for others is not something FUN to do. There no advantage to this or need to do this, its just a pain in the arse.

    TC- Like dipreal suggestion. Add in locations where we can build unique buildings that give us a advantage (Even darkfall did this to promote pvp between players) It really just needs more depth. Add more tiers to keeps, add some upgrades, give them more unique features to be lusted by other players, having catapults only bought at keeps, is not the right way since that is a core mechanic needed to take part in TC in the first place.

    Mounted archery- add blob the faster they move. that would be a start, some more great ideas, like being hit for a certain amount of damage vs your skills/horse attributes will knock you off.

    Butchery- Time and time again, people have made suggestions, DO SOMETHING about it..... make skinning a secondary (won't have much a impact, but still the fact it won't make any impact should just make it a secondary) Either split it up so skinning and butchery both need to be used to get all materials or make it so that butchery tables are placed around locations in the world to promote conflict and interaction outside of towns. Then again, standing at a table for hours clicking a button isn't really FUN.

    Conflict- there no conflict because it takes 2 damn long for anything to happen in this game. You fix these issues, you see people return.

    Bugs- Maybe only postivie thing I can say about SV, they actually focusing on fixing the bugs before placing more stuff in.

    Expansions - Don't make any until you have a strong team, keep development like it is now. You can't meet deadlines and we the players just suffer the most from it. Just look at the result of awakening.
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  2. mxroxx

    mxroxx Junior Member

    So true...
    I used to make posts like this one but they will never listen.
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  3. princereaper

    princereaper Exalted Member

    I resubbed 2 accounts yesterday., Already regretting it. It so sad, You stop playing, the past makes you want to play, but when you actually play, the issues stopping you from playing become more apparent.
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  4. Hydras

    Hydras Well-Known Member

    I hate butchery. I loved protecting my wisent spawn.

    I do think the game has come pretty far, just wish more simple things were put in and fixed first.
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  5. Pancake Effct

    Pancake Effct Well-Known Member

    If I could add agree one more time I would, instead I will put it in a big font: AGREE
    I really don't know why they try to over complicate things.

    Words of great wisdom, " Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." - Einstein

    I stopped subbing after Dawn, before then, I loved the game. Now if I want to use these over-complicated systems that simply have NO fun factor, hell I'll go spend my time on something equally as grindy and boring and learn Mandarin.

    Problem with SV is that they are too scared, or stubborn to bring old systems back and admit mistake. Instead they force these features down our throats that we do not want, or only a few want, and say it's our game, made our way. Well while that's true, your're also in the business to provide a product to it's customers. A product that we can easily choose if we want it or not.
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  6. serith78

    serith78 Senior Member

    I totally agree with the OP. IMO the game would be a great deal better off and more populated now if the devs had doubled the loot drops from mobs to ease the pre-butchery gold shortage instead of introducing butchery. I'm also really sick of the way the cost of "going out and fighting" keeps going up, the refining timers were bad enough to begin with. Now we have food for players and horses, increased horse costs and very expensive alchemy (granted that is more optional).

    SV still wants to introduce more professions, all of which have to be paid for by the fighters - the load of stones is really starting to break the camel's back. I don't understand why the devs keep trying to turn this game into a boring work simulator like Wurm online. I bought the game in the first place because of promises the game was going to emphasize "fun with realistic elements". Nevermind, what the heck happened to the game being "casual friendly" definitely could be if more emphasis was put on player skill but the amount of grind drives people off.

    If the AI gets fixed, there's a good framework here for success concentrating on the fun parts of the game like events, PVE, PVP and territory control. The main threat to this isn't bugs, it's the continual grind that keeps getting added to this game and the fixation on having towns full of people standing around chatting at the expense of the players who want to actually go out in the world and do things (explore, fight, conquer whatever)
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  7. Shinzon

    Shinzon Honored Member

    I think I disagree with almost everything in here; the whole thing reeks of rose tinted glasses and nostalgia. I am impressed with the game and their efforts with a team 1/4 the size of what they have had in the past, I am even wondering what they did to "MY" Starvault; the one that would release a patch that would break more than it would fix.

    I know that I am enjoying my time, however I also know why I would be bored with it. It's because that I have seen everything in this game at some point or another, but I make a clear distinction whether I'm bored because of over exposure to the same mechanics, or because the game is boring. If I was a new player right now, I would be an eager beaver, the game is in a great shape.

    If we managed to have fun, and fun we did have with the game in the shape that it was in, then if we had what we have right now back then, I would imagine that MO would be in the top 10 by now. So I whole heartily disagree with the emotions that are backing your game up, and I will just say that you are just bored.
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  8. Xhodan Xeus

    Xhodan Xeus Honored Member

    iv been saying it more than once, iv complaint about it, raged in IRC
    while yes MO is unique, its starting to be more work than fun.
    you need to do so much in preparation in order to have fun.
    doesnt matter if pvp, pve, extracing, building, crafting, creating, making, etc all is no fun you need to do way to much in order to start these things. the systems are becoming way complicated, while MO always tryed to make the stuff "fantasy realism", alot of stuff is not fantasy realistic and just puts more effort to the player.

    while some stuff maybe work when we have 10k players or what not, right now we dont, so we shouldnt be forced with over complicated stuff, now im no carebear at all but make it so that we dont need thousands of wasted online time to accomplish anything, and the bugs are not really helping.

    so you got prepared finaly are excited to do your hunting and than a bug fucks your shit up, not only do you have to prepare all from scratch again, maybe even not able to do so anymore because the stuff you need to prepare you just dont have anymore, but also you dont get refunded even tho its not your fault you get screwed over.

    also Mods/counslors/devs/admins (sorry call them what you will) are not really helping either iv met alot of counslors who just dont know shit about the game who give wrong online advice or a power thirsty ban you for no reason, or just dont give enough lean way.

    SV: All the players who are still here (except the new once who are trying out the game) you should kneel and kiss our feet seriously, the way we have been treated all this time, we have stuck with you, after all the failed promises and patches, shoot look some are still here after awakening and that was just the biggest lie, bullshit, disapointment ever!!!!!

    BUT we are still here dont treat the last player who are holding MO above the water, if you continue this MO will sink into the water. you might not like it but its time to kiss our ass, sorry but you have no other choice

    i think its time for
    VETERAN REWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (no clue how many times i have to say this, till someone from SV finaly gets it, it will make old vets return i will guarantee you that or ill buy one more sub, so this gives you atleast another month of money and development in order to fix the game and make other people and new people come back)
    so again
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  9. Hydras

    Hydras Well-Known Member

    Eh, I love what SV's vision is, what they are doing, and what they've done, however, I don't enjoy the increasing length of time it takes to just get going. It's too much time, especially when the population is low. If a majority of the population doesn't enjoy most of the game's mechanics, then we really won't have a MMO.

    All of these changes make it more cumbersome to get your feet on the ground, even after a death. I'm not for instant respawn, but wasting an hour of my time just to acquire a new weapon, gear, and horse just to possibly lose it again soon is not my type of's work and a turn off for me. The population isn't here to support systems which rely solely on other players. Yes, I can rely on my guild, but what if my guild went from 10-15 players down to 3? Find a new guild? What happens when the same thing happens? I'm caught twiddling my thumbs.

    In my opinion, simple and complex systems need to be balanced in the game. The complex systems should be optional to those who wish to reap the benefits of it, while simple systems are in place to allow all players to enjoy the content.

    Butchery killed the wilderness for me. You could score big on someone who killed 15 wisents, you get a carcass which is worthless in the scope of things.
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  10. princereaper

    princereaper Exalted Member

    I think evident issues with mortal online do not really show till after the first month of gameplay. But it also evident that stuff like the way butchery has been handled has had a impact on the game. If everything you said was true then the newbies would be pouring in replacing those bored vets. The game would not be slandered so much, there would not be so much ragequit posts. I am saying that certain things are in the way of players trully being able to enjoy the game. We are seeing the game decline and decline, you can't just slander that off down to "boredom" its more then that.
  11. Shinzon

    Shinzon Honored Member

    Decline? People keep saying that every other month, yet the population as a whole has been relatively stable; Mortal Online subscriptions do not jump up and down like crazy, they hover at the 2000-3000 range steady.
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  12. princereaper

    princereaper Exalted Member

    Shinzon i am going to say this. When was the last time you actually played the game wholeheartedly. The last time I remember you truly being part of the game was just after release. You just been hovering since. I am sorry but I have played this game nearly nonstop for over 2 years, there has been a general decline in activity. If you can't not see how stagnant the community and game is then you my friend are the one covered with rose tinted glasses.

    I am a RPKER, I spend my time roaming around the world looking for people to kill, if I can't find anyone to kill then that says something. we having to knock on towers to find a fight these days. You can go around the entire world outside of town and not see anyone. I remember when I used to say, you could go anywhere in the world and bump into a person every 5 mins but that was a very very long time ago. The last 12 months, most activity has been around wars and players standing outside a town gz fighting. Now you can't GZ fight so we are knocking down towers just to get a fight.
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  13. Xhodan Xeus

    Xhodan Xeus Honored Member

    people who are saying thre is no decline in population, than its steady, im sorry
    maybe you guys are too drunk and too high and see double maybe thats why you think the population is ok
  14. Arton Semeron

    Arton Semeron Trial Member

    If we replaced the old version 3 years ago with todays' version, I have a hard time believing it wouldn't do better.

    EVERY game in existance becomes boring and ultimately gives a feeling of second job when you log just out of habbit.
    This happens even in most professionaly developed games such as WoW. I don't see how MO could avoid it.
    And some bitter veterans are definitely not a real indicator wheather a game is better or worse than it used to be.
    Not to mention better and worse is subjective, plus the scientificaly proven fact that majority of people tends to remember the better things from past while our mind supresses the bad ones.
  15. princereaper

    princereaper Exalted Member

    Lol man. I just want to enjoy the game, PVP with others. I can't find people to PVP, that my issue. I am not fend up with the game. I just want to be able to enjoy the game. How can we enjoy the game if there is no population. Why is there no population? I just simply answered those questions.
  16. Hydras

    Hydras Well-Known Member

    This has more to do than just PvP, but PvP is the result of better, more obtainable, and more fun content.
    I know you know this, I'm just reiterating.
  17. princereaper

    princereaper Exalted Member

    Yeah i agree. I was just simply stating my personal reason for playing Mortal Online. But the issue is more then that by far.
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  18. Arton Semeron

    Arton Semeron Trial Member

    Because it's a niche game and a big chunk of small fanbse is here all the way from start. Now everyone wears out at one point sooner or later. Lots of vets are in this process atm while at the same time game is not improving fast and noticably enaugh to attract enaugh new people in.
    The result is what you see.
    It doesn't however mean SV is on wrong track or changing game on worse. It's just resources and time workign against them.
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  19. princereaper

    princereaper Exalted Member

    And this thread is a simple shout to them to use those resources for the better. there a few simple things that are simply in the way of people enjoying the game. If you can't see those issues then i wish i was you.
  20. Mycke

    Mycke Well-Known Member

    The real issue as it often is really is the population...

    All these systems are great if you have the population to fill all the roles, but currently its a bit of burden having so few to fill so many roles.

    Awakening is finally starting to get really cleaned up and hopefully over the coming weeks people will start getting bored with GW2 and start trickling back.
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