Necromancy Patch Notes

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    • Added Necromancy magic school.
    • Added an arena system to Tindrem Arena with a simple wager system.
    • Added Rituals
    • Added Sturdy mount mutation with 20% more HP.
    • Added Viable mount mutation with higher Health regen.
    • Added Thick Skin mount mutation with +20% defense.
    • Added sanity checks to etherworld spirit capturing.
    • Added 16 new titles.
    • Added a tracking of some new stats.
    • Re-added the missing banner flag.
    • Community capes added to veteran point shop list.
    • Added an arena banker.


    • You no longer need to run Mortal Online using the launcher.
    • Base max stamina increased by 60 on all characters.
    • Stamina regeneration penalty has been increased for armor above 14 in weight.
    • Exceptional mount mutation now gives 20% extra stats rather then 10.
    • Handle hits now deal a lot less damage.
    • Magic aim now uses more traces.
    • Sprint will no longer break when falling.
    • Removed velocity given to players when they where hit.
    • Spiritist titles are now unlocked using the skill rather then a stat.
    • Default pet mode is now passive again.
    • Daggers no longer handle hits.
    • Tweaked weapon head meshes for better hit detection.


    • Made sure bred mounts never become exceptional.
    • Fixed step-up issue with gates where you could end up on top of the gate when it opened.
    • You can no longer control your mount while changing gear etc
    • Fixed several issues with bags on the trade broker timing out.
    • Fixed issue with mercy shown stat not correctly updating.
    • Fixed issue with cooking stat not correctly increasing.
    • Fixed issue where you couldn't decline friend requests.
    • Fixed issue where you could hit a blue mounted players mount while having the "don't damage blue" option on.
    • Fixed possible issue with local flags and duels where players could spawn kill their opponent over and over.
    • Sorted issues with etherworld spirits on node lines.
    • Fixed issue where constitution wasn't controlled by the cap when breeding mounts.
    • Green (but actually red) loin cloth removed from veteran point shop list.
    • Fixed typo in whisper notifications.
    • The Sarducaa bug carcasses now have their correct Zoology lores.
    • Fixed 100's of floating items.
    *Please be aware that as there are many totally new systems introduced in this patch, regular balance and tweaking of these systems may be common.*
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